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Telecom Lifecycle Management Solutions for Sales Partners.

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1 Telecom Lifecycle Management Solutions for Sales Partners

2 Since 1994 this master agent channel has focused on helping partners deliver new solutions to their enterprise customers. This master agent channel is the Largest Master Agency distributor of telecommunications network services in the United States representing over 40 carriers, helping customers acquire services through optimizing all telecommunications spend utilizing proprietary software applications. Launched Business Solutions in 2006 to deliver Telecom Expense Management to carriers and large enterprise customers, expanded in 2009 to include SMB customers and sales partners – In 2008, managed $770 million in telecom spend across 46 customers (24 of which are Fortune 500 companies) – Delivered overall in-year Return on Investment (ROI) of 103%, based on overcharges – Delivered overall in-year Return on Investment (ROI) of 29%, based on undercharges Core service offering is the implementation of a robust lifecycle management platform with managed services to achieve full telecom lifecycle management. IBS provides a full service solution including consulting, implementation, optimization, and account management services throughout the lifecycle of the engagement. Partner Provider Overview

3 Professional Services  Platform Implementation  Inventory Management  Audit and Reconciliation  Contract Optimization  Service Optimization  Process Engineering and Optimization  Service Delivery and Fulfillment  Field Services  Project Management  Staff Augmentation Resource Expertise  10-15 years telecom experience each  Certified Project Management Professional  Six Sigma Black Belt - Process Methodology Managed Services  Financial Management  Operations Management  Integration Management  Business Intelligence  Optimization Platform PINNACLE Communication Lifecycle Management Suite:  Licensed  Hosted  Managed  Web-based Program Components

4 Identify Data Sources Presentation Collect and Compile Data Conduct Comparative Analysis Initiate and Manage Actions 3.0 Identify service types to be audited Identify service providers for appropriate service types Define Sources for Inventory, Invoices and Contracts Define Formats and Data Elements Collect existing inventory documentation Collect 3-6 months of electronic and/or paper invoices Collect applicable contracts and pricing information Assess Contract Inventory for Legal Continuity and Product Coverage Create detailed documentation for each opportunity Obtain approval for each opportunity Initiate and manage appropriate actions with service providers Project Management Document Data Source Catalog Project TasksProject Deliverables Project Phases Inventory Profile and Reports Billing Profile and Reports Contract Profile and Reports Dispute Opportunity Documentation Savings/Optimization Opportunity Documentation Status Reporting Create customized reports Create and present Executive Summary Project Closeout/Transition Activities Customized Reports Executive Summary Analyze service inventory against billing data and contract/tariffed rates, including discount structures Identify dispute opportunities Identify savings/optimization opportunities Fee Structure: Contingency Based – percentage of historical credits and future savings for 12 months. 1.0 Identify Data Sources 2.0 Collect and Compile Data 3.0 Conduct Comparative Analysis 4.0 Initiate and Manage Actions 5.0 Presentation Telecom Expense Audit

5 Collect existing inventory documentation Create and manage inventory Collect, load and manage billing data (electronic or paper) Reconcile billing to service inventory and contract rates Provide G/L cost allocation reporting Approve invoices for payment Identify dispute opportunities Track adjustments issued Inventory Profile Inventory Reports TasksDeliverables Component Billing Profile Billing Reports G/L Reports A/P Reports Contract Profile Contract Reports Dispute Reporting Collect, load and manage contracts and pricing data Fee Structure: Percentage of total monthly spend analyzed Inventory Billing Contract Dispute Silver Program Initiate corrective action and/or dispute to service providers Mediate disputes to resolution and recovery Customize reporting to facilitate optimization activities Dispute Documentation Optimization Documentation TasksDeliverables Component Customized Reporting Fee Structure: Percentage of total monthly spend analyzed Dispute Optimization Gold Program TEM Programs

6 TEM reports can be accessed and downloaded through a portal in Audex, or can be accessed directly in the PINNACLE Communication Suite. Detailed Reports (Excel downloadable) Summary Reports (PDF and/or Powerpoint downloadable) Services Analyzed: Voice and Data, Wireless and Wireline

7 CORE SERVICES Financial Management Invoice Reconciliation Service & Inventory Management Dispute Management Optimization EXTENDED SERVICES Operations Management Integration Management Core Services provide TEM capabilities, Extended Services provide full functionality PINNACLE Services

8 Process Optimization Define Processes Identify and Prioritize Change Opportunities Define Process Metrics Define Gap Hypotheses Create Process Documentation 3.0 1.0 Define Processes 3.0 Define Gap Hypotheses 4.0 Create Process Documentation 2.0 Define Process Metrics Identify and Interview Subject Matter Experts Observe Processes Compile feedback Define Process Metrics Collect and evaluate key performance indicators Identify strategic and complexity levers Create Process Maps Create Process Catalog Document Gaps and associated Root Causes Interview List Initial Process Documentation Feedback Notes Project TasksProject Deliverables Project Phases Mapping of Process Metrics to Initial Process Documentation Documentation of Strategic and Complexity Levers Gap Hypotheses Document Root Cause Analysis As-Is Process Maps Process Catalog 5.0 Identify and Prioritize Change Opportunities Understand strategic value of change Understand complexity associated with change Create prioritization matrix Document change recommendations Prioritization Matrix Process Change Recommendations Business Review Presentation Evaluate Gap Hypotheses Evaluate Root Cause Hypotheses Discuss Hypotheses with Stakeholders Define value of strategic and complexity levers Fee Structure: Professional Services fees based on time and materials, travel and expenses are reimbursed

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