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Norfolk County Council Public Health Primary Care Contract Background From the 1 st April 2013, Norfolk County Council adopted responsibility to deliver.

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1 Norfolk County Council Public Health Primary Care Contract Background From the 1 st April 2013, Norfolk County Council adopted responsibility to deliver the following Local Enhanced Services (LES) to the population of Norfolk: - NHS Health Check Programme - Sexual Health Services - Stop Smoking Service - Substance Misuse Shared Support The aim of the LES is to expand the range of services to meet local need, improve access and convenience, extend choice and reduce demand on secondary care.

2 Norfolk County Council Public Health Primary Care Contracts New Public Health Primary Care Contracts From 1st April 2015, the Council shall continue to commission these services under the Public Health Primary Care Contracts. These will continue to be locally developed services designed to meet local health needs. Moving from multiple contracts for each service to one single contract with 8 lots covering all services Any provider is able to apply to deliver a primary care service under this contract through an open accreditation procedure. This will consist of generic pass/fail criteria which apply to all lots and specific pass/fail criteria for specific lots

3 Norfolk County Council Public Health Primary Care Contract The Lots Lot 1a NHS Health Check Programme - The Identification and Invitation of the Eligible Population Lot 1b NHS Health Check Programme – Delivery of the NHS Health Check (including Standard Operating Procedures) Lot1c NHS Health Check Programme – Community Records Update Lot 2a National Chlamydia Screening Programme, EHC, Pregnancy Testing Lot 2b Fitting and Management of Contraceptive Implants & IUDs/IUSs Lot 3a Stop Smoking Service Provision Lot 3b Supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Lot 4 Substance Misuse Shared Support

4 Norfolk County Council Public Health Primary Care Contract Summary of Benefits One single contract with multiple lots to give all providers flexibility, choice and equality. Ability for providers to apply for one, some or all lots as long as they meet the minimum capability criteria for each lot Flexibility for providers to opt in and opt out of lots during the contract duration Only one contract required for providers who deliver services over multiple establishments (Appendix 7) Rolling contract with a 3 month notice period Moving from paper based to electronic contracting

5 In-tend Contract Management

6 Why In-tend? NCC currently uses the In-tend system for sourcing goods and services. Established provider database already registered on the system. Used by a number of other local authorities. Low cost solution. i.e. free to providers. Dedicated accreditation and contract management modules. Dedicated support helpline for providers.

7 E-TenderingAccreditation Contract Management Electronic Process Consistency of approach Quicker Easier Auditable Secure Improved Visibility of Contracts Electronic Correspondence Reminders Improved Contract Monitoring Auditable Secure IMPROVED EFFICIENCY

8 Accreditation Supplier registration – Providers will need to register on In- tend and provide company details. Notification is sent to confirm that registration is complete and providers will be able to express an interest and access accreditation/contract documents. Provider selects Lot(s) they wish to apply for and application is completed and submitted on line. On line clarification available. Council receives notification of submission and evaluates application. Provider notified electronically via In-tend if successful, and if so, contract is awarded. If unsuccessful, providers can re-apply at any point in future either by submitting a new application or by modifying the original application.

9 Contract Management Provider can log into In-tend to view all current contracts with the Council and correspondence. Automated reminders for contract renewal Efficient management of KPIs Contract monitoring and reviews Electronic issue of contract notices i.e. variations, extensions, terminations. Robust audit trail Joined up approach within the Council

10 Summary of Benefits Improved visibility of contracts Electronic correspondence and email alerts Robust audit trail Automated reminders Quicker and more efficient Consistency Easier for providers to update company details and contacts. Dedicated storage area for key documents e.g. insurances, policies etc Secure

11 Method of Payment The method of payment for these services are contained within Schedule 4 of the contract. Main changes are: The Council will check and confirm the activity that has been submitted and a request for a corresponding invoice will be sent to the Provider except where Pharm Outcomes is used where this will be automatically generated. Providers send invoice direct to Purchase to Pay by post or electronically to Invoice must include the Purchase Order Number provided by the Council and VAT registration details. Mark invoice as “Urgent” in the subject heading to ensure it is dealt with as quickly as possible. Prices will be reviewed annually. Please note that this does not guarantee an increase.

12 Public Health Primary Care Contracts Next Steps 1 The application for accreditation is now available to Providers and has been advertised on Contracts Finder : ew%20Notice.aspx?site=1000&lang=en&NoticeId=1702272. ew%20Notice.aspx?site=1000&lang=en&NoticeId=1702272 To participate in this accreditation, applicants must first be registered on the procurement system at https://in- Full instructions for registration and use of the system can be found at Once registered you will be able to view the accreditation under the tenders section and express an interest.

13 Public Health Primary Care Contracts Next Steps 2 If you encounter any difficulties whilst using the system you can contact the support team by phoning +44 8442728810 or e-mailing Please ensure that all correspondence relating to your application is sent via the In-tend correspondence tab. During the application process this can not be dealt with via direct contact with Council representatives. All new and existing providers wishing to commence or continue delivering services from 1st April 2015 must have submitted their application by no later than 1st March 2015 to allow time for your application to be evaluated and awarded. Applications received after the 1st March 2015 will be assessed and awarded on an on-going basis

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