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Meet the Market Event Sexual Health Services Kent County Council 18/09/2013.

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1 Meet the Market Event Sexual Health Services Kent County Council 18/09/2013

2 Agenda Introductions Meradin Peachey – Director of Public Health Overview of Service Outcomes Procurement Process Use of the Kent Business Portal Evaluation Methodology Consortia Bidding Questions Provider Networking


4 Introduction from Meradin Peachey Director of Public Health – Kent County Council

5 Overview of Service Outcomes Wendy Jeffreys – Head of Sexual Health Commissioning

6 KCC are looking for providers with.. Expertise to provide service(s) which will improve the sexual health of the population in Kent; Flexibility to deliver services based on need; Intelligence systems to give commissioners clear activity level information and robust data.

7 Overview of Service Outcomes Earlier diagnosis of HIV with a reduction in the late diagnosis of HIV; Improved awareness and diagnosis of STI’s with an increase in chlamydia screening and positivity rates; Reduction in unwanted pregnancies with increase in the accessibility of EHC, condoms etc; Reduction in health inequalities with improved access to and information of services.

8 Overview of service standards Performance measured through patient satisfaction; Quality and safety measured through performance indicators; ‘You’re Welcome’ compliant; Workforce development; Compliant with UK National Guidelines.

9 Integrated service model ‘Integrated’ across sexual health and with other services; Hub, super spoke and spoke model with; substantial, flexible (clinic in a box) outreach; A single integral website for all sexual health services in Kent.

10 What can you do? GUM or GUM and contraception; Community sexual health services; Services for young people; Extension of a condom programme; Emergency hormonal contraception service; Coordination of the chlamydia screening programme; Workforce development.

11 Overview of Procurement Process

12 Procurement Timetable StageDate 2 nd Meet the Market EventOctober 22 nd 2013 PQQ Stage OpenMid-October 2013 PQQ Stage ClosedMid November 2013 ITT Phase OpenEarly December 2013 ITT Phase ClosedMid January 2013 Contract AwardEarly February 2014 Contract CommencementJuly 1 st 2014 * Dates are indicative and may be subject to change

13 Tender Process Tender documentation and questions will be placed on Pro-Contract (via the Kent Business Portal Questions will include a mixture of pass/fail and assessed questions Great care should be taken with all questions Assessed question will require a written response - limited character field  List = Bullet points  Describe = Essay type answer Criteria and question weightings will be clear within Pro-Contract

14 Tender Process Supplier guidance will be provided on Pro-Contract, under each question Clarification Questions will be accepted through the portal only If you require any technical support using Pro-contract, please contact Due North via the contact details on the portal

15 Evaluation Methodology The process will consist of 2 stages; a Pre Qualification Stage and an Invitation to Tender (ITT) Stage This is a restricted procedure; organisations/consortiums that do not satisfy the pre-qualification requirements will not be admitted to the ITT

16 Evaluation Methodology Pre Qualification Questionnaire Organisational and Financial Standing Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Environment, Safeguarding and Quality policies and accreditations Track record in delivering similar services and industry specific accreditations Staff competencies, qualifications and CVs

17 Evaluation Methodology Invitation to Tender Approach to service delivery Monitoring, reporting and auditing arrangements Pricing schedule

18 Consortia Bidding KCC will welcome consortia bids for this contract Consortiums will need to be declared in the PQQ stage One organisation can participate in a maximum of three tenders whether individually or as a consortium

19 Questions to the Panel

20 Thank you for your attendance Next Event – 22 nd October 2013 Sessions House – Maidstone For more information and to register please contact; Peter Sharpe, Procurement Officer, Kent County Council,

21 Networking

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