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Family Innovation Fund Early Intervention for Children, Young People and Families Clare Burrell Head of Commissioning Vulnerable People.

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1 Family Innovation Fund Early Intervention for Children, Young People and Families Clare Burrell Head of Commissioning Vulnerable People

2 Purpose of the session The plans for early intervention in Essex Reviewed Family Innovation Fund following market engagement Overview of the procurement process Timescales Consortiums Questions and Answers 2

3 There will always be a demand for statutory services We need to invest to reduce that demand There is increasing evidence that early intervention works We must develop a sustainable Early Intervention model We need to prove the case to increase investment 3 Making the Case for Early Intervention

4 Our Early Intervention Approach Determine outcomes by better understanding demand on statutory services Ensure more effective targeting of resource Adopt a dynamic procurement approach  Potentially commissioning a suite of interventions, services, programmes Develop a robust performance and evaluation framework proving;  Delivery of the outcomes  Reduction in demand on the system  Cost benefits/avoidance/social return on investment for ECC and partners Provide the case for realignment and integration of ECC and partner resource Enable a sustainable early intervention model to evolve 4

5 5 Principles of Early Intervention Target intervention to early stage of life or early in the emergence of a problem in order to prevent it from getting worse.

6 6 Behaviour Risky Aggressive Challenging Relationships Parental issues Family conflict Distress Networks Social isolation & Community disconnect Stable & Resilient Families All the data informs us that children, young people and parents/carers are accessing services because of; Inhibiting behaviours and addictions that impact people around them Limited resilience to manage Parents capacity to parent Significant relationship breakdowns Lack of access to personal and community support networks As a result some children and young people have become vulnerable to; Having low emotional intelligence and resilience Inadequate skills to function educationally and socially Having a propensity to make poor life choices Children, young people and parents therefore become vulnerable because of family structure, relationships and behaviours resulting in family instability and subsequently impacting their personal, social and economic circumstances

7 Our Revised Approach (1) 7 Four Specifications that will provide a suite of early interventions with the purpose of maintaining or improving family stability and resilience and subsequently ensure better outcomes for children, young people and parents/carers in Essex

8 Our Revised Approach (2) Contract duration 2 years, no extensions Maximum 16 Contracts in total One contract per quadrant for each of the four specifications One supplier / lead supplier per contract Anticipated 2 year contract values per contract: 8 Parenting Support (£) Young People Support (£) Coaching and Mentoring (£) Counselling and Mediation (£) South293,000125,000170,000250,000 Mid230,000100,000134,000200,000 North East283,000122,000161,000243,000 West202,00087,000115,000175,000

9 Health and well being priorities Partners’ Strategic priorities Impacts Early Intervention outcomes Positive Behaviour and choices Positive family Relationships Social Connectedness Stable and Resilient Families Making good decisions and choices to participate and make positive contributions to family and community Better able to work together for the well- being of the family Accessing significant others, communities, activities, resources and information There will be less Risky behaviours; Alcohol Drugs Smoking Sexual Anti-social behaviours Aggressive behaviours Challenging behaviours Emotional distress School absenteeism Parental absenteeism Family conflict Relationship breakdown Social isolation Performance Financial Social Demand Education Health Police Social Care Communities Parents/carers Children and young people Districts / Boroughs Benefits Measures Soft and hard skills development


11 11 4/11/14PQQ issued 1/12/14Final date for clarifications from Bidders 11/12/14PQQ return date 12/1/15ITT issue 12/2/15Final Date for clarifications on ITT 23/2/15ITT submission 31/3/15Preferred bidders shortlisted 30/4/15Contract Signature June 15Contract commences Timescales The authority will not be bound by this timetable

12 Making your application (1) Two stage procurement process on Ariba Applications will only be accepted via Ariba. The project is live now you can express an interest by e-mailing the project: Please include your company name and Supplier number in the subject field of the e-mail. Once you have expressed an interest you will receive access to the event when you log into Ariba. We are initially updating requests daily. To register with Ariba please follow the link on our supplying the council page Council/Pages/default.aspx Council/Pages/default.aspx Problems with your Ariba account please contact the helpdesk 0800 358 3556 All communications from bidders regarding the FIF project should now be sent via the secure messaging system on Ariba.

13 Making your application (2) Bidders responses will be scored and we will shortlist a maximum of 5 suppliers for each contract. Shortlisted suppliers will be those that pass ALL the pass / fail criteria and the highest scoring in the scored elements. Note the evaluation criteria outlined in each question on Ariba. Your bid must pass all criteria some questions have minimum scores If you don’t meet the minimum score outlined in the criteria ECC reserve the right to remove your bid from the process. Bidders can apply for one or a number of contracts. Your PQQ submission will be evaluated accordingly based on the number of contracts you apply for in question 11.3 This will impact the insurance, financial and economic standing and capacity to undertake the contracts applied for. Consortium bids are encouraged and will be evaluated as outlined in the documentation. It is not a requirement to be part of a consortium if your organisation has the capacity and capability to deliver the scope of the interventions outlined in the specification. 13

14 Consortia Working 14

15 Why Consortia working 15

16 A ‘Lead Partner’ Consortium 16

17 Agreements and Contracts 17

18 Questions and Answers 18

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