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Company profile & product description

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1 Company profile & product description
Unified Communication & Collaboration Jérôme REMARS Directeur Commercial et Marketing – France Tel : Mob

2 Agenda Company profile Product description
Algoria History Sofware suite : TWS Product description User needs Features Technical architecture

3 Company profile Algoria History Software suite : TWS

4 Company profile Algoria
French company, created in employees, over 2 sites Software company : Multi-PBX, UC & Collaboration suite More than licenses sold to date Indirect channel sales model  Via IT professionals Software suite : TWS (Telephony Web Services) Couputer Telephony Integration Unified Communication Collaboration

5 Company profile History TWS v4 released SNOM compatible 2012 2011
TWS v3.2 released (June 2011) TWP compatible with the Aastra PBX product range (Aastra 5000, Ascotel, Ericsson, DeTeWe) 2009/2010 Cisco CUCM and UC500 plateforms validated and certified TWS V3 released – Based on Flash 2007/2008 Gateway RCC released (MS Lync) - Multi PBX TWS is distributed in over 30 countries The TWS product suite expands : Softphone et Visio – Mitel PBX validation and certification 2006/2007 TWS created (4 modules) TWS becomes TWP (OEM) through the constructor Aastra Microsoft certification and validation on Alcatel and Siemens 2002/2003

6 Company profile Software suite
TWS (Telephony Web Services) is a complete collaboration and unified communication software suite, dedicated to making communication easy and collaboration efficient. TWS technology is certified and validated with the main enterprise telephony solutions on the market. It is also compliant with different operating systems and mail server solutions, and can be integrated within your CRM/ERP solutions. TWS is a rich module-based solution. These modules have been divided into 5 product families : Communication Mobility Collaboration Customer care Integration including: Quickdialer Caller including: Softphone Rules Mobile including: Conference including: Alerter Recorder Smart Attendant including: Toolkit Toolkit Runtime RCC Gateway

7 Product description User needs Features Technical architecture

8 Product description Focus on user needs
Provide all the current means of communication to streamline information exchange and improve performance. Give access to IT and communication platforms anywhere, anytime – and inversely be reachable whenever needed. Make co- working on projects easy with application and information sharing solutions. Improving customer relationships. Integrate intelligent web services into business applications.

9 Product description Features COMMUNICATION : Click to Call
Multi-directory lookup Phone control Event manager (Call, SMS, Note logs) Phone statistics Presence management Call forwarding management Multi-communication collaboration : Phone call, Video call, Chat, , SMS Note

10 Product descritption Features MOBILITY : Softphone :
Voice calls Video calls Personalised voic greetings Intelligent call forwarding Call filtering (by date and/or people/directories) Unified Voic App for Smartphone and Tablet

11 Product description Features COLLABORATION : Audio conferencing
Video conferencing Application sharing with chat

12 Product description Features CUSTOMER CARE: Individual call-handling
Pop-up information concerning the contact Open business applications on the customer’s page automatically or with a click Team call-handling Shared Call queues Pop-up information follows call forwards Call recording

13 Product description Features INTEGRATION : Web Service SDK :
Communication and collaboration functions Administration functions Integrated authentication and security Microsoft Lync gateway

14 Product description Technical architecture Based on XML Web services
R.I.A : Rich Internet Application Easy integration within the corporate information System No installation on the workstation OS « agnostic »: Windows, Mac, Linux, TSE, Citrix Architecture with or without a server Powerful Architecture : 1 server…all services From 5 to users on 1 server Multi-connection, Multi-domain, Multi-company, Multi-PBX « Cloud ready »

15 Product description Technical architecture 2 types of connections :
PBX : VTI-XML, ATPC3, CSTA, JTAPI, MITAÏ, UA-CSTA – ex: user 1 et 2 Terminal : UA-CSTA – ex: user 3 User 3 User 2 UA-CSTA TWS server IPBX / Call server User 1 CSTA / VTI-XML/ ATPC3 / JTAPI / MITAI / UA-CSTA

16 Product description Technical architecture Alerter Quickdialer
Requires TWS Caller Independant module Requires TWS Toolkit TWS Caller is the compulsory module except for TWS Quickdialer, TWS RCC Gateway and Toolkit Runtime, Technical architecture Alerter Recorder Smart Attendant Quickdialer Caller Softphone Rules Mobile Toolkit Toolkit Runtime RCC Gateway Conference CRM.ERP applications : Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM, SAP, Sugar CRM, E-DEAL, Genapi,.. Thin client: Citrix, Microsoft TSE, VMWare,.. Enterprise telephony solutions: Asterisk, Avaya, Aastra, Alcatel, Cisco, Mitel, Snom, Siemens, Desktops: Windows, Mac OS Mail servers: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes Domino, Google Apps, Zimbra,… Devices : PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones

17 Product description Key assets: compatibility Multi OS & Thin client
Multi CRM / ERP Multi PBX

18 Thank you for your attention!

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