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Sangoma Partner Training Lync Express Frederic Dickey / Doug Vilim.

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1 Sangoma Partner Training Lync Express Frederic Dickey / Doug Vilim

2 Quick Introduction to Microsoft Lync Introduction to Lync Express Pricing Sales Agenda 2012-06-282© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc. 24 hour promo $1250 cash back

3 Microsoft response to Unified Communications –Presence and Instant Messaging –Audio, Video conferencing and Collaboration –Telephony –Deep integration with other Microsoft products Very large partner base augmenting Lync –Call Center Software –Desktop phones – Snom, Aastra, Polycom Enterprise considering MS Lync as their next generation PBX Main Target are large and distributed companies –5000 users and up! Introduction to Microsoft Lync 2010 2012-06-283© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

4 2012-06-28© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.4 MS Lync Architecture – Complex!

5 2012-06-28© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.5 Simplified View Here

6 2012-06-28© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.6 Sangoma’s Lync Express Combine these functions for simpler deployment in the small enterprise

7 2012-06-28© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.7 Lync Express: MS Lync for the SMB Internal IP network via ethernet card PRI PSTN + VoIP Gateway MS Lync A101 A200 FXS Fax +

8 The Lync Express Appliance offers a full Microsoft Lync solution in a simple and elegant appliance with PSTN connectivity built-in. All the software is pre-installed on the appliance, all that is needed to do is configure MS Lync. PSTN connectivity is assured by Sangoma’s NetBorder Express Lync certified media gateway –1 spans to assure PRI connectivity to the PSTN –4 FXS lines for Legacy Telephony Devices (Faxes and Phones) Sangoma’s Lync Express 2012-06-288© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

9 An SBA offers remote branch office connectivity to the PSTN in case the network connection is lost to the main Lync Enterprise Data Center. Sangoma’s Lync Express is a full featured standalone Lync 2010 Server for the SME of 25 to 100 employees. The SBA is targeted to branch offices of 25 employees. It offers a subset of the Lync Server Roles (Mediation Server and Registrar services) Lync Express is more than an SBA* 2012-06-289© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc. * Survivable branch appliance

10 VM Active Directory NetBorder Express Lync Server 2010 Std. Edition Windows Server 2008 Installed in the Sangoma Appliance 2012-06-28© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.10

11 Sangoma –Appliance –Boards + Cables (analog; fax sync; T1/E1) –NetBorder Express Software –User Manual and set-up instructions Microsoft –Windows Server 2008 R2 –MS Lync Server 2010 –VM with MS Active Directory Pre-installed Items 2012-06-2811© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

12 Sangoma Resells all: Appliance NetBorder Windows Server MS Lync 2010 Licenses Lync Standard CAL* Lync Enterprise CAL Lync Plus CAL Sangoma Pre-installs all Appliance NetBorder All Microsoft Software without license keys – Leave it to channels to resell license keys Pricing Options *CAL: Client Access License

13 DescriptionSKUList Price 1 Span – up to 100 users capacity Equipped with: NetBorder Express software, A101DE and A200DE FXS Pre-installed: Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Lync 2010. Licensing extra LYNC-NBEX-AP1000 $6,995 Licensing Options (includes Windows Server, Lync CALs) 25 Users LicensesLYNC-NBEX-LI0025 $11,695 50 Users LicensesLYNC-NBEX-LI0050 $21,095 100 Users LicensesLYNC-NBEX-LI0100 $39,995 Lync Express Pricing 2012-06-2813© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc. 24 hour promo $1250 cash back

14 Since we starting publicly speaking about a Lync product, we’ve been a little overwhelmed MS Worldwide Partner Conference is in Toronto Canada July 9; Sangoma will exhibit Sangoma marketing is starting to target MS Silver and Gold Partners to generate demand Fulfillment is already being pushed through our global distribution channel Where to From Here with Lync? 2012-06-2814© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

15 Sangoma has been in the MS UC space for little more than 4 years under various MS code names We have a large global OEM customer that uses NetBorder Express and our PRI/FXO/FXS boards in their solutions Our developers know the application and our FAEs understand implementation MS Lync certification was long and tough Lync Express may be a new product in our portfolio for YOU, but for us it’s been through 2 years of enterprise deployments testing already!!! We Know What We Are Doing 2012-06-2815© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

16 Question: What other PBX does Sangoma sell? Sangoma in the PBX Market 2012-06-2816© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

17 Answer: ??? Sangoma in the PBX Market 2012-06-2817© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

18 Answer: None Sangoma has never been in the PBX market. We have never sold a PBX application; this is what our Partners do. Lync is different/Lync appliance is by demand. Sangoma in the PBX Market 2012-06-2818© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

19 This is a first for us We’ve gone because we see strong demand We see the enormous eco-system MS is building and many of our Partners are in the ecosystem We also see your partners in this ecosystem Sangoma in the PBX Market 2012-06-2819© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc.

20 For the next 24 hours only to celebrate the end of our year: Purchase two: LYNC-NBEX-AP1000 at your standard distribution price and receive a US$1250 VISA gift card 24 Hour Promo – Here today/gone tomorrow! 2012-06-2820© 2012 Sangoma Technologies Inc. 24 hour promo $1250 cash back

21 Thank you!

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