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Double object pronouns

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1 Double object pronouns
Avancemos 2 Unidad 5, lección 2

2 Direct and indirect objects.
The direct object receives the action of the verb. (object of the verb) Laura buys a book. What does she buy? direct object The indirect object tells us where the direct object is going. (for whom or to whom the direct object is going) Laura buys a book for the children. indirect object For whom or to whom is the book going

3 You used pronouns to replace nouns
Laura buys a book Laura buys it. direct object direct object pronoun Laura buys a book for the children. Indirect object Laura buys a book for them. indirect object pronoun Recuerda (remember): The direct object answers the question what is the object of the verb. The indirect object answers the questions to whom or for whom the object of the verb (d.o.) is going.

4 Pronombres de objeto directo e indirecto
Direct object pronouns in Spanish it lo (m) them los (m) la (f) las (f) Remember Lola for DOP’s in Spanish Indirect object pronouns in Spanish me (me) nos (nosotros/as) te (tú) le (él, ella, usted) les (ellos, ellas, ustedes)

5 Double object pronouns
You may have both object pronouns in the same sentence (direct object and indirect object pronouns) Elena buys a book for the children. Elena buys it for them. The direct object pronoun is placed after the verb The indirect object becomes the object of a preposition (usually for or to)

6 In Spanish, you always place indirect object pronouns before direct object pronouns.
When you have a command, just attach the IOP and DOP to the command. (Don’t forget the written accent on the fourth syllable from the end of the word) Serve the broth to us. Serve it to us. Sirva el caldo a nosotros. Sírvanoslo. IOP DOP

7 Bring it(m) to me.___________________________
Ejercicios con mandatos formales. Label the direct object pronoun with dop and the indirect object pronoun with iop. Bring it(m) to me.___________________________ Buy them(f) for us.__________________________ Sell it (f) to me._____________________________ Write it (m) to me.__________________________ Bring them (f) to us.________________________ Give it (m) to me.___________________________ If both pronouns start with the letter L, you must change the first pronoun (IOP) to se. Bring it (m) to her. Tráigalelo Tráigaselo

8 Ejercicios con mandatos formales
Buy them (f) for him._______________________ Bring them (m) for them.___________________ Sell it (m) to us.____________________________ Serve them (f) to me._______________________ Write it (f) to her.__________________________ Give them (f) to him._______________________ Serve it (m) to her._________________________ Bring it (f) to them.________________________ Buy it (m) for us.___________________________

9 Negative commands with double object pronouns
No + IOP + DOP + command No me la dé Ejercicios Don’t sell it (f) to us._______________________ Don’t bring them (m) to her._______________ Don’t buy it (m) for me.____________________ Don’t serve them (f) to him._______________ Don’t write it (m) for them.________________

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