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Enabling VDI & Application Virtualization

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1 Enabling VDI & Application Virtualization
Optimizing VMware, Citrix & vWorkspace for Healthcare, Finance/Banking, & Education Simon Clephan, VP SI Alliances

2 An extensive solution portfolio to help simplify
Files Databases Compliance data Rich content Application Complete. Reliable. Simple. Mobile Client Tablet Device User Layer App Layer OS Layer Storage Servers Networking Data Center Here’s the core Dell and AppSense architecture for VDI: AppSense builds on what VMware, Citrix and Quest vWorkspace offer you Are you using any of these tools? Do you ever have any frustration with: Slow logon times Lost personalization End-users wanting to go back to the old PC Configuration and application access Device management – and access anywhere

3 #1 reason why VDI fails: User Experience
What’s the key challenge in running Virtual Desktops? Poor user Experience Hard to migrate users Security Costs too high Other I don’t see any challenges Total employees 3000+ employees Vanson Bourne study in EMEA did a study of more than 3,000 companies with VDI and Application Virtualization. Top Two Issues User Experience User Security

4 AppSense & Dell Demonstrations:
Healthcare Clinicians Experience: fast logon, roaming printing, smart access IT Efficiency: storage optimization, ONE gold image, easy migration Security & Compliance: granular access controls, auditable Education Student/Faculty Enablement: fast reset/recovery, fully personalized IT Efficiency: storage optimization, app + OS delivery + updates VDI End-User Experience: fast, simple, SMART, device independent IT Efficiency: ONE gold image, easy to manage Security: granular controls on who gets where & when

5 Dell Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC):
Without Dell & AppSense MCC With Dell & AppSense MCC

6 Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform Built for Virtualization
The secret to this radical change is in the patented Nutanix Distributed File System. What you see here is a diagram representing a typical Nutanix cluster made up of nodes which are nothing but standard x86 servers w direct attached SSDs and HDDs. Unlike traditional infrastructure with a finite number of storage controllers, each additional node added to the Nutanix cluster incorporates a storage controller VM ensuring no bottlenecks in the architecture as you scale out. In doing so, you completely avoid forklift upgrades, irregularities in performance as new users are added, and reduce footprint significantly. Lastly, each Nutanix node has a built-in hypervisor of choice, whether it be vSphere, Hyper-V or KVM. This ensures the deployment is well provisioned for future enhancements such as integration with public clouds.

7 Faster. Easier. Lower Cost.
Strategic Market Advantage Efficiency Improvement Financial CapEx avoidance IT support automation for lower OpEx Serve customers better than competitors. Attract and retain employees. Users Consistency Contextual Exp. Fleet Customers Performance “I can work from home” “Performance is great” “Easy to access my stuff” “My desktop looks the same” “My printers are auto configured” “My old apps worked great” “I changed departments and everything worked fine” Projects Virtualization Deployments Migrations BYO/Mobile Operational OS, Application, Device VDI, RDS Applications, Devices COPE, BYOD, Mobile Refresh, Break/Fix Support / IT Admin Issues Tactical Logon Times Windows Privilege Mgmt Departmental Moves Performance Desktop Inconsistency Printer / Driver Issues Change Infrastructure Support


9 Recommendations: Forrester Total Economic Impact Study Forrester: “What you need to know before undertaking your virtualization journey” to arrange a personal demonstration of how to optimize the End User Experience Thank You.

10 Background Material

11 AppSense & nutanix AppSense: Nutanix: AppSense & Nutanix: Nutanix:
Seamless roaming Out-of-the-Box simple deployment Secure Policy-defined user settings Linear scale-out Windows Privilege Management Lower cost: CapEx & OpEx Fast logons Reduced risk: start small Increase User Density per server Business Continuity: built in replication Dynamic printer and network mapping Integrated: Citrix, VMware, AppSense AppSense & Nutanix: Reduced storage reqs + accelerated VM booth storms by 75% using Shadow Clones Logon time reduced from 50-70% Nutanix: AppSense is delighted to announce the certification of AppSense DesktopNow workloads on the Nutanix Virtual Computing platform. Adding AppSense DesktopNow to virtual desktops delivered on Nutanix infrastructure provides the perfect solution for customers seeking optimized desktops and applications. The Nutanix platform offers excellent scalability and predictable performance at a very attractive price point. When used in conjunction with Nutanix, the AppSense DesktopNow suite delivers: Seamless, personalized roaming between physical desktops, virtual desktops and hosted applications (Terminal Server/RDSH) Secure, policy-defined lockdown of the user environment Control of users’ admin rights, thru Windows privilege management High quality user experience: fast logon, consistent, stable, fully personalized A complete alternative to roaming profiles Granular control of application performance to deliver an optimized experience for all user types Increased user density per server of up to 60% Templates for key application support requirements such as dynamic printer mapping and network connections ROI often over 200%, with payback in less than 6 months. Nutanix delivers an out of the box infrastructure solution for virtual desktops that eliminates cost unpredictability, variable performance and extensive risk of conventional VDI solutions. The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a turnkey appliance that comes ready to run VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop, or XenApp with full support for vSphere and Hyper-V. The Nutanix platform supports every type of VDI user, from task and knowledge workers to power and data scientists offering the following benefits: Simple, out-of-the-box deployment: Ready to deploy virtual desktops in under 30 minutes Linear scale out: Scale users and virtual desktops seamlessly and linearly with no performance degradation Better than PC performance: Nutanix include features like inline performance de-duplication to eliminate IO bottlenecks resulting in faster application responses and boot/login experience Lower costs: Lower infrastructure CAPEX than a PC and lower ongoing operating costs due to ease of use and small footprint Eliminate project risks: Start small and expand as warranted – always utilizing the latest advances in CPU, memory and flash Business continuity: Built-in native replication and disaster recovery features enable highly available desktops to be deployed in mission critical environments VMware and Citrix integration: Support for View Composer Array Integration (VCAI), Citrix PVS and MCS Graphics acceleration: Platforms powered with K1 and K2 cards from NVidia GRID and Teradici APEX power tough, graphics intensive desktops  Customers using AppSense on Nutanix in production today with both VMware Horizon and Citrix XenDesktop solutions are reporting greater stability, performance and simplicity. At VMworld, AppSense will be presenting on the Nutanix booth and vice versa, highlighting the benefits of using the two solutions together. When testing DesktopNow Environment Manager on Nutanix, Bill Scarborough, Senior Solutions Specialist at AppSense reported that all the usual benefits that AppSense brings to virtual desktops apply when Nutanix is accelerating and reducing cost in the storage layer. “In this environment, Nutanix reduced storage requirements and accelerated VM boot storms by 75% using Shadow Clones, and AppSense accelerated the logon process by 200%!”

12 Total Economic impact: AppSense Savings:
IT staff (helpdesk) productivity cost savings End user productivity cost savings Reduced worker log on time Capital cost savings resulting from performance improvement Contractors cost avoidance to replace IT staff needed for on-site migration IT administrators physical application migration cost avoidance

13 AppSense Dell Joint Customers

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