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© 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute BYOD Champion Presentation CIO How-To Kit: Bring-Your-Own Devices © 2014.

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1 © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute BYOD Champion Presentation CIO How-To Kit: Bring-Your-Own Devices © 2014

2 Presentation Guidelines Building executive champions is a key factor in the long-term success of a BYOD initiative. This BYOD Champion presentation can be used to drive discussions and get buy-in from key cross-functional stakeholders. This is a template PPT that should be tailored with your organizations objectives, priorities and challenges in mind. The PPT is structured to help you make a few key points:  The trend of consumerization and employee-owned devices is real  You have a clear vision and set of goals to address this trend with a BYOD initiative  There are proven benefits to developing a BYOD initiative  The majority of your peers and competitors will move in this direction – soon  You have outlined your organization’s BYOD program structure Each slide includes notes on slide purpose and real samples.

3 Meeting Agenda The Consumerization of IT Trend BYOD Vision & Objectives BYOD Program Definition Program Approach Project Timeline

4 Consumerization …will force more IT change over the next 10 years than any other trend Enterprise IT Consumer Capability

5 BYOD Vision Embrace consumerization in the workplace to deliver employees a simple, ubiquitous access experience whether at the office, at home or abroad, regardless of their computing device Choice | Simple | Secure | Self-Service

6 BYOD Program Goals Increase employee productivity through mobility Drive employee satisfaction and retention Drive competitive differentiation Reduce security threats from employees using their own devices Reduce device management and procurement time and cost Reduce time and costs associated with support calls Simplify employee and contractor onboarding

7 Empower people and departments  To choose their own devices to improve productivity and help with talent acquisition/retention Protect sensitive information  From loss and theft while addressing privacy, compliance and risk Simplify IT and reduce costs  From device procurement/configuration & app compatibility/support Embrace consumerization. Empower employees. Simplify IT. BYOD Benefits

8 52% 57% 51% 46% “What are the benefits of employee owned devices?” Worldwide Survey of Corporate Employees. February 2011, Citrix Systems

9 94% of organizations expect to have a BYO policy by mid–2013

10 Challenges & opportunities  Lower IT & business costs  Workforce flexibility, recruitment & efficiency The solution  BYOD initiative – any device, self-service  Desktop & app virtualization, follow-me data Result  ~20% cost savings & lower support requests  Choice drives productivity – 46% select Macs  Citrix named among “Top 50 Best Places to Work” © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute

11 Challenges & opportunities  Field engineer productivity  IP protection & speed-to-market The solution  Secure by design BYO  Seamless access to desktops & apps Result  Reduced time to recovery – from days to minutes  Speeds product time to market while protecting IP  Faster customer response = competitive advantage © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute

12 Secure-by-Design BYOD Approach Any device, personal or business Self-service app store with secure access Enterprise mobility management Windows apps and desktop virtualization File sharing and collaboration Remote support

13 BYOD Program Considerations Eligibility – which users will have access? Devices – what devices will we allow – all/any device or a limited set? Apps & Data – what apps and data can users access? Support – how will support work? Services – what services will IT offer and not offer? Financial – what is the cost model/approach? Legal –what are the legal implications and terms of use?

14 BYOD Initiatives Take on a variety of different approaches INFORMAL Users can access apps and data from their personal device FORMAL BYO policy, stipend, self-service web site and support We are here

15 Understand Best Practices Engage Stakeholders Define Policies Develop Technology Solution Prepare for Rollout Next Steps

16 BYOD Project Timeline APR 2008 MAYJUNJULAUGSEP Stakeholder Feedback Program & Policy Definition Solution Definition Website Build Pilot launch

17 Work better. Live better.

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