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College Admissions Process. Guidance Marissa Cautino –Grade 10Last Names: A-G –Grade 11 Last Names: A-H –Grade 12Last Names: A-K

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1 College Admissions Process

2 Guidance Marissa Cautino –Grade 10Last Names: A-G –Grade 11 Last Names: A-H –Grade 12Last Names: A-K Kristina Dobiecki –Grade 10Last Names: H-Z –Grade 11 Last Names: I-Z –Grade 12Last Names: L-Z Guidance Office: 413-283-2625

3 What Plan Is Right For You? 4 Year College 2 Year College Vocational Training/ Employment Military

4 Where to Start Major- Do you know what you want to study? This should drive your search. –If you are unsure, look for colleges that have a wide variety of majors. –To learn about majors log in to your Mass CIS account and look at programs of study. –

5 Where to Start Research colleges/universities –A good place to start is and click on college matchmaker. Make sure to log in so that you can save your search and keep yourself organized. –Also visit official college websites, visit the guidance office for college view books –Consider criteria such as majors offered, location, athletics, size, cost, special programs, housing, parking.

6 College Board Match Maker

7 College Visits When possible, it is important to visit colleges to get a feel for the campus life. Go on official tours and ask meaningful questions. Obtain a written note from the admission office and keep it in your records. Take advantage of open houses, school breaks, college fairs, and representatives coming to PHS. PHS is hosting a college fair in October during the school day for juniors and seniors.

8 Create a College list *of 5-8 schools Safety Schools Generally have more flexible admissions’ standards &/or requirements Refer to schools whose requirements mean little chance of rejection for that applicant. Most students apply to 1 safety school, but a student may opt for 1 academic safety and 1 financial safety.

9 Fit Schools  A good rule is to have 2 to 4 fit schools.  A “fit school” is one that the student feels will fulfill his/her needs and desires, and one he/she could happily attend, even though it may not be the first choice.  The student should fit general admissions criteria in academics and social arenas.

10 Reach Schools  Students should have 1 or 2 schools in this category.  “Reach schools” may be the student’s top choices, but are also ones that are more challenging to get into.  This may be because the student’s qualifications match or fall slightly short of the school’s average, and the competition for the limited places in the freshman class is intense.

11 Students’ Responsibilities Obtain and complete applications. Complete all essays, supplements (if needed), & Activity Profile, and submit directly to the admissions office along with application fee. Send your SAT, SAT Subject Tests, &/or ACT scores directly to the colleges that you have applied via CollegeBoard. Ask your selected teachers and counselor for a recommendation

12 College Application Process

13 High School Transcript Counselor Recommendation Senior Grades


15 Find out how to apply- either through the schools website OR by using the Common Application : Meet all required DEADLINES for admission and financial aid. KEEP YOUR OWN COPIES!!!!

16 The Common Application ApplicationSupplements School Profile Teacher Recommendations Application fee(s) Secondary School Report (completed by counselor) Mid-Year Report (completed by counselor) Final Report (completed by counselor)

17  Most colleges want at least 2 (1 from a core subject)  The student must make arrangements with the teachers regarding submission of recommendation

18 If your college requires SAT, SAT Subject Tests, or ACT scores sent directly to the college, you must go to: (SATs or SAT Subject Tests Scores) or

19 Many colleges require at least one essay Ask an English teacher to proof read your work Check your work!

20 **If you are interested in playing sports at the college level, you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at Request a transcript from your counselor Athletics

21 Get Involved! College Admissions are about more than grades and test scores. Make your application stand out above the rest. Extracurricular Activities (Sports, Clubs, etc.) WorkVolunteer

22  Early Decision  Early Action  Rolling Admission  Regular Decision

23 Early Decision and Early Action can be beneficial to students - but only to those who have thought through their college options carefully and have a clear preference for one institution. Early Decision is binding - a student accepted as an ED applicant must attend the college. Early Action is non-binding - students receive an early response to their application but do not have to commit to the college until the normal reply date of May 1.

24 Financial Aid Events PHS and Ware High School host a free financial aid information session sponsored by MEFA(Massachusetts Educational Financial Authority) in the fall. Check back in September for date & time. Need help filling out the FAFSA? For free assistance, register for College Goal Sunday – Closest locations are Amherst and Springfield

25 Deadlines are often different than admission deadlines (check for each individual college). All schools require you to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form to be eligible for aid. The FAFSA may be submitted beginning January 1. Some schools require additional information from the CSS/Financial Aid Profile or their own specific form.

26 How do I find scholarships? Look at the guidance website: Come to the guidance office to pick up applications Create a Look on Individual colleges may consider you for their specific scholarships based on your application materials and/or financial aid information.

27 MASS Transfer/Joint Admission Many students choose to do a two year community college (such as Holyoke Community College or Springfield Technical Community College) and transfer to a 4 year college. This is often COST EFFECTIVE. Student will graduate with a degree from the four year school.

28 Helpful Websites

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