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Media Futures: Navigating and Harnessing the Asia Media Boom Dr. Madan Mohan Rao Editor: The Asia-Pacific Internet Handbook, The Knowledge Management Chronicles.

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1 Media Futures: Navigating and Harnessing the Asia Media Boom Dr. Madan Mohan Rao Editor: The Asia-Pacific Internet Handbook, The Knowledge Management Chronicles

2 Asias Future: Whats Ahead l Energy (eg. India-US nuclear deal) l Conflict zones (east Asia, west Asia) l Resurgence, re-interpretations of spirituality l Offshoring, global delivery, co-production l Diaspora networks l Media boom: traditional, new

3 The Asia-Pacific Internet Handbook l Episode IV: Emerging Powerhouses l Episode V: News Media and New Media l Episode VI: Asia Unplugged l Episode VII: e-Government in Asia l Episode VIII: ICT4D




7 The Knowledge Management Chronicles l Travelogue 1: –Leading with Knowledge: KM in the InfoTech Sector l Travelogue 2: –KM Tools and Techniques l Travelogue 3: – Cultures of Knowledge




11 Agenda l Recent developments l Frameworks and profiles: new media in Asia l Industry trends l Analysis, future research

12 Recent Developments l Hong Kong: mobile gambling l NTT DoCoMo, Nippon TV l South Korea: digital mobile broadcasting, WiBro l Media + Podcasting l South Africa: World Cup 2010 rights first sold to a mobile network!




16 The 8 Cs of New Media l Connectivity l Content l Community l Culture l Capacity l Cooperation l Commerce l Capital

17 The 8 Cs of New Media l Connectivity –Connectivity, bandwidth, devices, platform, interfaces, standards, portals l Content –News, information, databases, feeds; media/businesses/government/citizen l Community –Group dynamics, evolution of communities, support l Culture –Trust, support, openness to change

18 The 8 Cs of New Media l Capacity –Skills, talent, organisational support, training, HR, processes, lawmaking l Cooperation –Between citizens, industry, government, academia, NGOs, external institutes l Commerce –E-commerce/M-commerce provisions, regulation l Capital –Investments in ICT infrastructure, RoI metrics

19 Dimensions of New Media l New Media as Instrument –Providing affordable access to ICTs, local language content/tools, sectoral benefits (news, education, healthcare, environment, business, government) l New Media as an Industry –Boosting digital content industries, venture capital, stockmarkets, technical skills, regulation, global alliances

20 Classification of Information Societies l Restrictive eg. Myanmar l Embryonic eg. Afghanistan l Emerging eg. Nepal l Negotiating eg. China l Intermediate eg. India l Mature eg. Australia l Advanced eg. Japan, South Korea

21 Japan l Market + innovation; trend-setter in mobile TV l m-Commerce industry: 3.2 trillion yen by 2006; 56.5 % of cellphone Internet users have used m- commerce l e-Japan Strategy: make Japan the most advanced IT nation within five years l Social science research: gratification effects, problems like digital shoplifting

22 South Korea l Powerhouse in broadband, mobile, WiFi, WiBro: usage + industry l Gaming l 100,000 hotspots nationwide l 25 million online banking accounts l Initiatives: RFID, UWB, intelligent networks l Korea Venture Fund

23 China l Worlds largest mobile subscriber base, second largest Internet population l Manufacturing powerhouse l Government concern: use of Web/email/SMS for spreading rumours and political messages l Standards (+ controversy): wireless security, digital content, 3G protocols

24 India l Worlds fastest growing mobile market l Chip design + software outsourcing + R&D l More mobile phones than fixed lines (as of October 2004) l Diaspora markets: India Everywhere l ICT4D (the next billion users) l Challenges: spectrum/mobile regulation

25 Singapore l Active government usage of ICTs l Global benchmarking studies of e-readiness and productivity l Leverage China + India connections (eg. via IDA) l Challenges: small local market

26 Australia l The West in Asia l Early adopters of new media technologies l Good models of self-governance (eg. Internet content, SMS spam) l TV + Internet: RealTime.Oz, Austereo

27 Thailand l Early stage market (Thai fonts for SMS only recently; few hotspots) l Youth markets l Challenge: level playing field (prime minister was the owner of AIS, one of the four operators!)

28 Malaysia l Aim: regional testbed, hub l Highest new media penetration among developing/Islamic countries l Assets: market deregulation, low import tariffs

29 LDCs l Nepal –Importance of wireless in mountainous regions (consumers, telco backbones) –Challenge: monopolistic environment, involvement of private sector l Bangladesh –Grameen Telephone: shared access + microfinance –Rural ICT4D showcase for LDCs: village phone ladies –Challenges: spectrum allocation

30 Entertainment: Trends in Asia l TV: reality formats, SMS voting, ad-skipping, product placement l Movies: DVD extras, companion games (Internet/mobile), other ancillaries l Theatres: Multiplexes, D-Cinema

31 Music l Mobile/portable channels (ringtones, ringback tones) l Fusion + purist l Compilation formats, ambient collections l Rise of the DJ l Live music is back! l Massively disruptive business models

32 Harnessing the Asian Media Boom l Audiences (eg. news, cricket) l Asian content (eg. Bollywood) l Asian talent: production, support, R&D (offshoring, outsourcing) l Strategies: pan-Asian, sub-regional, national l New media value chain (advertising, marketing)


34 Media: European success stories in Asia l News: BBC, Reuters l Publishing: Reed-Elsevier l Mobile: Nokia, Ericsson; Philips; Vodafone, Telenor; Mobile365; MobileMonday l Radio: Deutsche Welle Akademie, Radio Netherlands l Niche: F-TV, JC Decaux

35 Impacts of New Media l Efficiency –Cutting costs, increasing speed, shorter number of steps l Effectiveness –More interactivity, richer media, better design l Innovation –Personalisation, customisation, new services, new audiences l Risk –Realtime responses, SMS spam, security

36 Metrics l Technology metrics l Process metrics l Knowledge metrics l Social metrics l Business metrics

37 Metrics l Technology metrics –Number of users, handsets, traffic l Process metrics –Organisational efficiency, better decision making, citizen- friendly services l Knowledge metrics –More effective learning, faster learning, high-level knowledge gleaned, sophisticated analytics extracted; patents, IPR

38 Metrics l People metrics –Less drudgery/boredom perceived, higher comfort levels, greater empowerment, professional satisfaction, agile workforce, global competitiveness l Business metrics –Improved productivity, stronger partnerships, better brand perception, new services offered

39 The Crystal Ball l IPTV, WiMax, DAB l Cross-media strategies (mobile; gaming) l Social networking:,, CyWorld l Regulatory issues: level playing fields, convergence, spectrum l Legal issues: IPR l Keep an eye on youth!


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