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City Innovation Lab : Manchester Computer Science 30 th June 2010.

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1 City Innovation Lab : Manchester Computer Science 30 th June 2010

2 Overview What it is Current state of play Why it should be of interest to CS Discussion

3 ICT Driving Transformation Major challenges and opportunities –health and social care –low-carbon economy –leisure and wellbeing Mobile is game-changing –personal, context-aware, real-time More than technology –social science, psychology, business models … –influencing behaviour Live experiments –evidence, evidence, evidence

4 Aims of CIL : Manchester City-wide test-bed – living lab –economic & social value of innovation –expertise in large-scale trials as enabler for innovation –lower barriers to / cost of large scale trials Accelerate the pace of innovation –innovation networks –co-creation/development –evidence-based Sustainable within 5 years –~ £3M pa innovation turnover –long-term research

5 City Innovation Lab Partners Manchester: Knowledge Capital Manchester Informatics Manchester Digital Development Agency Greater Manchester Environment Commission

6 Building on Manchesters Assets History and culture of innovation Scale and diversity: social, ethnic, health, lifestyle World-class Informatics research Instrumented population Comparatively static population City-region pilot Investments in digital infrastructure

7 Components of Innovation Lab Infrastructure –technical platform –staff/expertise Business Community Public organisations User community Live projects

8 Infrastructure Technical platform –data gathering (from embedded devices, sensors etc) –information management, data mining, consumer behaviour modelling –feedback: incentives, social networking, persuasive communication, personalised marketing People –study design, trials management, analysis –knowledge transfer: private and public sector partnerships, public engagement –expertise: technology, social science, psychology, business, health, sustainability...

9 Business and Public Organisations Multiple sectors –Mobile telecom –ICT –Retail –Transport –Health –Creative SME multinational Public organisations –City-region –NHS

10 User Communities mHealth –Citizen-scientists –Expert patient –Assisted living Transport –Trip sharing –Community cycling schemes Sustainability –Energy –Recycling

11 City Innovation Lab

12 State of Play Partnership with city-region maturing –mutual opening of doors TSB considering proposals –pump-prime CIL ~£5M –Trusted services – tripsharing IBM prepared to develop infrastructure @ £500K Opportunities around Future Internet –TSB involvement in consortium building Other current/future funding calls

13 Future Internet

14 Why Should this Interest CS? Opportunities for new/applied research –machine learning (analytics), text mining –information management –sensors, low-power –m-Health –visual computing –social networks Engagement and impact –industry –city –public

15 End

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