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Teddy Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson

2 Teddy Roosevelt: The First Modern President
Teddy “takes the veil” Early career Progressive Governor of New York Inherits the Presidency in 1900 Elected President in 1904 Progressive Republican Platform Square Deal Government Regulation of Corporations: Meat Inspection Act, Hepburn/Elkins Acts, Pure Food and Drug Act Anthracite Coal Strike Dept. of Commerce and Labor Trust Busting: JP Morgan and Northern Securities Conservation: Newlands Reclamation Act, Public Parks Panic of 1907 Over extension of credit (gee, sounds like today), over production, mismanagement Deal with JP Morgan and cronies Need for new central banking system?

3 TR’s Protégé: William Howard Taft, 1908-1912
An even bigger Trust Buster No distinction btw “good” or “bad” trusts Rule of Reason JP Morgan Bureau of Mines Conservation of resources Mann-Elkins Telegraph, telephone, cable under ICC Postal Savings Bank System Public banking/savings system Payne-Aldrich Tariff, 1909 High Protective Tariff, 37% Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy Dept of Interior vs. Forestry Taft-Roosevelt Split, 1912

4 Woodrow Wilson squeaks in…1912
New Freedom Program, Democrats Progressive Republicans and Socialists Wilson’s early career First President from the seceded states! Attacks the “Triple Wall of Privilege” Underwood Tariff Act, 1913 Addressed Congress for 29% 16th Amendment Federal Reserve Act, 1913 Pujo Committee findings 15 branches Federal Trade Commission Act, 1914 Clayton Anti-Trust Act “cease and desist” orders

5 More Progressive Reforms under Wilson, 1912-1920
Louis Brandeis Supreme Court Federal Highway Act Rural areas Workingmen’s Compensation Act Civil service employees Child Labor Act Interstate commerce Adamson Act 8 hours, interstate commerce Federal Farm Act Low interest loans for farmers Smith-Levee Act State colleges

6 The Supreme Court during the Progressive Era – still conservative
Lochner v. New York 10 hours for bakers…NOT Adkins v. Children’s Hospital No minimum wage for women Schenck v. US Oliver Wendell Holmes, “clear and present” danger

7 Temperance and Woman’s Suffrage
18th Amendment Volstead Act Bigger federal government 19th Amendment Split in women’s movement Radicals vs. Moderates National American Woman Suffrage Assoc. (Catt) Downplayed as their “right”, less confrontational Alice Paul and the Congressional Union Congressional Union: Hunger strikes and protests Jeannette Rankin

8 African-Americans and the Progressive Era
Demographic movement to the North Result of The Great War Chicago Race Riots Ida B. Wells Anti Lynching Movement NAACP WEB DuBois Niagara Movement, “talented tenth” Woodrow Wilson Birth of a Nation, like writing history with “lightening!” Booker T. Washington Tuskegee Institute


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