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1 Progressivism

2 * ID Progressivism’s Goals
Progressivism was………. a movement to improve American life by expanding democracy and achieving social and economic justice. -optimistic, forward looking -an urban extension of “Populism” -praised the benefits of urban/industrial growth but sought to correct its evils with political, economic and social reform. 17.1

3 Who were the Progressives?
Farmers - “Populists” Women Urban middle class Labor unions “Muckrakers” “progressive” legislators / politicians

4 Progressives attacked:
Laissez Faire Social Darwinism

5 *ID Examples of Progressive Political Reforms to expand Democracy
Nat’l Gov’t -amendments 16,17,18,19 -legislation State Gov’t -initiative -referendum -recall -primaries -women voting Secret ballot - legislation

6 Nat’l & State Legislation to improve economic and social justice in America
State regulation of intrastate commerce Consumer protection Child labor Tax reform Minimum wage / max hour Worker compensation / safety Union protection Conservation Business regulation

7 * How did the SC respond to Progressivism?
the “Brandeis Brief” interpretation of the14th Amendment Muller, Bunting, Lochner

8 17.2 ID Roles of Women in the workforce
opportunity for higher education as a part of the Progressive movement - “muckrakers” - Lobbyists / NAWSA - “social housekeeping”

9 * ID Leaders of Woman Suffrage
Susan B. Anthony Eliz. Cady Stanton - second wave: Alice Paul Carrie Catts

10 * ID the Progressive Presidents
TR (R) ; Taft (R) WW (D)

11 1876 Hayes R 1880 Garfield/Arthur 1884 Cleveland D 1888 Harrison 1892 1896 McKinley 1900 McKinley/TR 1904 TR 1908 Taft 1912 WW 1916

12 ID Elements of “The Square Deal”
The 3 C’s: Control Corporations Consumer Protection Conservation

13 * ID Elements of “The Square Deal”
Business Regulation Trusts –”Trust Buster” RR ICC (1887) Elkins Act Hepburn Act Strikes Public Protection FDA Environment Parks/ Reserves Newlands Act FAILURE IN CIVIL RIGHTS

14 * Who were the Muckrakers
Pg 532 Ida Tarbell Upton Sinclair Lincoln Steffens

15 *ID Taft’s Issues / Problems - he helps split the Republican party by 1912
Gifford Pinchot - fired him Joe Cannon - supported him TR - no image or charisma Tariff - support of high tariff Trusts - attacked more trusts

16 *Why did the Republican Party split in 1912?
TR’s response to Taft’s policy decisions The “Bull Moose” party See election results

17 Wilson’s “New Freedom”
control and regulate Trusts - big is bad control and regulate Banks - prevent bank failures reduce the impact of Tariffs - replace it with the national income tax

18 *ID Ideas in WW’s “New Freedom”
The Democrats “steal” progressivism Econ/Soc Sherman -1890 Clayton-1914 FTC Fed. Reserve Act Prohibition Income Tax Underwood Tariff Keating-Owen Act Farm-Loan Act Political Income Tax Woman Suffrage Senators Direct election


20 *Why did Progressivism end?
WWI USA enters 1917

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