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Oh.My.Gods. Tera Lynn Childs Brea S..

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1 Oh.My.Gods. Tera Lynn Childs Brea S.

2 Setting Oh.My.Gods. Takes place in California at the beginning of the book, and it changes to Greece in the middle of the book. Most of the events take place at the Greek school that phoebe goes to, and at home with Phoebes mom and her step dad.

3 Characters Pheobe- The main character in the book. Pheobe likes to run, she is the track star at her new school in Greece. Pheobe isn't to happy when her mother tells her that she has to move to Greece because her new stepdad lives there. Damian- Pheobes step father, Pheobe has to move to Greece because him and Pheobe's mother are getting married. Nicole- Pheobes friend. Nicole is hardcore and isn't afraid of anything. Troy Travatas- a friend of Pheobe’s Griffin- a boy that goes to Pheobes school that she has a crush on. Pheobes mom- a therapist, her relationship with Pheobe went down hill when they moved to Greece Stella- Pheobes stepsister, that tries to make Pheobes life miserable. Stella is part of the mean and popular clique at school.

4 Conflict Pheobes mom comes back to California announcing that she is getting married to a Greek man that she hardly even knows, they have only known each other for a week. Pheobes mom plans to move to Greece, and Pheobe has to leave her house, friends and her school.

5 Resolution Pheobe doesn’t want to move to Greece, but she has to. When she starts her new school she meets people that she really likes and after a while turn out to be her best friends. Pheobe also meets a boy named griffin, her crush. After all the things that happened by meeting new people and new crushes Pheobes then realizes its not to bad that she had to move to Greece.

6 Opinion I really like this book. It is the type of book that I enjoy reading. I first noticed the book because of its cover, but you should never judge a book by its cover. This book actually turned out to be good! I like how everyone thinks she's going to be a snobby girl from the united states but she turns out to be the best athlete that they’ve ever had, and they start to respect her, well a little.

7 Interesting Facts about the author
Tera Lynn Childs was born in Minneapolis Minnesota. Tera Lynn Childs has lived in more than 12 states! Tera Lynn Childs has her masters degree. Tera Lynn Childs lived in Houston Texas for a few years. Tera Lynn Childs won the R.I.T.A award for best young adult and best first book.

8 Questions?? What country did Pheobe move to because of her moms fiancé? Who is Pheobes new crush? What is Pheobes talent that helps her through her new school? Who is trying to make Pheobes life miserable? Does Pheobe like her new home?

9 Summary Everything is good in Pheobes life until her mom comes back to California from her trip announcing that she's getting married to some Greek man that she just met and their moving to Greece. Not only does Pheobe have to leave her home she also has to leave her friends and her school. And the worst thing of all Pheobe has a evil step sister that’s trying to make her life miserable. Everything at her high school is about Greek gods and goddess, which wasn’t a myth! Luckily she meets a few friends and a special boy named griffin which makes her high school year better.

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