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What is Geography?.

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1 What is Geography?

2 What is Geography? Write the heading What is Geography?
List 5 things you think Geography is about Share these with a partner Decide between you on a top 5 You will then share some of them with the class

3 Copy out this short paragraph Geography is the study of the Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is, quite simply, about the world in which we live.

4 There are 3 Types of Geography

5 PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY Imagine a world without humans.
What would it be like? Think of as many things as you can.

6 PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY A world without humans would still have life, it would still change shape, natural forces would still work, like . . . Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods Rivers, oceans, glaciers Soil, water, air Plants, animals, vegetation


8 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Humans have an enormous effect on earth.
What are our main activities? How many can you think of?

9 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Our main activities are: Settlements and Building
Transport Different types of work Farming Creating energy


Earth is a precious, delicate place – all activities have an effect on the environment in good ways and bad. How many can you think of for each? Bad – Good –

Here are some ways in which humans affect the environment: Bad – pollution of power stations, cars, household rubbish, chemicals in the ground and water, sewage into the sea, waste, intensive (crowded) farming, over hunting, poaching, global warming, more??? Good – conservation, animal welfare, walk, bike, recycling, reducing, re-using, more???


14 How you use Geography You already use Geography without knowing it. Here are some headings: Holidays Travelling Getting dressed Shopping At home How do you use Geography for these activities?

15 In Geography we ask questions
Where are the places? What are they like? Why is that happening? When did it/will it happen? Who is doing what? Who is being affected? How is that happening? And we try to answer them . . .

16 Now look at some more pictures Ask questions about them Where. What
Now look at some more pictures Ask questions about them Where ? What ? When ? Why ? Who ? How ?

17 Where ? What ? When ? Why ? Who ? How ?

18 Where ? What ? When ? Why ? Who ? How ?

19 Where ? What ? When ? Why ? Who ? How ?

20 Where ? What ? When ? Why ? Who ? How ?

21 10 Things About Geography
It's big - Geography's about knowing what's where, why it's there, and why it matters. It's out there - Geography is near and far. It's in your backyard and across the globe. It's what you know - About your area, about the world, about everything. It's what you listen to - Regions have rhythms, sounds echo cultures a world away. It's what you eat - When you eat, find the region your food is from and why. It's what you buy - Find out where things come from and how they got here. It's what you wear - Everyday your clothes are decided by Geography It's learning - Knowing geography will make your life more interesting, more exciting, and more fun. It’s where your going - Every time you travel it’s a geographical decision. It's your future - You can take a part in your future and the future of your world.

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