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Five Themes of Geography

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1 Five Themes of Geography

2 What are the Five Themes of Geography?
Location Where is it? Place What’s it like there? Human/Environment Interaction What’s the relation between humans and their environment? Movement How and why are places connected with one another? Region How and why is one area similar to another? Source for Slides 2-8:

3 Location Where is it? Absolute Location refers to the exact location of something. Ex: We can use longitude (North/South) and latitude (East/West) to identify where something is exactly on a map or globe. We can also use street addresses to locate an exact location in a city or town. Relative Location refers to where something is based on where something else is. Ex: The Miami Lakes Fire Department is next to the Miami Lakes Library.

4 Place What’s it like there?
Places can be described by two kinds of characteristics: Physical Characteristics describe a place based on it’s natural environment. Ex: Landforms, bodies of water, climate, soil, vegetation, animal life, etc. Human Characteristics describe a place based on human ideas and actions. Ex: Highways, buildings, parks, etc.


6 Human/Environment Interaction
This theme answers the question, “What is the relationship between humans and the environment?” Three concepts are involved here: Human depend on the environment: The natural environment is made up of living and non living things. Humans depend on this for food, shelter, and clothing.

7 Human/Environment Interaction
Humans modify the environment: Humans change an environment to meet their needs. Ex: Aqueducts, irrigate fields, create canals, build schools, homes, etc. Humans adapt to the environment: Humans adapt to circumstances in the environment Ex: People use Air Conditioners in places that are very hot, and heaters in places that are very cold.


9 How and Why are places connected with one another?
Movement How and Why are places connected with one another? Relationships between people in different places are shaped by constant movement of: Ideas Materials People


11 How are areas similar? Different?
Regions How are areas similar? Different? Physical Characteristics Climate, soil, natural vegetation. Ex: Mountain peaks, canyons, deserts, etc. Human Characteristics Economic, social, and cultural characteristics. Ex: New England, The South, The Midwest, The Bible Belt, etc. Boundaries can be vague (unclear) This is because two different regions can overlap with each other. Regions also do not have to be directly next to each other or simply located in one spot.


13 The Six Essential Elements

14 What are the Six Essential Elements of Geography?
The World in Spatial Terms Places and Regions Physical Systems Human Systems Environment and Society Geography and its Uses

15 World in Spatial Terms This element shows the world and places using maps and space. Absolute and Relative Location It is similar to Location in the Five Themes. Source:

16 Places and Regions This element goes along with the people in certain places and regions. Ex if a place is incredibly suited for farming, this activity may be the center of peoples lives in that area.

17 Physical Systems Physical Systems can change the surface of the Earth.
Animals and Plant life must live together in order to survive. The Shape of the world around people also effects the way they live. Ex: You can’t ride your bike in the water, or go swimming on a mountain top.

18 Human Systems Like Physical Systems, Humans can change the geography around them. Ex: We can make a big river smaller by building a dam, or irrigate a field to bring water into an area that didn’t originally have water. Rome built aqueducts to bring water into its cities and town.


20 Environment and Society
Humans are affected by their environments and vice versa. Humans can grow trees to provide more oxygen. (Humans affecting the environment) The weather is very cold so humans must wear warmer clothing to survive.(environment affecting humans)

21 The Uses of Geography Understand the relationship among people, places, and environments over time. Understanding the past and preparing for the future. Ex: In the past we saw the damage a hurricane could do. So to prepare for a storm like that, we build homes that can withstand the force of those winds to safely get by the storm.

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