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Business Correspondence Documents

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1 Business Correspondence Documents
Data Input Skills

2 Email Electronic Mail – Used in most business organizations.
Because of the ease of sending, s have somewhat replaced the memo and business letter The is delivered within seconds, in the same building or any computer in the world.

3 format The heading of an will vary with which server is being used Generally, the heading will include: TO: SUBJECT: CC: Test ? – What are the first 3 lines of an ? Level of Importance – Drop down box with High, Normal, Low

4 Email TO: Who the email is being sent to – Email address
SUBJECT: What the is about, generally CC: Carbon Copy – Who copies of the are being sent to Bcc: ? The name of the sender and the date are automatically entered into the by the server. Use the TAB key to jump from form line to form line in an server form

5 Email EMAIL BODY Attachments Address Book – Contacts
The paragraphs of an all begin at the left margin and are SS (single spaced) with a DS (Double space) between paragraphs. Attachments Use the attachment feature of the . Paper clip Common attachments are Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Access documents Address Book – Contacts Once an address in entered, a copy will be saved to the address book, click on TO: in order to select from the book

6 Student Accounts are located under the Favorites (star) on the Internet Explorer toolbar Assignment: Use your student to send the s on Pg 59. Two different s should be sent to 2 separate classmates. Any classmate will do, just be able to verify they received it

7 Memo Interoffice Memorandums – Written messages used by employees within an organization to communicate with one another.

8 Memo Formatting MARGINS: HEADING – ALL CAPS starting at left margin
Top - 2 inches Sides and Bottom – 1 inch HEADING – ALL CAPS starting at left margin TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Double Space (DS) between each entry of the heading. Align Heading entries at the horizontal 1 inch mark. Use TAB to get to the one inch mark, and expose your ruler

9 Memo Formatting Memo body:
All paragraphs of the memo begin at the left hand margin BLOCK FORMAT Paragraphs are Single Spaced (SS) with a Double Space (DS) between paragraphs

10 Memo Extras Reference Initials – If someone other than the originator of the memo keys it, his/her initials are keyed in lowercase letters at the left margin, Double Spaced (DS) below the body Attachment/Enclosure Notations – If another doc is attached, key Attachment below the last line of the body or reference initials. If a doc is accompanies a memo but is not attached, key the word Enclosure

11 Memo Settings Review Set line spacing and line leading Set the margin
Expose the ruler Use the current date unless otherwise stated Type your initials for Reference Initials If not specified, use the formatting defaults: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri 12-point font

12 Memo and Email Assignment
Key the memo on Pg 56. Save in BTA folder as Memo 1 Put the current date Put your initials Remember to set the formatting Key the memo on Pg 57. Top memo Save as Memo 2 Don’t forget the enclosure

13 Unbound Reports Reports prepared without covers and binders
If they are more than one page, they are fastened together in the upper-left corner by a staple or paper clip.

14 Unbound Report Settings
Margins First page Top 2 inches Left, Right, and Bottom are 1 inch Page number - optional Second page and subsequent pages 1 inch at Top, Bottom, Left, and Right Page number – top, aligned right

15 Unbound Report Settings
Spacing Double space (DS) after the Title before the first line of the body Multiple Line Titles are Double spaced (DS) Double space above and below side headings Paragraph Spacing Double Space all lines in paragraphs Indent each new paragraph (NOT BLOCK STYLE)

16 Unbound Reports Main Heading Side Headings Reference Heading Centered
ALL CAPS Bold 14-pt font Side Headings Aligned Left 12-pt font Reference Heading

17 Unbound Reports In-Text Citations Citations include: Internet Citation
References used to give credit for paraphrased or quoted material Keyed in parenthesis in the body of the report Citations include: Name of author Year of Publication Page number of material Internet Citation Year of publication If there are two articles by the same author, include the title of the article

18 Unbound Reports Quotations of up to 3 keyed lines are enclosed in quotation marks “ ” Long quotes (4 or more lines) will be left indented An ellipse is three periods (…) Will indicate material omitted from a quote Have a blank space before and after the ellipse If the omitted material occurs at the end of a sentence, put the punctuation before the ellipse

19 Unbound Reports Reference List
All references used in a report should be listed at the end of the report under the REFERENCE heading AKA Bibliography or Works Cited page Quadruple Space (QS) after the last line of the report and before the Reference heading DS after the Reference heading Begin the first line of each reference at the left margin Indent continuing lines 0.5 inches (one tab strike) Single space continuing lines References are listed in alphabetical order by authors last names. Double Space (DS) between references

20 Unbound Reports Reference Page
If a reference list appears on a separate page: 2 inch margin at the top of the page 1 inch on the bottom, left, and right Include a page number

21 Unbound Reports Review
Set Line spacing and Line leading Set the margins Double space before and after headings and inside of paragraphs Format each heading properly Add page numbers except on Pg 1 Format In-text Citations Create and format a Reference List May require a Reference page – if so set margins

22 Unbound Report Assignment
Key the Unbound Report on Pg 65. Save As Report 1 in Student U:// BTA folder

23 Business Letters A letter written by an individual to deal with business Business letters are in Block Format

24 Business Letters Margins First Page All other pages Top 2 inches
Bottom, left, and right 1 inch All other pages 1 inch on top, bottom, left, and right

25 Business Letters Basic parts of a Business Letter Special Parts
Return Address Date Letter Mailing Address Salutation Body Complimentary Close Name of the Writer Special Parts Reference Initials Attachment/Enclosure notation

26 Business Letter Basic Parts
Return Address – two lines First line has street address Next line has City, State, ZIP Code Date – one line directly below the return address Month, Day, and Year Quadruple space after the Date

27 Business Letter Basic Parts
Letter Mailing Address – 3 lines 1st line - Key a personal title (Mr. Mrs. Dr. Lt.) followed by the receivers name 2nd line – Street Address 3rd line – City, State, and ZIP Double Space after the Letter Mailing Address

28 Business Letter Basic Parts
Salutation – one line Must be professional (To Whom it May Concern, Dear …) No punctuation after the salutation Double space after the salutation Body of Letter Block Style Single space inside of paragraphs Double space between new paragraphs Double space after the Body of the Letter

29 Business Letter Basic Parts
Complimentary Close Sincerely or Thanks. Must be professional Quadruple space after the complimentary close This is where you would put your signature – in pen Name of the writer – Originator of the message May have a personal title before it (Mr. Mrs. Dr. Lt.) May have a job title following it, single spaced below Double space after the name of the writer if any extras appear

30 Business Letter SPECIAL PARTS
Letter may include these extras: Reference Initials Attachment/Enclosure notations

31 Business Letter SPECIAL PARTS
Reference initials Place initials if letter is keyed by someone other than the originator Keyer’s initials should be in lowercase form aligned left Originators initials should appear first, followed by the keyer’s XXX/xxx Double space after the reference initials

32 Business Letter SPECIAL PARTS
Attachment/Enclosure notation If doc is attached, key attachment after DS If doc is not attached but enclosed, key enclosure after DS If reference initials are not used, attachment or enclosure is keyed after a DS below the writer name

33 Business Letter Review
Set line spacing and line leading Set margins Note the different line spacings Return address Date Letter mailing address Salutation Body Complimentary close Name of writer Extras

34 Business Letter Assignment

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