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I Love my English Class. English I Advanced and CP Myrna Burch, Instructor Room 626 Phone (951) 696-1408 ext. 5626 Homepage:

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1 I Love my English Class

2 English I Advanced and CP Myrna Burch, Instructor Room 626 Phone (951) 696-1408 ext. 5626 Email: Homepage: Murrieta Valley High School Web Site Teachers: Burch, Myrna

3 English I is a college prep course designed to address the California State Standards in Reading, Writing, Written and Oral Language Conventions, and Listening and Speaking

4 Reading 1.0 Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development 2.0 Reading Comprehension (focus on informational materials) 3.0 Literary response and analysis Writing 1.0 Writing strategies 2.0 Writing Applications (Genres and their characteristics) Written and Oral English Language Conventions 1.0 Written and oral English language conventions Listening and Speaking Listening and Speaking Strategies Speaking applications (Genres and their characteristics) California State Standards

5  This class fulfills a district requirement for graduation.  Students will demonstrate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills using a variety of classical and contemporary essays, short stories, poems, dramas, novels and biographies.

6  Students will develop a firm understanding of literary terminology and strategies, appropriate citations of sources and quotes, and a strong foundation in grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics.

7  The structure and execution of the multi-paragraph essay will be the focus of the composition element of the fall semester, and the research paper will be the focus of composition in the spring semester.

8 Text Books and Core Novels Glencoe Literature: The Reader’s Choice The Odyssey Homer To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare Lord of the Flies (Advanced only) William Golding Glencoe Grammar and Composition Handbook

9 Supply Requirements Organized Notebook with five dividers Calendar and student standards on top 1. Daily Drills, current notes and work 2.Grammar—assignment sheets, notes, exercises and lessons 3.Vocabulary—prefixes, suffixes, Greek and Latin Roots 4. Writing/Research—assignment sheets, notes, projects 5. Literature—notes, quizzes, vocabulary, analyzing literature Sharpened pencil and a pen—blue or black ink only. Device for saving and transporting work between school and home or access to email for saving and transferring work MVHS Student ID for computer use and checking out books

10  Individual assignments will be graded following the MVHS guidelines for grades: 90-100% = A 80-89% = B 70-79% = C 60-69% = D 59%- = F Each assignment will fall into one of five categories to determine the final grade.

11 1.Daily Participation and Warm-ups: 15% Daily Attendance and Preparation In seat and ready to start when bell rings Oral Participation These grades will be identified under the category “Part” on ABI

12 2.Composition: 25% Response to literature Practice essays These grades will be identified by the heading “Comp” ABI.

13 3. Class Assignments: 25% Homework Projects Packets, Storyboards, timelines, illustrations, plot diagrams, etc. 5% Vocabulary Lessons ABI designation for this category will be “CLASS.”

14 4. Assessment Category: 25% Quizzes DOL and Grammar Tests Formal Writing Assessment Literature and Vocabulary Tests Oral Presentations 5% AR Outside Reading ABI designation will be “Assess.”

15 5.Final Exam: 10% “Final” Final exams may only be taken during the designated hour for each class on the last three days of the semester. Students who miss the final exam will receive a 0 and the final grade will be computed and recorded. Final exams may be made up by appointment during vacation or after school during the first two weeks of the new semester only.

16  Homework: Expect to have some homework every class. Your outside reading requirement is 30 minutes per night in addition to any other assignments.  Rules: All MVHS rules found in the guide will apply in this classroom. Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity, show respect for all persons and objects in the classroom and be responsible enough to be on time, prepared with homework and materials available and dressed appropriately.  Consequences: As needed. Students will not disrupt or disrespect the learning environment.

17 I’ll see you when school starts!

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