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English Language Arts (ELA) Mrs. Chamlin

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1 English Language Arts (ELA) Mrs. Chamlin
Open House English Language Arts (ELA) Mrs. Chamlin

2 A bit about Mrs. Chamlin 16th year at Gemini
Undergrad from UIC (teaching of English 6-12), Masters from National Louis (Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in English as a Second Language, 54 hours of post-Masters coursework Has been both an LA/Lit teacher and an Instructional Coach I live locally with my husband and two boys, ages 8 and 5

3 My Philosophy I believe that students do best by doing. Therefore, I demonstrate strategies for the students, give them opportunity to practice, and then assess if independent understanding is present. I re-teach as needed, and we consistently review information “If students read, I read. If students write, I write.” Samples of larger writing assignments will be posted on my website as an example for students

4 Gemini Mustang Rules Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Positive

5 Common Core Standards Standards are designed for college readiness in the areas of Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text (i.e. non-fiction), Writing (for a variety of purposes), Language (vocabulary, word parts, and grammar), and Speaking and Listening

6 District Assessments MAP testing—Fall and Spring
PARCC testing in March and May (replaces ISAT testing) Classroom assessments also cover specific benchmarks designated by the District—developed in collaboration with 7th grade ELA department and the Common Core Standards

7 Components of ELA Reading Comprehension—reading and understand a piece of text Reading Fluency—how quickly and accurately one reads Word Study—vocabulary, grammar, prefixes, roots, etc. Writing for a Variety of Purposes—creating text for different audiences and purposes Speaking and Listening—effective speaking skills for the audience at hand as well as actively listening and participating in a variety of social situations

8 Reading Comprehension
The Reader’s Journey—practice skills and strategies to use for all kinds of text Novels—both fiction and nonfiction with student choice given when possible Current events articles/Nonfiction texts Self-selected reading—every day for 20 minutes in class. Students will read 40 novels this year independently (reading log sheet has been distributed)

9 Reading Fluency Independent reading (library visits every 2 weeks for book check out and/or renewal) Class novels and articles

10 Word Study Novel vocabulary Reader’s Journey vocabulary
Word Generation school-wide vocabulary program Consistent review activities with Greek and Latin roots and prefixes and suffixes—

11 Writing Paragraph focus—why?
Response to literary questions (short story and novel-based)—why? Formal writing assessments (narrative, expository, argumentative, and research essays)—why?

12 Upcoming Events for Gemini
Constant contact will alert you to important information Monthly Gemini newsletter Please regularly check PowerSchool My website contains daily agendas, homework assignments, upcoming tests/quizzes/paper due dates

13 Contact Information Mrs. Jane Chamlin (847) Please never hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns

14 Thank You! Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in tonight’s Open House! Your student and I very much appreciate it.

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