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Welcome to the classroom! Language Arts Ms. Collins.

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1 Welcome to the classroom! Language Arts Ms. Collins

2 Reading/Writing Workshop Reading Workshop is the Teachers' College approach to reading. It focuses on teaching strategies of close comprehension, interpretation, and sustaining habits of independent reading, both in and out of the classroom. Writing Workshop is simply, a time to write. During classroom writers workshop, students will be spending their time writing for a variety of purposes. Usually, topics for writing will be student- driven, although there may be an occasion for a topic to be assigned by the teacher.

3 What does a “workshop” look like? Do Now Mini Lesson (focused on one new skill or strategy) 10-15 mins Independent Writing/Reading/Conferencing 20- 30 mins Sharing 5-10 mins

4 Curricular Calendar Reading Launching Reader’s Workshop with Experienced Readers: Agency and Independence Reading Informational Texts and Non-fiction Research Social Action Book Clubs– Developing Analytical Reading Practices Dystopian and Fantasy Book Clubs Poetry- How to Eat a Poem Test Prep Tackling Complex Texts- Holocaust Unit Writing Memoir Research-Based Argument Essay Literary Essay – Writing About Themes In and Across Texts Raising the Level of Reading Notebooks Writing Poetry Test Prep Multi-genre Response

5 Materials What is required: 2 Composition Notebooks Post It’s Pens & Pencils Highlighters What could really help us out: Boxes of Pencils Lined Paper (College Ruled)

6 Homework Students are required to read for 20 minutes each night. (Mon-Fri) They are to record their daily reading in their reading log. Students have choice of a list or calendar log. Logs should be kept in the back of the RNB. In addition to the daily reading requirement they will receive writing/reading response homework 3-4 days a week. Late homework is not accepted.

7 Grading Policy Notebooks- 45% -Both reading and writing notebooks are assessed using a rubric, at least once per unit. Assessments- 45% -Include: Final Drafts, On Demand Writing, Grammar/ Vocabulary Tests Accountability- 10% -Homework, Reading Logs, Participation (Partner/Book Club Participation is graded with a rubric.)

8 It’s all about the positivity! Positive Reward System Students who display outstanding behavior are rewarded with classroom tickets. Examples of outstanding behavior~ helping a classmate or teacher, being the first to follow a direction, being a leader, politeness =) -Tickets are entered into our classroom raffle bucket. -On Fridays, we hold a raffle. Two students are chosen from the raffle bucket and select prizes from the Prize Box.

9 Ways to Contact Me: Ms. Krystin Collins Email: (preferred) Phone Number: (743) 946-0055 Ext 4528 Follow our class @ MsCollinsCN Conferences are held November 21,22,25,26

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