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Module 4 Final Exam Review.

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1 Module 4 Final Exam Review

2 Office Consultants, Inc.
Letter Parts & Block Letter Format Letterhead Office Consultants, Inc. 10 East Rivercenter Blvd Covington, KY Dateline Letter address Salutation Body Complimentary closing Writer’s name and title Reference initials

3 Block Letter Format Block letter style: All letter parts are keyed at the left margin. Open punctuation: No punctuation after the salutation or the complimentary closing. Letterhead: Preprinted stationery that includes the company name, logo, address and other optional information. Dateline: Date the letter is prepared. Position at about 2” or use the Center Page command.

4 Block Letter Format (continued)
Letter address: Complete address (title and name, company name, street address, city, state, and ZIP Code) of the letter recipient. Begin two lines below the date. Remove the added space between the lines. Salutation (or greeting): Begin one line below the letter address. Include courtesy title with person’s name. Body: Begin one line below the salutation. Use the 1.15 default line spacing; tap ENTER once between paragraphs.

5 Block Letter Format (continued)
Complimentary closing: Begin one line below the body. Capitalize only the first letter of the closing. Writer’s name and title: Begin two lines below the complimentary closing. Key the name and title on one line (separated by a comma) or on separate lines (remove added space). Reference initials: Begin one line below the writer’s name and title. Key reference initials in lowercase.

6 Vertical Page Position
To determine the vertical position of text: Vertical Ruler Use the Vertical Ruler displayed at the far left of the screen. To display the ruler, click the View Ruler button at the top of the right scroll bar. View Ruler button

7 Vertical Page Position (continued)
Refer to the Status Line at the bottom of the screen. To display vertical page position, right-click on the status line and click Vertical Page Position. Vertical Page Position displayed on the Status Line

8 Remove Space After Paragraph
To remove space after paragraph: Select the desired lines. From the Home tab, on the Paragraph group, click the Line Spacing down arrow. Select Remove Space After Paragraph. Line Spacing button Remove Space After Paragraph option

9 Modified Block Format with Mixed Punctuation
Dateline begins at 3.25” Key a colon (:) after salutation Complimentary closing and writer’s name and title begin at center point: 3.25” Key a comma (,) after complimentary closing

10 Additional Letter Parts
Enclosure notations: If an item is included with a letter, key an enclosure notation one line below the reference initials. Tap TAB to align the enclosures at 1.0". Left tab at 1.0” Enclosures Check #831 Order Form 2

11 Additional Letter Parts (continued)
Copy notations: Key the copy notation (c), which indicates a copy has been sent to the person(s) listed, one blank line below the reference initials or enclosure notation. Tap TAB to align the names at 0.5". Lowercase c Left tab at 0.5” c Larry Qualls Wendy Mullins

12 Format a Memo Position the first line of the heading at 2".
Format the headings in bold and uppercase. Turn off bold and uppercase, and tap TAB after each heading to align the information. Use the 1.15 default line spacing. Tap ENTER once after each paragraph.

13 Format a Memo (continued)
Add reference initials one line below the body. Do not include initials when keying your own memo. Key attachment or enclosure notations one line below the reference initials.

14 Standard Memo with Distribution List

15 Styles The Styles feature enables you to apply a group of formats automatically to a document. A new document opens with about 18 styles attached to it, including: Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Title. Normal Style

16 Styles (continued) Normal style is the default style that is automatically applied when a new Word document is opened. Word 2007 Defaults Word 2003 Defaults 1.15 line spacing line spacing 10-point spacing after paragraph 0 spacing after paragraph 11-point font size point font size Calibri font Times New Roman font 1.0” left and right margins ” left and right margins

17 Change to Word 2003 Style From the Home tab, click the Change Styles button. Click Style Set. Click Word The line spacing is now 1.0; the space after paragraph is 0; the font size is 12; and the side margins remain at 1.0". Change Styles button Style Set option Word 2003 Option

18 Letter Parts & Traditional Format
Font: Apply Word 2003 style and change font to Times New Roman. Date: Position at about 2" (tap ENTER six times) or use the Center Page command. Letter address: Three blank lines below the date (tap ENTER four times). Salutation: Double-space below the letter address (tap ENTER twice). Body: Double-space below the salutation. Single-space paragraphs and double-space between paragraphs (tap ENTER twice).

19 Letter Parts & Traditional Format (cont.)
Complimentary close: Double-space below the body. Writer’s name and title: Three blank lines below the complimentary closing (tap ENTER four times). Reference initials: Double-space below the writer’s name and title. Enclosures: Double-space below the reference initials. Copy notation: Double-space below the enclosure notation.

20 Traditional Block Letter Format (Word 2003)
E- Market, Group 10 East Rivercenter Boulevard Covington, KY About 2” 4 2 (Tap ENTER six times or center vertically.) Traditional Block Letter Format (Word 2003)

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