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MS Word I Final Exam Review Presentation

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1 MS Word I Final Exam Review Presentation
What you should study to prepare for your written exam.

2 Screen Elements Rulers Scroll Bars Document Text Area Tabs
Quick Access Toolbar Office Button Ribbons/Groups Status Bar

3 Office Button New Document Open Document Print Document Save Save As
Close Publish Word Options

4 Ribbons & Groups Home Ribbon Groups Insert Ribbon Groups
Clipboard, font, paragraph, styles, editing Insert Ribbon Groups Pages, tables, illustrations, links, header/footer, text & symbols Page Layout Ribbon Groups Themes, page setup/background, paragraph, arrange

5 Ribbons & Groups Review View Proofing Group
Document view, show/hide, zoom

6 Numbers & Symbols 1 ! 2 @ 3 # 4 $ 5 % 6 ^ 7 & 8 * 9 ( 0 )

7 Memorandums Top Margin 2” Side Margins 1” Guide words All Caps and DS
To, From, Date, Subject SS body of memo DS between paragraphs Block style Typists initials

8 Memorandums Used for interoffice communication
Least formal type of business correspondence Similar to

9 Announcements Main Heading in all Caps, QS Body is DS
Centered vertically & horizontally Creativity is used with Consistent color theme in mind Font size & style (1 or 2) Image placement & design (lines/borders)

10 Email Account Management
Content and maintenance is YOURS Check daily Reply to s is within 24 hours usually the same day Delete unwanted messages Keep messages remaining to a minimum File s you wish to retain

11 Email Format & Content Guide Words include To: & Subject:
Your Name and Date appear on “their” copy The subject is a summary of the 3-5 Words, Title Format Start with the name of addressee Punctuation: comma if informal, colon if formal Paragraphs are single spaced, doubles between

12 Email Format & Content Paragraph 1 introduces the topic
Paragraph 2 provides additional details if needed Paragraph 3 requests action. Your Name ends the (first name only if informal, first & last name if formal). In a business setting, you would create a “signature.”

13 Letter Tips All letters may use open or mixed punctuation
OPEN punctuation example Dear Mrs. Mickelson Sincerely MIXED punctuation example Dear Mrs. Mickelson: Sincerely,

14 Letter Tips Block Style
All text aligns at the left margin No indents! Typists initials (when used) are always LOWER CASE

15 Personal Business Letters
Top Margin 2” Side Margins 1” SS body of letter DS between paragraphs Block style Return address after typed name

16 Personal Business Letters
QS after Dateline DS after Inside Address DS after Salutation QS after Complimentary Close DS between Return Address and Enclosure/Attachment notation

17 Personal Business Letters
More formal than a memorandum Does NOT represent a company Represents the person sending it Usually typed by person sending Typist initials not used Common example is a request letter For an interview For information

18 Business Letters Top Margin 2” Side Margins 1” SS body of letter
DS between paragraphs Block style ALWAYS uses company letterhead

19 Business Letters QS after Dateline DS after Inside Address
DS after Salutation QS after Complimentary Close DS between Sender’s Name and Typists initials DS between Typists initials and Attachment/Enclosure notation

20 Business Letters MOST FORMAL type of business communication
ALWAYS on letterhead stationery Usually typed by an assistant NO RETURN ADDRESS– its already on the letterhead!

21 Letterhead Company Name Full Company Address
Phone Number with Area Code Fax Number with Area Code Website Address Company Logo OPTIONAL: and motto

22 Reports Top Margin 2” Side Margins 1” Bottom Margin 1” DS entire body
1st page and Reference Page All other pages 1” Side Margins 1” Bottom Margin 1” DS entire body Indent paragraphs

23 Reports Insert Page Numbers Main Heading Top right corner
Never number the first page  Different first page Main Heading Report Heading “References” All Caps, Center, Bold

24 Reports Side Headings Paragraph Headings
Left Align, Bold, Initial Case Paragraph Headings Indent, Underline Use punctuation Begin paragraph on same line

25 Spacing Reports QS after Main Headings QS after References
SS within a reference DS between references SS within a numbered list DS between numbers

26 Reports 5 Enters = 2” Top Margin Numbered lists should be indented
References should use hanging indents Avoid widows and orphans

27 Tables Tables should be vertically and horizontally centered
Main Heading Centered, All Caps, Bold Secondary Heading Centered, Initial Case, Bold

28 Tables QS after a Main Heading
QS after Secondary Heading (second line) before body of table Spacing depends on space available SS small areas DS full page tables

29 Tables Using Tabs Type your text with one tab separating columns
Select all table columns and estimate where to set tabs Use Left justify for text Use Right justify or Decimal tabs for figures Use the Center justify for the headings Exceptions for figures being centered Dates

30 Tables Using Tabs Column heading go in last, realign to compliment the columns DS the body SS is acceptable with longer tables Divider lines are 1.5” 12 pts.=18 underlines SS before the divider line for source notes

31 Tables & Boxes Create a table using the Insert Tables shortcut
# of rows & columns, including blank lines Merge cells for the heading do the same for the secondary heading if needed Type in the information for each cell using the tab key to advance you can tab to add rows at the end of the last row.

32 Tables & Boxes Adjust the columns
Select filled column, Fit to Content for each column with text Turn off the borders of the table Or choose different lines, colors, borders to make it look appealing Increase cell height & adjust centering Adds spacing around headings

33 Proofreader Marks

34 Look for more Business classes:
MS Word Advanced MS Integrated Video Editing and Digital Design Desktop Publishing Bs. Ed. Assistant $ and Sense Accounting I & II Risky Business Management & Ethics Business Coop

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