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Rights and Responsibilities of a Citizen

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1 Rights and Responsibilities of a Citizen
American Civics Rights and Responsibilities of a Citizen

2 What is Civics? Civics: Study of what it means to be a citizen.
Who could be citizens in the past? Landowners? Men? Caucasian?

3 Rights and Responsibilities
Productive member of society Member of town/city/state

4 Government Ideals: Beliefs that form a nation.
Government: Authority or power that rules on behalf of a group of people.

5 Freedoms Each person guaranteed same rights and freedoms.
Cannot be taken away. Must do your share.

6 Freedoms we enjoy! Not every country has the same freedoms that we have. Free public schooling Choose your own career Own a house Choose a person to marry Raise a family Start a business Travel Live anywhere you want! Speak and write Can’t be imprisoned without cause

7 Over 200 years ago… Founding fathers planned out our government
This is still in place today! People rule through elected officials

8 Role of Citizen Vote in elections Work for a political party
Inform officials of needs/disagreements with gov’t Know how gov’t works

9 Qualities of a “Good” Citizen
Responsible family members Respect and obey laws Respect rights and property of others Loyal to nation/proud of accomplishments Take part in community Take part in gov’t Use natural resources wisely Well informed on important issues Believe in equality of opportunity for all Respect differences and ways of life

10 Why study? Need to become “good” citizens
Understand what our gov’t gives us Understand our rights and freedoms…they can be taken away if we are not aware of the laws that protect them!

11 Immigration and Citizenship
American Civics 9

12 We Are All Immigrants! Immigrants: People who came here from other lands. Brought languages, cultures, beliefs, customs, hopes, and dreams.

13 Early Americans Ancestors of Native Americans came between 12,000-60,000 years ago from Siberia. Moved to North, Central and South America. Vikings came and left. Spanish settled in Mexico, Central and South America, California, Florida, Texas and the S.W. United States.

14 Early Americans 13 original colonies were settled by England.
Germans settled Pennsylvania. Dutch settled along the Hudson. Swedish settled in New Jersey, Delaware. Africans settled the South as slaves.

15 History of U.S. Immigration Policy
Early years= struggle to survive. Immigrants welcomed- workers needed. Early 1800’s: Open Shore Policy Unlimited immigration No criminals or diseased 1880’s: Some restrictions added

16 History of U.S. Immigration Policy
1920’s: Quota Established Immigration act of 1990: 675,000 per year Preference to relatives, valuable skills Refugees not included


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