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Immigration and Citizenship

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1 Immigration and Citizenship
American Civics 9

2 We Are All Immigrants! Immigrants: People who came here from other lands. Brought languages, cultures, beliefs, customs, hopes, and dreams.

3 Early Americans Ancestors of Native Americans came between 12,000-60,000 years ago from Siberia. Moved to North, Central and South America. Vikings came and left. Spanish settled in Mexico, Central and South America, California, Florida, Texas and the S.W. United States.

4 Early Americans 13 original colonies were settled by England.
Germans settled Pennsylvania. Dutch settled along the Hudson. Swedish settled in New Jersey, Delaware. Africans settled the South as slaves.

5 History of U.S. Immigration Policy
Early years= struggle to survive. Immigrants welcomed- workers needed. Early 1800’s: Open Shore Policy Unlimited immigration No criminals or diseased 1880’s: Some restrictions added

6 History of U.S. Immigration Policy
1920’s: Quota Established Immigration act of 1990: 675,000 per year Preference to relatives, valuable skills Refugees not included


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