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Citizenship and Government in a Democracy

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1 Citizenship and Government in a Democracy

2 Notebook Title Page “Civics and Citizenship” CM pg. 6-23
ILL. Dictionary- Civics, representative democracy, alien,patriotism, majority rule Section Reviews; Pg Pg Pg

3 Civics and Citizenship
Civics is the study of the rights and duties of citizens. Citizens-Have certain right, but along with those rights come responsibility. We give up some of our freedoms to have a better life under the governments authority.

4 Why do we need Government
What if I decided that I am going to take your car, house, etc. What stops me? I give up some of my freedoms in order to ensure my survival. This is an unspoken pact that we enter into with our governing body.

5 Functions of Government
Keep order and Provide Security Examples??? Providing Public Services Think of a Few??? Guiding the Community Public Policy Course of Government Action to Achieve Community Goals Budget

6 Levels of Government Federal Government ^ State Government
Local Government Why do we have a need for so many levels? Who out ranks who?

7 Democratic Government
Dictatorship- Government controlled by one person or a small group. Direct Democracy- Everyone meets and votes on every issue. What is the Problem with this?? Representative Democracies- People choose a smaller group to speak and make decisions on their behalf. Majority Rule!

8 Principles of American Democracy
Rule of Law Everyone must follow the same laws. Limited Governments Government can only do, what the people give it power to do.

9 Principles of American Democracy
Consent of the Governed American citizens are the source of all government power Individual Rights Individual Rights are protected by the government Representative Government Citizens elect other to make laws and govern on their behalf.

10 Who are Citizens Citizenship by Birth Naturalization
Once you are a citizen your rights can be limited but not taken away.

11 Aliens in America Not that Kind >>>>>
The U.S. restricts how many people it lets in each year. Right now it is 675,000 a year Some are legal and some are illegal. Who knows the difference?

12 Salad Bowl vs. Melting Pot American Diversity
How do you see America? Is it more like a salad bowl or a melting pot.

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