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La Comida Desayuno o Almuerzo.

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1 La Comida Desayuno o Almuerzo

2 La Comida What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
What do you not eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

3 EQ’s: Where can we find order and patterns? Why do we need others?
How can we all get along? How can I use an ir/er verb?

4 What should I expect? During this unit, you will learn to conjugate words (give the infinitives a subject). Talk about foods and the difference between our culture and the Hispanic culture. You should be able to use the foods and all the verbs by either conjugation or telling someone about food. Learn how to say what you like and what you do not like.

5 What do you think? Questions to think about?
What do you really want to learn from this unit? What can I as a teacher do to help you learn these things? What other types of questions do you have regarding to the food unit? You have 7 minutes to answer these questions.

6 Timer

7 Actividad como un grupo What do you think is a breakfast food, lunch food? Could some things be more than one? En el desayuno En el almuerzo

8 What’s after we learn the unit?
After you complete this unit, you will be able to do a small project. A vocabulary Quiz And a written test on all of the material from the chapter. As always the Unit will be broken down into two different parts. Part A and Part B.

9 Introduccion al vocabulario
Cognates El cereal El yogur La hamburguesa La pizza La limonada Use your knowledge of cognates to figure out the above words. Let’s look at the vocabulary and go over the pronunciation. What do you think these foods are? What category do you think they go under? Breakfast or lunch?

10 Major key words in Spanish you need to know for the unit.
Me gusta(n), No me gusta(n) Me encanta(n), No me encanta(n) Beber, Comer, Compartir, Comprender. Nunca, Siempre, Todos los días. Con All of the words are important but these are some of the words we will focus on the most when talking about the food.

11 Let’s go over the chart for conjugations!!!!
ER/IR Regular Verb Ending Conjugations. ER/IR-endings Yo O Nosotros(as)- emos/imos Tú es Él Ella e Usted Ellos Ellas en Ustedes

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