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Online Marketplace / PA Register Understanding the Options Solihull Partnership 17 th February 2011.

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1 Online Marketplace / PA Register Understanding the Options Solihull Partnership 17 th February 2011

2 Strategic Direction Big Society Reform Agenda – Empowering Communities, public service reform, social action Vision for Adult Social Care – “Capable Communities and Active Citizens” Partnership Agreement – “Think Local, Act Personal” Practical Guidance – National Market Development Forum Modernising Commissioning proposals – Increasing the role of charities, social enterprises, mutuals and cooperatives in public service delivery West Midlands Market Shaping Programme – Market Intelligence, Market Structuring, Market Interventions

3 Key Drivers Better health & quality of life Living independently for longer Lower overall cost of care Stimulating choice & control More & higher quality provision More sustainable market for H&SC Active ‘civil society’ Co-production

4 Partnership Agreement


6 The Citizens’ Journey – A pathway to Personalisation Universal Approaches Targeted Support

7 £ £££ £ £ £ ££ £ £ £ Fundamental resource shift – from right to left building a financially sustainable model Shift from traditional service provision to early intervention, prevention, reablement Information provision, advocacy, brokerage, ‘care navigation’

8 £ £ £ £ £ £ ££ £ £ £ £ For Providers – Potentially different areas of operation, driven by Service User need/ demand For the Council, different focus of spend, less controlled by us, more spent on reviewing outcomes and re-planning needs Less spend overall ?

9 “Personalisation implies less council purchasing overall and less block contracting. Some existing contracted services may become unviable and will need to be downsized or discontinued, in partnership with people affected and the relevant providers. Arrangements that enable the individual (or their representative) to agree directly with the provider the what, how, who and when of any support provided, are a good way to do this.” Think Local, Act Personal (Jan 2011)

10 Local context Significant reorganisation & disaggregation of Care Trust arrangements I&A Strategy not yet finalised, but progress being made to develop I&A service – One Front Door – first point of contact – Provider mapping – Solihull Care Directory – jointly with Enable Solihull PA Register in scope for SCD Building towards SCD as an Online Marketplace

11 Engaging a PA Personal networks Word of Mouth Informal arrangements More risky? Formal support Multi-agency More choice Risk managed (but still risky!)

12 PA Project Dialogue Jan 2010 Information – Being a PA / employer (rights & responsibilities) Marketing – Awareness of the role Risk – Risk awareness / risk management – Safeguarding Quality – Skills, knowledge & attitudes – Peer support Recruitment – Finding a PA / finding a vacancy – Emergency cover

13 Enabling the market for PAs

14 OM/PA Register – Design Options Information Service Signposting Service Matching Service Transactional Service Interactive eMarketplace

15 Information Service Existing LA websites DPSOs Community Network sites – e.g. – (People & Places) –

16 Signposting Service Search for registered employers & employees – Job vacancies – People looking for work (Staffordshire) Carewise (Worcestershire) Carewise

17 Matching Service Applies intelligent filters in response to specified criteria (e.g. Skills, location, needs etc) DPSO-held registers

18 Transactional Service List of browseable categories Book & pay for services deo.html deo.html

19 Interactive Market Supply side approach Service User creates a profile Providers choose whether to respond / offer support and at what price Service User chooses from “offers” received Potential to integrate with financial systems E.g. Matrix-SCM (Coventry)Matrix-SCM

20 Some generic considerations Ownership & Brand– SCD / Enable Functional Requirements – what do users want the service to do? Non-functional requirements – eg how should it perform? What security is required? Technical arrangements & level of IT integration Development capability? Strategic partners? Cost!

21 Generic Implementation Issues Raise Awareness Marketing & Promotion Recruitment Risk & Safeguarding Measuring success Delivering benefits

22 Regional Support Offer Statement of Requirements Best fit options appraisal & recommendations Implementation plan & support Evaluation of live solution

23 Moving forward... Questions Discussion Points Conclusions Next steps

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