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The Next Step The future of Adult Social Care and how it affects YOU:

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1 The Next Step The future of Adult Social Care and how it affects YOU:

2 Key Objectives Better Understanding of Adult Social Care Past and Future Personalisation of Budgets Engage with Leicestershire County Council

3 4 Areas for Discussion Effect on Voluntary Services Public Involvement Support with Personal Budgets Information and Communication

4 Subsequent Events Legislation on Personal Care at Home Bill – Didnt happen New Coalition Government Announced No to Provision Free Care at Home New Government Set Up Independent Commission to Consider Sustainable Funding for Long Term Care and Report Within 1 Year White paper on Social Care this autumn

5 Programme Adults and Communities 3 year Strategic Plan An update on Personalisation How the Leicestershire LINk works Closing Review

6 The Next Step The future of Adult Social Care and how it affects YOU:

7 Adults and Communities Three Year Strategic Plan 2010 -2013

8 Vision People lead fulfilling and purposeful lives, in welcoming and flourishing communities.

9 Changes to social care National programme of social care change. The Personal Budget has enabled me to look at whats important to me. SP Making fundamental changes to Social care: the way it is organised and the way services are provided.

10 Changes to the NHS The Government upholds the values and principles of the NHS: of a comprehensive service, available to all, free at the point of use and based on clinical need, not the ability to pay. Putting patients and public first Improving healthcare outcomes Increased choice and control Cutting bureaucracy and improving efficiency

11 Local Authorities New Functions Joining up the commissioning of local NHS services, social care and health improvement. Local authorities will therefore be responsible for: Promoting integration and partnership working between the NHS, social care, public health and other local services and strategies; Leading joint strategic needs assessments, and promoting collaboration on local commissioning plans, including by supporting joint commissioning arrangements. Building partnership for service changes and priorities. Local Involvement Networks (LINks) will become the local HealthWatch

12 New Department We provide services and support for adults, to enable them to remain independent and contribute to their communities e.g. Community opportunities Equipment and adaptations Keeping people safe We also provide community services - activities and opportunities for the whole community, children, young people, adults and families e.g. Libraries Service Heritage and Arts Service

13 Economic climate Economic recession There has been a nationwide reduction in Adult Social Care budgets, local authorities have to re-prioritise and re-focus the funds currently available Every public sector organisation facing budget restrictions

14 Five key aims 1.Understanding the needs and aspirations of the people of Leicestershire 2.Developing strong, inclusive, supportive and independent communities 3.Promoting the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities 4.Increasing peoples choice and control 5.Continually improving the way we work with people

15 Key Principles 1.Put people at the centre of everything we do 2.Focus on outcomes and making a difference to peoples lives 3.Meet peoples needs in an effective, equitable and sustainable way

16 How will we realise our vision? The detail of how we will deliver the strategy can be found in the Adults and Communities Departmental Service Plan 2010-2011. We will work in partnership with people who receive services, with our communities, with the NHS and other partners. We will explore new ways of delivering services with partners. We will ensure we are as efficient as possible, making the best use of the resources we have.

17 Thank you for listening Are there any questions?

18 The Next Step The future of Adult Social Care and how it affects YOU:

19 Personalisation in Leicestershire Tony Dailide Assistant Director, Promoting Independence

20 Personalisation in Leicestershire Putting People First Self-Directed Support

21 How are we approaching it? Involving users and carers Partnerships with health, district councils and VCS Staff as a key resource to deliver new approach Project management and robust governance Performance driven Learning from others

22 Customer Pathway Advice & Information Prevention & Early Intervention Customer Service Centre Re- ablement RAS Support Plan Personal Budget Review CommunityAdult Social Care Service Support in place. Live your life. Outcomes met

23 Progress so far… Governance and projects established Involvement of users in design and governance Raising awareness among staff, stakeholders, users and carers and the public E-marketplace procurement underway System replacement procurement underway

24 Progress so far… Strategy development: Prevention, Information and Advice, Telecare, Advocacy, Falls, Strokes. Workforce restructuring Efficiency targets met New pathway design, with reablement at the front of the process Testing pilot

25 Prevention & Early Intervention Information and advice Rapid response Reablement Telecare Locally based support

26 More information and advice available in the community Easier to find out what services are available, and easier to access them Advice on how to stay healthy and active, and maintain independence Advice & Information

27 Contact us in the best way for you (i.e. phone, e-mail, face-to-face, letter) Respond to emergency situations Deliver a number of quick and simple services Signpost customers to further information from other organisations Refer to specialists within Adult Social Care One number, One point of contact Customer Service Centre

28 Getting people back on their feet Supporting people to do things for themselves to maintain their independence Re-skill e.g. cooking, dressing Re-ablement

29 RAS (Resource Allocation System) – A set of questions to work out the persons needs and allocation of money Support plan – Lays out what the person wants to achieve with their life, and what support needs to be in place to do this Personal Budget – Money is allocated to the person to buy the support in their plan Support Plan

30 Types of Personal Budget Cash Payment. This is where money is paid directly to the person or a representative to enable them to buy the support and services they need Managed Budget. This is when people decide that they want the Adult Social Care Department to manage their budget Individual Service Fund. This is where a service provider helps them to arrange and manage their budget and support. A Trust Fund. This is where the money is paid to a group of people who legally manage the money and buy the support on behalf of the person who is not able to do it themselves.

31 Leicestershire County Council need to authorise your plan Decide who will manage your Personal Budget – You, family, organisations, the Council etc. Brokerage – help to find the best services for you Advocacy and support – people who can help you Live your life

32 The support plan is reviewed regularly, the person and their worker can agree when. If the person is not getting what they need the plan can be changed Review

33 The Pilot Started February Lasts for 6 months North West Leicestershire area For new customers only It does not include: – Residential Care –Safeguarding referrals –Equipment and adaptations only –Urgent / crisis

34 Programme end March 2011 New approach becomes mainstream business Continual refinement and improvement More people receiving personal budgets Growing confidence and creativity over time What next?

35 2010 - 2013 The next three years will be challenging, however we move forward from a strong position. We have a long history of providing excellent services and we are making progress in transforming the way services are provided. We remain committed to this and to improving continually the way we work.

36 The Next Step The future of Adult Social Care and how it affects YOU:

37 Leicestershire LINk: How it works Gill Wollerton, Project Manager Beverly Gillman, Member Leicestershire LINk L ocal I nvolvement N etwor k Improve your Health and Social Care Services

38 The Next Step The future of Adult Social Care and how it affects YOU:

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