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Day Services Strategy - Outcome of Consultation and Implementation of Community Life Choices 16 th January 2012.

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1 Day Services Strategy - Outcome of Consultation and Implementation of Community Life Choices 16 th January 2012

2 Consultation December 2010 – March 2011 Undertaken with key stakeholder groups Information The internet Public consultation meeting facilitated by LINk

3 Consultation Responses 502 completed questionnaires were received: – 373 from the identified sample - response rate of 17% – 129 from people by other routes – LINk report Of these responses:- – Receive a day care service 42% – Use a Council in-house Employment Service 18% – Carer of someone who receives care from LCC 32% – Completing the questionnaire on behalf of a service user 33% – Part of an organisation working with people in Leicestershire 3% – An employee of Adults and Communities 2% – None of the above, member of the public in Leicestershire 10%

4 Key Outcomes of the Consultation Over 60% of respondents strongly agreed with the Day Services Strategy The preferred name - Community Life Choices Service users preferred activities Leisure activities, e.g. swimming, keep fit 47% Arts, crafts and creative skills, e.g. painting39% Education, e.g. adult education classes30% Community social groups, e.g. lunch clubs, drop in centres64% Information Computer Technology (ICT) e.g. computer skills26% Volunteering, work experience and work training39%

5 Cabinet - April 2011 Report on the Day Services Strategy was presented to and agreed by Cabinet April 2011 – key points Principle of reablement/enablement for new service users to promote their independence and provide greater choice and control Prioritise targeting long term services at those with the greatest needs More focused on delivering the best outcomes for those who use them Help people with lesser needs to access alternatives in their community that are independent of council funding Achieve financial savings Manage growth in demand

6 Day Services (Community Life Choices) Strategy In order to implement the Day Services (Community Life Choices) Strategy we will move towards ensuring that there are services available under each of the following headings: Universal services and social capital Preventative services Enablement/reablement services Longer term promoting independence services Specialist services

7 Who will be affected by the changes? This will affect adults aged 18 who are currently attending a day care centre, or who are accessing a community based activity. People who in the future contact the Council following the implementation of the changes will be supported by the new services. People who are currently using the remaining Councils in-house Employment Services and supported employment schemes.

8 Transition to new services Voluntary and Independent sector block contracts have been extended up until September 2012 to enable service provision to be reviewed on a phased basis and to:- Enable the development of a robust implementation and procurement plan Review moderate service users in line with the eligibility criteria Align with the development of the new Community Life Choices model Decommission services that are no longer viable Enable re-commissioning of contracts via a framework tender process for managed services Review service users and allocate Personal Budgets Ensure the smooth transition to the new models of Community Life Choices.

9 What will this mean for Providers? Providers will play a key role in supporting people to maintain their independence through a wide range of services. There will be more opportunities to develop flexible support in your local communities. Opportunities to develop less segregated support options that are appropriate to a wide range of service users. There will be less formal contractual and funding arrangements, i.e. no block contracts – instead there will be a framework contract with different tariffs Providers will need to develop services that are innovative and are not solely reliant on direct local authority funding therefore enabling service users to purchase the services they choose through personal budgets. Providers may consider joining together to form consortiums that could benefit from reduced overheads.

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