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Renewable Energy & Performance Contracting Full Support for Implementers of Renewable Energy Systems REP&S and affiliated company, Sun Guarantee can provide.

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1 Renewable Energy & Performance Contracting Full Support for Implementers of Renewable Energy Systems
REP&S and affiliated company, Sun Guarantee can provide full support to a myriad of client types seeking renewable energy systems. REP&S and Sun Guarantee can supply a full compliment of services in the renewable energy and performance contracting industry: 1. Energy Effiency Application Feasibility Studies 2. Guaranteed Savings Agreements 3. Application Engineering, Component Sourcing and System Integration. 4. Implementation Project Management Support. 5. Installation Technical Support 6. Hour Monitoring Services Our Partner Contractors offer the full compliment of renewable energy systems and services to their clients as a new profit center without: 1. Carrying the overhead within their own organization. 2. Adding the staff required create, close and maintain renewable energy systems. REP&S and Sun Guarantee can provide all of the benefits of the Renewable Energy and Performance Contract Offerings while being transparent to your clients.

2 Photovoltaic Module Types Standard Products
Monocrystalline Solar Polycrystalline solar Thin Film Micro-Silicon (50 Types) Module Module Module 13 – 18% Efficient – 17% Efficient % Efficient Highest Cost Second Highest Cost Least Expensive Needs Direct Sun Greater Production in Non-Direct Sun Greater Production Non-Direct Sun Production Drops in High Heat Greater Production in High Heat Greatest Production in High Heat (The future of photovoltaic systems) Polycrystalline Solar Architectural Accent Photovoltaic Glazing Modules

3 Module Types Specialty Products
Glazing (Windows) Satellite Power Cell String Ribbon Poly Crystalline Laminated Roofing Roll Singles Single Shingle Roofing

4 Balance of System Components Trackers and Fixed Racks
Single Axis Tracker Dual Axis Tracker Post Mount Rack Fixed Mount Rack, Ground or Roof

5 Balance of Systems Components Inverters, Charge Controllers, Batteries
Inverters Charge Controllers Breakers Batteries Power Monitors Metering

6 Building Integrated Photovoltaics
Renewable energy systems may now incorporate basic building component technology. These components may include: Bonded Roll Roofing Materials Roofing Shingles/Slate Window Glass Wall Coverings Awnings Window Tinting Flexible Foil Coverings Custom Fabricated Modules By utilizing photovoltaic building components rather than the purely structural components, the benefit is doubled by providing sound architectural components and electrical power.

7 Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems
Sun Guarantee can engineer and supply hybrid solar and electrical generation systems to produce electricity and hot water. A hybrid solar system may combine the benefits of five technologies: Photovoltaic Modules Microhydro Generators Wind Generators Battery Energy Storage Solar Hot Water Heating Modules and Storage The five technologies noted above may also be combined with architectural elements which are coated or made of photovoltaic materials to include: Bonded Roll Roofing Materials Roofing Shingles/Slate Window Glass Wall Coverings Awnings Window Tinting Flexible Foil Coverings Custom Fabricated Modules Combining multiple technologies ensures that power is produced night or day, clear or cloudy, calm or windy or in combination.

8 Engineering and Implementation Renewable Energy and Energy Retrofits
Sun Guarantee, LLC will provide or cause to be provided support for construction contractors using local and or international network of: Manufacturers Implementers Distributors Researchers Engineers Sub-Contractors Major Manufacturers will participate to ensure design specific application of components. Commercial sub-contractors in the industries concerned will participate, if needed, which are familiar with the environmental, geographical conditions and building codes.

9 Location Specific Design
System design will focus on characteristics of Geographical area: - Provides superior performance in high temperatures - Maximize electrical power production for industrial environment Design will compliment facilities power usage curves - Peak versus baseline electrical usage consider in sizing - Production will occur during peak power cost periods System component selection will compensate for unique seismic requirements. - Provide power during power outages - Ensure critical monitoring & safety systems continue to operate

10 Products Offered Power Purchase Agreement
Sun Guarantee, LLC & the Financing Provider Responsibilities - Laboratory testing results utilized, system components, configuration - Full responsibility for system design, implementation & operations - Guarantee of high quality power - Full liability for the systems maintenance and operation. - Secure insurance on system to ensure quick repairs or replacement - Guaranteed power production under specific conditions. - Monitoring of the system’s electrical production. - Proof of performance over the internet. - The cost charged will always be at the guaranteed rate. Client Responsibility - Pay for power consumed.

11 Products Offered Custom Designed Systems Turnkey Containerized Systems & Components
Sun Guarantee has the expertise and resources to design renewable energy systems for any application at any location. Export services are also available. These systems can be provided in two different products: Complete Turn-Key Containerized systems which provide all of the components required for a system, assembly instruction and tools. Spare parts for maintenance or component failures are included. Complete systems provided to jobsites following the normal contracting model. Project supervision, commissioning support and training may be included. Renewable energy system components can be provided directly from the manufacturers and major distributors in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

12 Vertical Markets Heavy and Light Manufacturing
Heavy and light manufacturing face many challenges in today's global markets. As with any business, the cost of operations has a significant impact on profits and competitiveness. Renewable energy systems provide an opportunity to reduce the cost of operations and increase profits. Some of the benefits include: - Provides electricity during peak periods when utility cost are the highest. - Eliminates the possibility of black-outs or brown-outs stopping your manufacturing processes connected to the renewable energy system. - The quality of power produced by renewable energy systems is very high containing little distortion or variation. - Power produced during daylight periods will reduce the cost of utility power if excess energy produced. (Not allowed in all locations) - Hybrid systems ensure production throughout a broad range of weather.

13 Vertical Market Retail and Commercial Office Buildings
We can design, implement and manage the right renewable energy system for the facilities specific needs. The application of renewable energy technology can be created to architecturally blend & complement the theme. Specific benefits applicable to the Retail and Commercial Office Building Industries are: - Mitigate the risk of brown-out or black-outs. - Create independence from utility suppliers. - Provide a source of clean consistent power for sensitive loads. - Reduce operations cost. - Enhance the value of the facility.

14 Vertical Markets Hospitality Industry
Sun Guarantee has structured renewable energy system offerings tailored for the hospitality industry. These systems address the power needs found in hotel facilities by providing energy during peak utility cost periods reducing operations cost. Renewable energy systems can also provide the assurance that should a brown-out or black-out occur that vital systems will continue to receive power. This is an important factor for life safety and other critical infrastructures providing care to guest and employees. Additional benefit may be found in the heating of water for swimming pools or domestic water usage.

15 Financial Opportunities
Grid Connected Commercial or Industrial Power Producers are applications whereby a large roof or open ground area may be utilized to install a large scale photovoltaic or wind electrical production system. The system may also be connected to the local power transmission system allowing excess power production to be used to feed the grid thereby offsetting energy purchased from the local electrical utility company. Grid Connected Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Electrical Power systems are utilized to produce electrical power which is fed into the local electrical grid. Many electrical utility companies will sign long term (Up to 20 Years) contracts to purchase the power. This contract structure guarantees that the return on the investment will be secure.

16 Investment Opportunities
Farming Facilities or Rural Power Producers are ideal for systems utilized to power irrigation pumps, remote storage facilities, produce processing systems, refrigeration systems or any other power applications needed to support agricultural processes. Renewable energy is a cost effective, long term solution for providing electrical power in isolated locations. Investment Opportunity Is Very Safe because the units of energy produced by renewable energy systems maintain their value without regard to fluctuations in the stock market, the price of a barrel of oil or consumer purchasing trends. With the long term contracts available through many utility companies the value of the energy is consistent and predictable, which is not the case with stock market investments.

17 Outline of Renewable Energy Services
Power Purchase Agreement Model, Domestic & Select Foreign Locations - No cost out of pocket implementation1 - Site and climate specific designs - Turn-key installation and training - In-country construction, maintenance and security personnel - Guaranteed cost of power below local utility or cost to produce 1. On select projects. Remote Locations, Global Applications - Custom, containerized systems, specific client & climate demands - Complete turn-key systems, specialty tools, implementation plans - In-country personnel trained for project, implementation & maint. - Export/Import process provided - Regional government coordination

18 Renewable Energy Program Process Diagram
1 Phase One Phase Two Phase Three Phase Four Parties Agree To Investigate Renewable Energy Investment Grade Proposal (IGP) Is Created Implementation Is Started Power Production To The Plant Begins LOI Signed If Agreed Parameters Are Met, Go Forward Utility And Resource Consumption Is Analyzed IGP Parameters Confirmed Labor & Materials Billing For Power Consumed At Guaranteed Rate Preliminary Proposal, Engineering, Cost And Savings Engineering, Terms And Financing Is Formalized Billing Format Is Created Reflecting Utility Rate Schedule Financing Party Provides Operations And Maintenance If LOI Parameters Are Met Proceed To Phase 2 When IGP Is Executed Proceed To Phase 3 Implementation Signed-Off Power Begins Guaranteed Power Cost Continue For Life Of Agreement

19 Total Energy & Facility Portfolio Management Take the Broadest Possible Approach
Process and Structure of Corporate Energy Program - Complete energy and facility portfolio management requires: Collect hard data on operations procedures Compile energy and resources consumed Compile all energy & resource consuming systems/components Analyze all data collected for causes of high usage - Audit facility with high energy or resource usage Identify no cost low cost operational opportunities for savings Identify systems or equipment wasting energy and retrofit/replace - Aggregate energy consumed into categories and regions Purchase electrical power from retail providers (Deregulation) Purchase natural gas from well head Execute National or International Power Purchase Agreements

20 Why combine Energy Services Performance Contracting with Renewable Energy?
ESPC studies & analyzes the consumption of energy & resources using a whole facility approach. If the facility & infrastructures are wasteful & inefficient the power supplied by the renewable energy system will also be wasted. Each site must be examined system by system & then in-whole to determine how best to create the maximum efficiency throughout, making the best of purchased and site generated energy. Guarantee Savings makes the provider stand behind the claims of cost avoidance and savings. In many cases it creates a way of financing projects which would not be done otherwise. Many companies do one thing, few do many. There are thousands of companies providing renewable energy systems. Few companies examine all systems within a facility and determine how to use them most efficiently together.

21 Outline of Energy Services Performance Contracting Business (ESPC)
Sun Guarantee personnel’s experience in Energy Services Performance Contracting (ESPC) has been with industry leaders such as Honeywell, Inc, Johnson Controls, EMCOR & private companies providing complete energy portfolio management. Allows facility managers and owners to retrofit or replace existing inefficient energy consuming systems with new high efficiency systems with no funding out of pocket. Avoided cost and savings on operational, energy or consumed resource expense are guaranteed. Avoided cost and savings provides payment on financing or off balance sheet operating lease. If the energy retrofits fail to generate the guaranteed cash flow the shortfall is paid by the provider assuring the payment is always made. Monthly audits are provided documenting the cost avoidance based on data taken by and stored in facility or process automation systems.

22 ESPC Project Examples Examples, ESPC energy & resources conservation retrofit types: - Facility and Energy Management Systems - Intelligent Building Infrastructure Intergration - Central Plant (Process Heating and Cooling) Systems - Renewable Energy Systems - Thermal Storage Systems - Process Control (Manufacturing) Systems - High Efficiency Motors - Variable Frequency Drives - Power Quality Analysis and Correction - Lighting Systems and Level Controls - Cogeneration & On-Site Electrical Generation - Process Piping Insulation - Facility Envelope - Security and Communications Systems

23 Creation of an ESPC Project
PHASE ONE INITIAL AUDIT PHASE TWO TECH. PROPOSAL PHASE THREE PRESENT SOLUTION PHASE FOUR IMPLEM. PHASE FIVE M & V ID Prospect Detailed Audit Confirm Goals Are Met ECM Content and Pricing Start Data Collection Prelim Audit Performed Baseline Creation Data Logging Reinforce Benefits Installation Schedule Start Site Visits Initial Proposal Created Engineering, Pricing & M & V Review Project Content Detailed M & V Plan Generate Audit Documents Proposal Approved Draft Contracts Review Installation Schedule Implem. Plan Signed Reconcile Guarantee Letter of Intent Signed Confirm Financing Tech. Proposal Signed Construct. Phase Secure Audit Sign-off

“REP&S”, affiliated company of Sun Guarantee 2519 NE 135th Street, Suite B Seattle, Washington   Yoshitaka Hoashi Managing Director Mobile: Office:

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