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The SunAirCool Eco Power Station

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1 The SunAirCool Eco Power Station

2 Introduction What can the SunAir Cool Power Station do
This solar power plant uses solar energy to : generate electricity from the heat of the solar- loaded atmosphere produce fresh water by condensation. Create cold air suitable for air conditioning or cold storage

3 Benefits of Usage 1 Direct conversion of solar thermal energy from the storage medium to air Electricity, fresh water and cooling Can be used to generate electricity, water and/or freshwater, and/or cooling power generation (or in any combination) Freshwater production from condensation with power and cooling production as a WASTE PRODUCT without increasing salt concentration of the seas.

4 Benefits of Usage 2 Base load supply capability with more than 7,400 h/a No other motive power or fuels needed except for the first start up. After wards the individual modules restart after maintenance etc using stored energy or for redundancy No environmental impact (such as CO2) or other emission, with the exception of minimal operating noise.

5 Benefits of Usage 3 All media are produced locally and generate significant savings potential. Possible elimination of transmission lines and upstream supply networks

6 Environmentally Friendly
No Environmental impact No CO2 or any other emissions Minimal operating noise (no noise pollution) 30m x 15m footprint per engine

7 How It Works The PV solar panels generate electricity to power the fans to draw in air from the atmosphere and any additional electricity is used in the power station, and stored in batteries and used by you or sold to the grid for income. The air is then cooled to -1C. The heat energy taken out of the air is used to generate electricity which is stored in batteries and used by you or sold to the grid for income. In the cooling process a minimum of 44,000 litres of water is produced which can be used by you or sold for income At night the batteries power the engine to provide continuous operation which are then recharged during the day by the PV solar panels.

8 Schematic

9 Efficiency Diagrams 1 Intake Air

10 Efficiency Diagrams 2 Electricity Production (supplied) to Intake air

11 Efficiency Diagrams 3 Condensed water production to intake air with humidity

12 Efficiency Diagrams 4 Output air mass flow to intake temperature cooling capacity Input =constant 20 MW, output = min. 20 MW to theoretical (mass flow- dependant) 160 MW

13 Engine Production Each SunAirCool engine produces:
1MW of PV electricity per hour A minimum of 44,000 litres of water per hour 3,000,000 cubic meters of cold air per hour at -1%

14 About the SunAirCool Power Station
Operates 24 hours per day Requires 450m2 of space per engine Creates an Eco Power Station by using multiple SunAirCool engines The cost of each Power Station is €7m, delivered, installed to any safe port We can provide a management and maintenance contract as well as training Each power station requires 3-5 staff to operate

15 SunAirCool Power Station
Commercial Benefits The SunAirCool Power station allows you to have multiple revenue streams for income generation You can sell or use the electricity (power your factory, office etc) You can sell or use the water produced You can use the cold air for air conditioning or as a cold storage facility

16 SunAirCool Power Station
Commercial Viability You will also be able to sell electricity back to the grid. Using 1 x SunAirCool engine (1MWh per hour) and assuming you sell at €0.028 per Kwh, and the engine is 96% operational, you will generate €234,836 income per year. With 96% operational and with 44,000 litres of water produced per hour at €0.005 per litres you will generate €1,845,062 income per year.

17 SunAirCool Power Station
Return on Investment opportunities There will also be significant revenue opportunities that you will be able to leverage with cold air produced at the plant. This can be in the form of cold storage, savings on air conditioning for factories offices etc. The return on investment is in the region of months just by utilising the revenue from the sale of electricity and water, using the assumptions previously stated (which are very conservative). Utilising the cold air revenue stream could enable you to realise a return on your investment within 12 months.

18 SunAirCool Power Station
Potential Funding We speak with Senior Government officials (Finance Minister, Environmental Minister etc regarding the benefits of free electricity and water generated by the SunAirCool power station. With Government approval, the Finance Minister issues either a Sovereign Bond or Block Funds to finance the project. Either course of action from the Finance Minister will results in the power station for virtually nil cost.

19 SunAirCool Power Station
Potential Funding – Sovereign Bond The Sovereign Guarantee is issued from the Central Bank and be on Euroclear, and must be able to issue an MT760 The MT760 blocks the sovereign bond for a period of time as per its wording The MT760 is returned back to the issuer clean and clear without any lien at the end of the period We then get a non-recourse loan against the MT760 for the Sovereign guarantee. The amount of the loan will depend on which country issues the sovereign guarantee and their rating allows the funding of the project

20 SunAirCool Power Station
Potential Funding – Blocking of Funds Works in similar way to the Sovereign guarantee Client blocks funds for €100m with a Bank in their own Country We can then provide a credit line against the blocked funds We then raise the non recourse loan against the credit loan The loan the funds the Humanitarian Project

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31 Johnny Bhandari, Director
Contact ETI ENERGY Johnny Bhandari, Director +44 (0) +44 (0)

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