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The Bottom Line In Energy Cost Reduction Energy Automation Systems, Inc. EASI.

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1 The Bottom Line In Energy Cost Reduction Energy Automation Systems, Inc. EASI

2 Who is EASI? Energy Automation Systems, Inc. is a a multi- faceted hi-tech company deeply involved in providing energy solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. Since 1978, EASI and its dealers are responsible for thousands of installations worldwide. EASI consultants are qualified, independent business owners who are carefully selected and trained to provide these services to their customers.

3 The EASI Approach By obtaining modest reductions in reactive and distortion current levels in multiple locations throughout a facility, EASI is able to gain significant power quality improvement which results in dramatic energy savings.

4 How is EASI Unique? EASI is unique because they believe in treating an entire facility verses simply focusing only on lighting, refrigeration, etc. The equipment used will not have a negative effect on existing equipment and requires no production downtime.

5 The EASI System Addresses and entire facility in a single project. Utilizes your existing equipment: No retrofitting or replaced equipment required. Is custom designed and engineered to meet the needs of an individual facility.

6 Costs Money currently being paid to the electric company is diverted into your facility enhancements to improve operations, reliability, and reduce operating costs. Our systems pay for themselves through a portion of your savings.

7 EASI Recommended Technologies: Are proven and currently available. Are passive (no cycling of loads). Will not interfere with the operation of your business or its environment. Require no routine maintenance. Are automatic: No employee involvement. Have a high rate of return. Save money while your loads run more efficiently and last longer.

8 Electrical Advantages: Lower kWh consumption Lower recorded kW demand Elimination of power factor penalties Lower KVA or KVAR penalties Improved voltage Increased electrical system capacity Cooler panels, wiring, circuit breakers, transformers, and switchgear Cooler running motors

9 Improved Conditions: More cooling capacity from A/C and refrigeration. Reduced equipment downtime. Lower labor costs from reduced maintenance. Motors, ballasts, lighting lasts longer. No changes in business operation. No cycling of equipment. No employee or management responsibility. EASI systems have nothing to wear, program or maintain.

10 The Process Consultation to determine qualification. Initial walkthrough and study of electrical billing history (kWh and kW demand). Presentation of proposal. Detailed project design of your facility. Presentation of proposal with guaranteed savings. Install EASI system. Perform initial, monthly,and semi-annual checks to verify savings.

11 Initial Walkthrough A series of electrical checks are completed and the electrical billing history is studied. Collected information is applied to our project modeling software to determine a minimum savings and maximum months payback estimate. Conditional Agreement created to meet or exceed the stated savings and payback or the Project Design fee is refunded.

12 Project Design All loads within your facility are documented and itemized. Loads are broken down into percent of usage and cost. A custom EASI system is designed to yield electrical savings with a high rate of return.

13 Guaranteed Results Your project is guaranteed by Energy Project Assurance Corporation through the Great American Insurance Company. If the promised savings are not achieved within a specific period, you have the right to submit a claim which will refund you the difference between the cash purchase price and the actual savings.

14 Equipment Warranty All EASI equipment is backed by a limited 3 year warranty. Ongoing service contracts are available.

15 $tart $aving Thousands of companies around the world are reaping the benefits of these methods and technologies. You are invited to join them! Let us show you the future in electrical cost reductions.

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