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Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service Reserve (QARNNS)(R)

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1 Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service Reserve (QARNNS)(R)

2 Why do we need the Royal Navy
Defending our Island Defending our seas Protecting our fishing grounds Protecting our merchant ships Helping to tackle international smuggling, terrorism and piracy Humanitarian and relief aid

3 Why do we need Nurses in the Royal Navy?

4 Why do we need the Royal Navy Reserves
Royal Naval Reserves is a part time force of civilian volunteers Provide extra support to the Royal Navy Tension Humanitarian crisis Conflict

5 Why do we need QARNNS Reservists
Future Reserve 2020 Support the QARNNS in operations to provide extra expertise

6 What roles can you be utilised in?
Role 3, Hospital Ship RFA Argus 200 Medical Staff 100 Beds A+E 10 x ITU 20 x HDU 4 x Theatres 70 x Ward beds CT Scanner Xray department Lads

7 What roles can you be utilised in?
Role 2A, Commando Forward Surgical Group (CFSG) Rapid deployability Damage control surgery A+E Theatre Air Evacuation section 6 hour Ward


9 Entry Requirements 23 - 53 years of age
5 GCSE’s or equivalent at Grade C or above including Maths and English Nursing Degree Registered with the NMC All CV’s to be sent to NMD Recruting team

10 Training and Commitment
You should like Working as Part of a Team Helping People A Sense of Adventure You should have these skills Compassionate and Caring Nature Reliable Multi-tasker Initial training Typically 1 evening a week for 12 months, including a 2 week block period Upon completion of basic training Branch training 1 evening per week 3 weekends per year 2 week block period per year

11 Employment Implications
Employer has to be supportive You will be working a longer week You will be paid for all of your work The Ministry of Defence aims to give the minimum of 28 days notice of mobilisation When mobilised you will be paid by the Royal Navy Employers cannot discriminate against Reservists on the grounds of their Reserve Service duties

12 Advantages of Reserve Service
Part-time role delivering full-time benefits Pay and allowances including an annual tax-free bounty Vibrant social life Continuing professional development Adventurous training Personal challenge

13 How reserve service advance your career
Management and leadership experience Competency training Specialist training Educational development Broaden your clinical experiences

14 8 Steps to becoming a Reservist
Complete an online form or Call us on 2. Meet Us, attend your local RNR unit 3. Find Out More, ask questions 4. Show us what you’ve got, Complete our recruitment test 5. Your Way Ahead, what job will you be able to do 6. Fit to Join, medical, eye test, fitness test 7. Interview, specialist nurse interview 8. Time to get started, Start basic training

15 Contact Us 08456 07 55 55 PONN Paul Schofield
Contact the Royal Naval Reserves PONN Paul Schofield Nurse Recruiting Assistant

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