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The CIMA Apprenticeship Programme

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1 The CIMA Apprenticeship Programme
Summary Info With a launch date of September 2013, businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be able to recruit management accountants of the future through this new, government funded, apprenticeship scheme. The new recruits will be talented, young individuals who have completed their A levels and will be trained by their employers to gain key business skills while also studying for the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting.

2 What is an Apprenticeship?
Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes which include a combination of on and off the job learning and development activities. Frameworks include technical knowledge, broader business skills and competence requirements . Higher Apprenticeships (HLA’s) are designed to help develop higher skill levels, and include qualifications at a level equivalent to the first stages of Higher Education. The apprentice The employer The training provider The Government Will put theory into practice Undertake work based formal and informal training Employs the apprentice for at least 30 hours per week -meet with the assessor every weeks for a progress review. Provides technical and competence training Manages the relationship with the relevant government bodies Contributes 100% of the cost of training for year olds and 50% for those aged between 19-24

3 Government Funding A student is NOT eligible for funding if they have degree, even if it’s not related to the apprenticeship The funding criteria for the HLA are as follows: UK/EU/EEA resident for at least the last 3 years Work 30+ hours in a relevant role (in order to ensure they can complete the work-based tasks) Have a contract of employment NOT have a Level 4 qualification or above If aged – Fully funded – all CIMA fees paid and tuition costs covered Aged – Part Funded - Employer contributes towards tuition costs and has to pay all CIMA’s fees

4 The CIMA HLA Pathway The Level 4 CIMA HLA Pathway Framework will be an 18 month- 2 year programme and will consists of the following requirements: Competence Qualification: Level 4 Diploma in Business Accounting Practice Knowledge Qualification: Level 4 Diploma in Business Accounting (CIMA’s Certificate In Business Accounting qualification) Functional Skills in English at Level 2* Functional Skills in Maths at Level 2* *Apprentices exempt if GSCE Maths and English Grade A-C Awarded within the last five years

5 Knowledge Qualification – The Diploma in Business Accounting
Certificate in Business Accounting The CIMA certificate in Business accounting is ideal for people who are new to the world of business qualifications because it offers a solid grounding in the basics of management accounting, financial accounting and business. There are 5 subject areas as you can see (list) all must be completed. The certificate is tested through computer based assessment and can be taken at anytime. Each paper is 2 hours long and Upon completion you immediately receive your results

6 Competence Qualification – Diploma In Business Accounting Practice
The Competence Qualification will be made up of 12 work based units 1. Working in Teams Planning 2. Delivering Business Communication Activities 3. Managing Time Effectively 4. Evaluate and Improve Own Performance in a Business Environment 5. Spreadsheet Software 6. Presentation Software 7. Deliver a Presentation 8. Organising and Facilitating Meetings and Workshops 9. Managing Personal Obligations in Engagement Economics and Internal Financial Management 10. Developing Commercial Awareness 11. Apply Management Accounting Techniques in the Workplace (NEW) 12. Understanding and Maintaining Effective Business Relationships (NEW)

7 The CIMA HLA – Additional Information
Both the Knowledge based qualification (the five distinct Certificate Subjects) and the Competence qualification (the 12 work based units) can be completed in the order and timeframes that best suit the apprentice and their Employer. The Competence qualification will be assessed through the gathering of work based evidence. This will be organised and managed by your training provider. The apprentice will be able to move on to the Professional stage of CIMA before completing the apprenticeship if they want to speed up progression through the CIMA qualification. An evening launch event is planned for 19th September 2013 at Skyloft, London In 2014 and beyond we will work with employers and other stakeholders to explore the opportunity to create a level 7 apprenticeship that could incorporate a degree as well as the remaining CIMA levels

8 Questions/Weblinks The Level 4 Diploma in Business Accounting and Level 4 Diploma in Business Accounting Practice qualifications have been accredited by Ofqual. The qualification numbers are: OCR Level 4 Diploma in Business Accounting - 601/0616/5 OCR Level 4 Diploma in Business Accounting Practice - 601/0617/7 Both can now be viewed on the Register of Regulated Qualifications via For more details please contact Ben Lambert

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