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Singular & Plural Nouns

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1 Singular & Plural Nouns
Done By:Maryam

2 Index Introduction Definitions Plural Rules Rule Number 1
Irregular Plurals Exercise Resources

3 Definitions What is Singular Noun?
Singular noun is a noun which refers to one only Examples: Girl, Boy, Book What is Plural Noun? Plural noun is a noun which refers to more than one Examples: Boys, Girls, Books

4 Plural Rules There are many rules for changing the nouns from Singular to Plurals What are the rules?

5 Rule Number 1 Rule Number 1
The plural of nouns is usually formed by adding - s to a singular noun. Examples : Fork Forks Cat Cats

6 Rule Number 2 Rule Number 2
Nouns ending in s, z, x, sh, and ch form the plural by adding - es. Examples: Class Classes Wish Wishes

7 Rule Number 3 Rule Number 3
Nouns ending in - y preceded by a consonant is formed into a plural by changing - y to – ies Examples: Lady Ladies Story Stories

8 Rule Number 4 Rule Number 4
Nouns ending in y preceded by a vowel form their plurals by adding - s. Examples Day Days Toy Toys

9 Rule Number 5 Rule Number 5
Most nouns ending in o preceded by a consonant is formed into a plural by adding es. Examples Hero Heroes Potato Potatoes But some of those nouns are changed to Plural by adding S only – Example: Piano Pianos

10 Rule Number 6 Rule Number 6
Some nouns ending in f or fe are made plural by changing f or fe to - ves Examples Wife Wives Knife Knives

11 Irregular Plurals There are some Irregular Plurals and I am going to show you some of these Plurals Man Men Mouse Mice The following nouns have no Plurals Cattle Trousers Some nouns are always singular Gold Corn

12 Exercise Exercise – Change the following Singular to Plural Lamp Box
Baby Wolf

13 Resources A very simple Grammar of English( Celia Bilssett Katherine Hallgarten)

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