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What are some causes of birth defects?

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1 What are some causes of birth defects?

2 Problems in Prenatal Development
Sometimes a pregnancy begins, but a baby doesn’t develop normally If the baby dies before the 20th week it is called a miscarriage If the baby dies after that time, it is called a stillbirth. 15-20% of recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage 2% ends in stillbirth Due to bonds that are formed way before the child is born, parents (especially the woman) may go through grieving.

3 Birth Defects Some babies survive the pregnancy but are born with serious problems called birth defects. Some birth defects include: Cerebral Palsy Cleft Lift and/or palate Down Syndrome Muscular Dystrophy Sickle Cell Anemia Spina Bifida and more!

4 Causes of Birth Defects
Some causes are environmental because it is during the first few weeks that a baby develops all the bodily systems needed for survival The mother’s diet Any diseases or infections the mother has Harmful substances Some medicines Exposure to hazards (such as chemicals, X-rays, etc.) Some causes are hereditary Sometimes a child inherits a defective gene that is dominant such as Huntington's Some conditions affect only one sex and usually it’s the males Hemophilia Color blindness and more

5 More Causes of Birth defects
Errors in chromosomes Such as when a baby has too many or too few chromosomes or has broken or rearranged chromosomes This usually leads to Down Syndrome

6 Prevention and Diagnosis of Birth Defects
All types of birth defects cannot be anticipated or controlled, but there are several things that couples can do to minimize the chances. Genetic counseling for those who have a history of birth defects in their family Prenatal tests that can also determine whether or not a baby will be born with a birth defect AFP tests the protein levels in the liver and an abnormal level could me a birth defect Ultrasound can help determine problems with the baby’s skeletal, circulatory, or nervous systems. Amniocentesis is when fluids are withdrawn fro the amniotic fluid and taken to a lab to be tested for birth defects

7 The Dilemma What is your opinion on knowing if a child has a birth defect before they are born? What would you do? What do you think about parents who want this information only to determine whether to abort the baby or not? Write a half page or more explaining your position on this topic! You have 3 minutes to copy down these questions They should all be discussed in your paper

8 Avoiding Dangers to the Baby
Always avoid alcohol which leads to Fetal alcohol syndrome 1 in 5 babies born with this does not live to see his or her 1st birthday Other Drugs Medicines that are over the counter and prescribe by the doctor Caffeine Nicotine All illegal drugs inhalants

9 Causes of Drugs Not avoiding the drugs can lead to: Low birth weight
SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) Risks of seizures Tremors and developmental delay Congenital heart disease

10 Hazardous Substances and Chemicals
A pregnant woman should also avoid: Paint-low odor and/or latex Pesticides Lead Carbon monoxide Mercury (found in fish)

11 Infections Occasionally a woman might get and infection during pregnancy and should seek immediate doctor’s attention. Some of the infections include: Rubella Toxoplasmosis Chicken pox Other diseases that may cause birth defects includes STD’s and AIDS

12 Reflection Write down 3 facts you learned about birth defects today.
Write down 3 more things you would like to learn about birth defects.

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