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Chantelle van der Merwe FORUM Credit Union Marketing Intern July 2011.

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1 Chantelle van der Merwe FORUM Credit Union Marketing Intern July 2011

2 What is a QR Code and what can it do? Creating QR Codes How can FORUM use QR Codes? Social Media Social Media Promotions Mobile Banking Direct Mail Promotions Branch Activity Flyers Branch Promotional Handouts and Flyers Tracking Delivr Google Analytics

3 A QR Code contains information that can be interpreted by a scanning device on an Android phone or iPhone. For the QR code to be scanned, a free Barcode Reader or QR Reader application needs to be downloaded from the Apple Store or Android Market. When you scan the code it will show you the information that the QR code contains. Simple message Website URL Telephone Number Text message Email address Email message Contact Details Event Google Maps Location Social Media

4 There are many websites available online that will generate QR Codes for free. Some of these include: Kaywa: QR Stuff: Xing Project: QR Stuff: QRinkle: Delivr: Logos can be put inside of QR Codes, but it varies based on the specific code and position of the logo. The color can also be changed as long as the background color is lighter than the color of the code.


6 QR Codes can help FORUM gain Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Members could scan the QR Codes on a direct mail piece and be sent to the mobile webpage where they can follow @ForumTalk or “like” FORUM on Facebook instantly.

7 Be the 25 th person to scan the QR Code and tweet to @ForumTalk and win a $25 gift card!  Scan  Open Browser  Tweet QR Codes can be used to increase the number of people who “like” FORUM on Facebook and follow @ForumTalk on Twitter by offering special promotions such as the example below.

8 QR Codes can be created so that they would lead members straight to FORUM’s Mobile DeposZip or CU Online App, allowing them to download it without having to search for the application in their app store first.  Scan  Open Browser  Install App

9 “Winner”  Scan  Share via email  We receive an email from them with the winning message. Direct Mail Pieces can be sent out that include a QR Code promotion. This promotion could work like scratch off tickets. Two different QR Codes would be created that contain a “winner” message and a “non- winner” message. The members who receive the winning QR Code on their direct mail piece would win a prize, while the “non-winners” would receive a “Sorry” message and a link to the Internet Offer of the Week.  Scan  Receive “sorry” message and link to Internet Offer of the Week “Non-Winner” *This promotion could go well with a direct mail piece related to FORUM’s Weekly 5 Club Account.

10 These codes are able to provide event information, allowing you to store the event into your phone’s calendar. QR Codes could be placed on branch activity flyers so that members can easily remember and be reminded of the events that their branch has to offer.  Scan  Add to Calendar  Save

11  Scan  Open Browser  Watch Video QR Codes could be placed on promotional handouts and flyers to give members more information about the promotion on the spot.


13 When logged in to a free account, the user can view a Dashboard where the number of views and the number of scans are shown for each QR Code that has been created on the site. When clicking on the bar graph, more information regarding that particular code is provided. Delivr ( offers free tracking, but the code has to be created on their website.

14 Google Analytics can track QR Codes by turning a long url into a shorter url. The short url is used to make the QR Code. It tracks the number of page visits that came from the QR code, not how many people have scanned it. To create a QR Code that can be tracked by Google: 1. Login to Google Account. 2. Use Google’s url shortener ( to shorten the url that will be used. 3. Go to to create the QR code (use the shortened url created by Google’s url shortener) and check “Add Google Analytics tracking”. 4. When logged in, go back to Each short url that was created should be displayed. 5. By clicking on “details”, you will be able to see tracking statistics.  



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