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the new life Trust more, Stress Less Have good sleep Enjoy Sunshine

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2 the new life Trust more, Stress Less Have good sleep Enjoy Sunshine
Nutrition Exercise Water Learn Temperance Invest time in others Fresh Air Educate yourself

3 statistics in america The average household spends $3000/year on healthcare 1 out of 4 deaths in the U.S this year will be due to cancer Studies show that in the next 20 years, 66% of the population will have Diabetes Current Statistics show that at least 2 out of 3 Americans is Overweight

4 What will we learn? How to Live With Less Stress
How helping others can heal disease How sunlight can help you lose weight How drinking water can relieve joint pain How fresh air can lower high blood pressure How a healthy diet can help you look younger How reading a book each day can help you live longer How exercise can help you sleep better How caffeine is making you sick How sleep will reverse your depression

5 the proof Tonight I will show you from Science, History, and the Story of Daniel that a plant-based diet is more beneficial to you living healthier and longer than a diet with animal based products. There must be a reason why celebrities, athletes, and others with access to the greatest physicians in the world are choosing a plant-based diet...

6 the body a temple It is interesting to note that the top 5 major religions in the world: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism all teach in their holy writings or traditions that the body is a temple to be taken care of so that God may clearly communicate to them through a pure mind. The majority of these major religions also teach that one’s diet should abstain from all unclean foods and in the highest realm of most of these faiths, the ‘purists’ subscribe to a plant-based diet

7 Bill Clinton shares about his weight loss on a plant based diet

8 Interview with Bill Clinton’s Physicians

9 Tarsha Grimes-lost over 80 pounds on the daniel challenge

10 The blue zones study A recent study by National Geographic that showed 3 groups in the world that were known for their longevity Only one of the three groups was in the United States and a plant-based diet was one of their greatest ingredients to living an average of 7 years longer and healthier than the rest of the U.S population

11 The city of babylon 350 feet high walls, 87 feet thick
Euphrates River running through Hanging Gardens of Babylon-one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world laid out in a perfect square 15 miles in all directions some believe Babylon was patterned after ‘The New Jerusalem’

12 Daniel A slave of Babylon 17 years old
Enrolled along with 3 of his friends in BSU- Babylon State University Studied linguistics, mathematics, science, astronomy, political science and more Requested a Plant-based diet appeared stronger, ruddier, wiser, and more healthy in just 10 days

13 The 4 REasons they made this request...
The Food was offered to idols The Food was unclean i.e. had blood and fat which Hebrews did not eat He knew he faced a crisis and needed a sharp intellect to discern between the true and the counterfeit He knew the original diet and understood the Owner’s Manual

14 life is in the blood The majority of the taste of all animals or their byproducts is from their blood or fat content. Our bodies were not made to digest these we will see more in a minute

15 the owner’s Manual In order for a piece of machinery to work to it’s optimal ability it must maintain the standards and guidelines set forth by the manufacturer In the case of what we should eat, we only need look to the Origin of our Species and Science

16 FRom the dust... The oldest known writings in the world date back to the time of Creation known to be about 6000 years ago. As the Scriptures describe it, man was created from the dust of the ground. The dust of the ground is made of a number of vitamins, minerals, elements, and nutrients

17 ...from the ground If we were created from these various elements then to maintain optimal health, we need to continue to eat them for healing and proper growth. The only way to get these key elements is from the source, the same place from which we came, the dust of the ground

18 plant based diet Believing this would mean that we were created to eat a plant- based diet consisting primarily of fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables as mentioned in Genesis 1:29 But our internal organs explain this as well as we will see in a minute

19 you are what you eat? The food we put into our body is what will make up our blood supply. Is the food you are eating turning into the proper nutrients, minerals, and elements that your body needs to function optimally?

20 Meat Pigs are known to host large concentrations of parasitic ascarid worms in their digestive tract-difficult to cook out Beef, Chicken, and Fish are seeing levels of contaminants and disease at unprecedented rates

21 Animal Byproducts Cheese, Milk, Eggs are coming from the same animals that are becoming more diseased The correlation of cholesterol and heart disease is on the rise

22 the Real issue The real issue is the digestion of animal products in the human body As we will see, we were not made to digest second hand protein As in the case with the China Study, protein has been documented to feed cancer

23 Where does all the waste go?
If we are eating foods that should not be even considered food and since the body cannot use these for life, where does all of this waste go?

24 Where does all the waste go?
Sticks to the walls of arteries Sticks to a layer just under the skin Exits through one of the 7 channels of elimination.

25 Where does all the waste go?
The majority of the bulk waste goes into the colon If this waste does not quickly pass, then the waste will begin to reabsorb into the blood stream. This results in obesity, disease, and sickness

26 how long should my food digest?
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg wrote in ‘The Itinerary of a Breakfast’ that you should not have more than 3 meals in your system at any given time. This means that when you eat your next meal, you should also have a bowel movement. 1 Meal = 1 Bowel Movement

27 Transit (digestion) time
The transit (digestion) time of flesh is typically more than 48 hours in humans because of our low HCL make up in our stomachs In animals like a Lion, the HCL is many times greater and can break down flesh in hours rather than days


29 following the owner’s Manual
The primary reason for a plant-based diet is that plants will break down into the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that our body can actually use to sustain life. These substances are derived most optimally from their original source- plants.

30 True or Counterfeit? There is a life giving diet that we were created to enjoy and thrive on consisting of living foods derived from plants. There is a counterfeit diet, derived from dead and processed substances, that we are eating and it is literally and spiritually killing civilization as we know it. It is best to get our nutrition from the source rather than second hand from animals after they have already derived the primary benefit


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