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Persuasive Devices (aka Propaganda)

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1 Persuasive Devices (aka Propaganda)
SPI Identify examples of persuasive devices (bandwagon, loaded terms, testimonial, name-calling, plain folks, snob appeal)

2 Persuasive Devices Definition
Things people, usually advertisers, do to try to persuade you to do something. Sometimes people call it “propaganda” TCAP will call it either persuasive devices or propaganda.

3 Persuasive Devices Types of Persuasive Devices we’re going to talk about Bandwagon Appeal Testimonials Plain Folks Experts Celebrity Name-calling Loaded Terms

4 Persuasive Devices Bandwagon Appeal
Something with the message that “Our product is so good that everyone buys it, so you should, too.” Or “Our way of doing things is good, so you should do things our way, too.” If something is popular, does that necessarily mean it’s good? It comes from the phrase “jump on the bandwagon”

5 Bandwagon Appeal Example

6 Persuasive Devices Name-Calling
A persuasive device that tries to make itself look good by putting someone or something else down. These are used frequently in political ads

7 Persuasive Devices Loaded Terms
Loaded terms are words that are meant to create an emotional response in people, usually fear Examples of Loaded Terms in ads might include words like steal, terrorism, unsafe, etc.

8 Persuasive Devices Loaded Terms
A very common example right now comes from the banking industry… Which sounds less threatening? Bank Nationalization, Bank Takeover, or government owned shares in banks?

9 Persuasive Devices Loaded Terms
These all mean the same thing, but people get worked up over words like Nationalization and Takeover. So, people who think it’s a good idea won’t use those words. People who think it’s a bad idea will ONLY use those words.

10 Persuasive Devices Another example…
When all the fuss started about toys containing hazardous components coming from China to the US, you heard a lot of Loaded Language like Tainted and Unsafe. Can you think of other examples?

11 Persuasive Devices Testimonials
When the ad is in the form of someone giving their story of why a product or service or idea is good.

12 Persuasive Devices Testimonials: Experts
Since chefs are experts about food, people will trust one of them to recommend a brand of food. Basketball players can be trusted to recommend tennis shoes or sports equipment. This is also true of other professions.

13 Persuasive Devices Testimonials: Celebrity
The endorsement of a product by a celebrity is a very old and popular advertising device. It plays on the viewer's desire to identify with someone famous. (Do baseball players really know more than anyone else about razor blades, cars, or beer? Does a rock group have specific knowledge about automobiles?)

14 Persuasive Devices (Celebrity)

15 Persuasive Devices Testimonials: Plain Folks
This is a recommendation from a plain, ordinary, non famous person who tells the reader or viewer that the product worked for him or her. Therefore, it will work for you.

16 Plain Folks Advertisement

17 Persuasive Devices Snob Appeal
This is a reverse of the Bandwagon Appeal. Its message suggests: "Buying our product will make you better than everyone else--especially since other people can't afford it." (If a product is more expensive, does that mean it is better?)

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