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Persuasive Devices ( Propaganda)

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1 Persuasive Devices ( Propaganda)
STANDARD/SKILL: Identify examples of persuasive devices (bandwagon, loaded words, testimonial, name-calling, plain folks, snob appeal, misuse of statistics, transfer)

2 Persuasive Devices Definition
Things people, usually advertisers, do to try to persuade you to do something. Sometimes people call it “propaganda”

3 Persuasive Devices Bandwagon Appeal Testimonials Name-calling
Types of Persuasive Devices we’re going to talk about Bandwagon Appeal Testimonials Name-calling Loaded Words Plain Folks Snob Appeal Misuse of Statistics Transfer

4 Persuasive Devices Bandwagon Appeal
Something with the message that “Our product is so good that everyone buys it, so you should, too.” Or “Our way of doing things is good, so you should do things our way, too.” If something is popular, does that necessarily mean it’s good? It comes from the phrase “jump on the bandwagon”

5 Persuasive Devices Name-Calling
A persuasive device that tries to make itself look good by putting someone or something else down. These are used frequently in political ads

6 Persuasive Devices Loaded Words
Loaded words are meant to create an emotional response in people. Examples of Loaded Words in ads might include words like steal, terrorism, unsafe, new & improved, for a limited time only, etc.

7 Persuasive Devices Testimonials
When the ad is in the form of someone giving their story of why a product or service or idea is good.

8 Persuasive Devices Plain Folks
Have you ever seen an ad where regular people talk about how good a product or service or idea is? This is a Plain Folks Testimonial.

9 Snob Appeal. A play on our desire for. fancy things or “the. good life
Snob Appeal A play on our desire for fancy things or “the good life.” Jewelry, fancy cars, perfume, and designer clothing are often marketed using snob appeal.

10 Example: “Felson’s Furs: the feeling of luxury for those who can afford the very best.”

11 Misuse of statistics Occurs when only the most favorable
data is presented, so the actual results are misrepresented

12 Transfer. The speaker’s. intent is to have. the history,
Transfer The speaker’s intent is to have the history, qualities and appeal of the image behind/beside him transfer onto himself.

13 Example: Al Gore speaking to an environmentalist group with the Grand Canyon as his background A politician making a speech in front of the United States flag or picture of Thomas Jefferson.

14 Persuasive Device Practice
Choose a product. It can be real or made-up. (You may use more than one product.) Use each of the 8 persuasive devices to persuade the consumer to buy your product.

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