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cViewSUITE View, Schedule & Distribute your Crystal Reports

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1 cViewSUITE View, Schedule & Distribute your Crystal Reports
Bruce Ferguson & Mo Naughton Chelsea Technologies Ltd

2 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
Agenda Chelsea Technologies Ltd - who we are cViewSUITE solution Push and pull – your internal and external users Benefits and key features Parameters What the cViewSUITE does not include Technical architecture Simple implementation Licensing and costs Questions Chelsea Technologies Ltd

3 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
The company started in 1997 We are the only Crystal Decisions certified Crystal Reports instructors in New Zealand Bruce Ferguson 25 years experience in development, sales, Crystal Reports training and consultancy, networks, IT management Mo Naughton 25 years experience in development, project management, Crystal Reports training and consultancy, line management Chelsea Technologies Ltd

4 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
Products Our products have sold in 21 countries primarily via the internet. We have resellers in the USA, New Zealand and Australia Products. The cViewSUITE consisting of cView report viewer cViewMANAGER report scheduler cViewSERVER & cViewREMOTE service based report scheduler Plus a dozen other Crystal Reports utilities and function libraries Chelsea Technologies Ltd

5 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
cViewSUITE Solution Schedule and distribute the reports using either cViewSERVER & cViewREMOTE or cViewMANAGER View the reports: Local users use cView on each desktop to view interactive reports Remote users receive reports as PDF / xls / Word via For both local and remote viewing via web pages, reports can be published as HTML Chelsea Technologies Ltd

6 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
cViewSUITE Solution Chelsea Technologies Ltd

7 Pull for Internal Users
Chelsea Technologies Ltd

8 Push for Internal or External Users
Chelsea Technologies Ltd

9 Benefits of the cViewSUITE solution
Crystal Reports expertise Industry standards Continuous development program Flexible solution Cost effective Chelsea Technologies Ltd

10 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
Key features of cView Internal users can view your reports Designed for non-technical users Supports Parameters Drill down Print Export to Excel, PDF, Word etc Uses live data (if the user has access) Database security: The users do not need the password Supports Crystal Reports versions 8.0, v8.5 and v9.0 Chelsea Technologies Ltd

11 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
Demo of cView What the user sees Chelsea Technologies Ltd

12 Key features of cViewMANAGER
Schedule your reports to run automatically Monthly, weekly, 2 weekly, daily, hourly, business days, custom calendar, etc Distribute them in the format of your choice Excel, PDF, HTML, RPT, etc Specify the destination Folder or printer (local or remote) One person can administer the schedule for the company You set the database security once for all reports Log and status delivered via web List Processing An external list maintained outside the schedule Multiple reports can share a common list Chelsea Technologies Ltd

13 Demo of cViewMANAGER What the administrator sees
Chelsea Technologies Ltd

14 cViewSERVER – a corporate fit
cViewSERVER has all the cViewMANAGER scheduling features and is a more suitable solution in the corporate environment Runs as a service Does not need manual intervention Scales better Faster processing of large reports Manages large attachments Easier user interface Additional administrators on the local network can maintain the schedule with the cViewREMOTE GUI Chelsea Technologies Ltd

15 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
Demo of cViewSERVER The administrator sees the cViewREMOTE GUI cViewSERVER runs in the background Chelsea Technologies Ltd

16 Why use cViewMANAGER instead of cViewSERVER?
Older Crystal Reports version If you are running only v8.5, an older version of Crystal Reports Older operating system If you are running the scheduler on a machine with an older operating system e.g. Windows 98 or NT4 User control If the users want to control the machine that does the scheduling Chelsea Technologies Ltd

17 Why use cViewSERVER instead of cViewMANAGER?
Corporate Requirements Complex lists Require a secure central server Web based report status Administration Requirements Multiple administrators Remote administration required System Requirements Require the reliability of a Service Using Windows 2000 Server or above Chelsea Technologies Ltd

18 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
Parameters cView report viewer Interactive when the report runs A pick list is presented to the user Supports all forms: single, multi value, range Presents a calendar for dates cViewSERVER and cViewMANAGER scheduler When you set up the schedule, you load the parameters Supports single and multi value (range in a future release) Dynamic date values Multi-run Chelsea Technologies Ltd

19 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
MultiRun Take a Report that has parameters Select the parameter value, format and destination Select another, and another Run as a single step in the schedule You can mix , printer and disk destinations within one multirun Chelsea Technologies Ltd

20 Technical Architecture
XML document to store schedule Developed using VB 6.0 and .NET cViewREMOTE xml interface may be integrated with your own applications Uses the Crystal Reports v9.0 and v8.5 engine Chelsea Technologies Ltd

21 What cViewSUITE does not currently include
Scheduled range parameter support (e.g. 2 -7) Alerts processing Scheduled on-demand subreports The reports will continue to run. The scheduler will not fail if the reports have these features Interactive reports for web users Multi threaded report processing These features are planned for future releases Chelsea Technologies Ltd

22 Simple implementation
For cViewSERVER scheduler If you do not have the Microsoft .NET framework installed, we include the required files in a separate set-up You download the trial cViewSERVER to your server We send you a license file to be placed in the same folder Use cViewREMOTE to install cViewSERVER as a windows service For cView report viewer Download the demo then run the install file. We send you a license file to unlock the demo If you have multiple or site licenses, you can copy the configuration from your first PC to other PCs Chelsea Technologies Ltd

23 Cost of recommended solution
cView site license $2,499 Unlimited users No limit on the number of reports cViewSERVER $699.97 Single server license Volume pricing available Included is one cViewREMOTE administrator GUI Annual maintenance 15% All prices quoted are in US$ Chelsea Technologies Ltd

24 Cost Options cViewMANAGER scheduler $ instead of the cViewSERVER scheduler Additional cViewREMOTE licenses for each extra schedule administrator $73.97 All prices quoted are in US$ Chelsea Technologies Ltd

25 Chelsea Technologies Ltd
Summary cViewSERVER to schedule your reports and cView to view live reports provides a cost effective solution to your reporting needs Leverage your existing report development by making them more widely available Chelsea Technologies Ltd

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