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This presentation is intended as a detailed WebEx, to bring potential customers to an understanding of Dream Report capabilities. This presentation focuses.

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Presentation on theme: "This presentation is intended as a detailed WebEx, to bring potential customers to an understanding of Dream Report capabilities. This presentation focuses."— Presentation transcript:

1 This presentation is intended as a detailed WebEx, to bring potential customers to an understanding of Dream Report capabilities. This presentation focuses on the “What” dream report can do. A follow on WebEx demonstration will show much of the “How” to configure Dream Report. In the end, this presentation should provide enough overview to enable potential customers to download the trial version from and begin exploring the powerful features on their own.

2 Product Overview Dream Report
By Ocean Data System Welcome to the Dream Report overview and follow-on presentation.

3 About Ocean Data Systems and Dream Report
In business, and more so in Industry, you’re drowning in an Ocean of Data… Ocean Data Systems, Tames your Ocean of Data with a software product called Dream Report. Dream Report Turns your Raw Data into Information and delivers it How, When and Where you want it. Dream Report delivers both the Compliance information you need for your business to run and the Performance information you need to run your business better. Designed for ease of use, Dream Report Puts the Power of information In the Hands of those that Need It. With Dream Report, you can have all the reports you want, not just the compliance reports you’ve settled for. That is how Dream Report is changing the paradigm. It’s about Taming your Ocean of Data. We are Ocean Data Systems, and we’ve created a very special product, Dream Report, that enables you to quickly and easily select from your raw data; analyze it, format it and deliver it. You decide how the data is analyzed and presented. You set up the schedules or the interactive web portal to access your information and you decide how to deliver it - , ftp files, Excel, CSV, PDF or through an interactive Web Portal. The bottom line? Dream Report delivers data access, analysis, formatting and delivery so easily, we’re putting the ability to drive performance in the hands of those that can make it happen. Your process engineers can create all the reports they want, not just the few reports they absolutely need. Dream Report is changing the report and dashboard paradigm. Dream Report is setting the new standards for information delivery. That’s why Dream Report is becoming the automation industry standard.

4 The Industry Standard for Reports and Dashboards
Ocean Data Systems is a Global Company Selling through Our Partners Founded 2004 by Experts from the World of Automation Global Company with Offices in France, Ukraine, Israel and the USA A distributed Support Team delivering Follow-The-Sun support. Dream Report is Mostly What We Do. Also Develop TUS (Thermal Uniformity Survey) Tools An Installed Base of over 6,000 Licenses, Globally Delivered Primarily as an OEM Solution, Branded and Resold by Industry Leaders One benefit of being an international company is that you immediately tackle on of the world’s toughest problems, localization and support. With Headquarters in France, Ocean Data Systems has developed Dream Report as a solution, available in 14 languages. Our support team is scattered across time zones. Our company does one thing, and we do it extremely well. That’s information management. We acquire data, analyze it, format it, deliver it and manage it. We’re quickly becoming the industry standard for information delivery by reports and web portals. We’re proud to have excellent OEMs that deliver and support Dream Report as their own solution. We’re also proud to have a network of “Proven Partners”, companies that stand by us in testing Dream Report and recommending it as a solution with their products. OEMs Proven Partners

5 Ocean Data Systems – Dream Report
Product Overview Ocean Data Systems – Dream Report The following presentation is intended to walk you through all the capabilities delivered in Dream Report. It is intended to make sure you understand what can be done, and will deliver a little bit about How things are done. This material is intended to enable you to undertake learning on your own. Demonstration and how-to Videos are available on the Dream Report website.

6 Dream Report is… …professional Designer-Friendly™ Reporting Software for Industrial & Process Automation Open & Direct Connectivity Real-time connectivity to SCADAs, HMIs, PLCs, … Direct connectivity to process Historians Connectivity to databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, …) Easy-to-use Quick learning curve No programming or scripting No software development skills are required to design reports Scalable All-In-One Solution Simple installation Produces PDF, Excel, Database output Automatically Send to Printer, and Browser

7 For Operators, Engineers and Managers…
IT is welcome, but not necessary with Dream Report… This is overview information. Answers to commonly asked questions. These answers largely pertain to Dream Report, available from Ocean Data Systems. While partner versions of Dream Report are largely similar, demonstration modes and product modularity may vary.

8 Web Portal – Any User, Any Time
Report Review, Manual Data Entry This is overview information. Answers to commonly asked questions. These answers largely pertain to Dream Report, available from Ocean Data Systems. While partner versions of Dream Report are largely similar, demonstration modes and product modularity may vary.

9 Web Portal – Any User, Any Time
Drill In and Review Data – Export to Excel This is overview information. Answers to commonly asked questions. These answers largely pertain to Dream Report, available from Ocean Data Systems. While partner versions of Dream Report are largely similar, demonstration modes and product modularity may vary.

10 How it Works and What it Does
Publish & Distribute reports Generate reports Design & Configure Connect to Data sources

11 Tightly Integrated with GE Proficy Solutions
Powerful Data Access and Analysis Over 70 Interfaces Business Sources Industrial Data Sources Excellent GE Proficy Support HMI/SCADA Historian Trivial Setup and Management Pick a Driver Give It a Name Define Aggregations & Save Start Building Reports 1 This is overview information. Answers to commonly asked questions. These answers largely pertain to Dream Report, available from Ocean Data Systems. While partner versions of Dream Report are largely similar, demonstration modes and product modularity may vary. 3 2

12 Beautiful and Easy to Create Compliance and Performance Reports
The result, beautiful reports. This first report example shows a building efficiency reporting to meet European EPBD standards. It’s an example of a compliance report built out of our standard objects to address the building efficiency marketplace. The second report highlights the flexibility delivered in our bar graph object. You have control over colors, stack formats, flat or 3d display and more. The same goes for the chart object. You can add lots of traces to a chart, and define color bands to highlight data out of range. Of course Dream Report delivers automated scaling if you can’t define that ahead of time. That is especially useful when you are doing ad-hoc reporting, selecting tags and times and feeding them into a template report. You can let Dream Report pick the best scales for your display. The Setpoint Analysis report is a nice example of a very specialized report for Thermal Uniformity Surveys (TUS) reporting. In this case, Dream Report delivers a specialized function for monitoring a group of sensors, detecting the sensor last into a range, and that which is first out of a range and then calculates the statistics over that control period. Dream Report then formats the data for output. Often times, Dream Report is set up to generate reports for human consumption, typically a PDF or Web Portal format, and is also set up to export data to Excel or CSV files for further analysis by other applications. Never a problem, those are also standard features. Performance Reporting is a Valuable Addition to Any Application

13 Formatting and Statistics in 17 Simple Objects
2 Tag 3 Statistic 4 Period 5 Display But that is just the start. Once you’ve defined data sources, it’s time to generate a new report page and explore Dream Report objects. There are currently 17 report objects consisting of three single data objects, meaning that their result is a single number, six table objects that will deliver a simple data dump, an alarm display, a sophisticated SQL table query through a visual query builder, a Step Table that can query a wide range of data and analyze it over a step interval – for example – a Monthly report of daily averages. There is also a summary statistic table (quickly grab a period of data and calculate max, min, average, times, totals, etc.) and there is a freeform table that can be made up of our single data value objects, or any other data you wish to enter. There is a chart object for trend displays. A Bar Graph object, a Pie-chart, an Efficiency Indicator, date-time, page number, dynamic text for variables like report name and there is an Electronic Signature Object for report approvals. That’s it. That is the hardest part of Dream Report (not really to hard, is learning the flexibility of those various objects that combine both statistics and presentation all in one. Using them is simple, and common across all objects. 5 Simple Steps for All Statistic Objects

14 Formatting and Statistics in 17 Simple Objects
3 1 1 Object 2 Tag 3 Statistic 4 Period 5 Display 2 5 First you pick an object, like a single data object. Then you browse the data sources you set up previously, and pick the tag (the data) you want to access. Next, you specify the statistic you want to perform, in this case, an average calculation. Dream Report has over 50 standard statistics, applicable to both business and industry needs. And yes, Dream Report delivers the ability to do a complete set of free-form math and logic, and includes the ability to leverage a powerful script language called LUA. But that’s getting into the 1% of power users… We’ll stay focused on the 99% of you. In Step 4, you pick a time span that you want to analyze, an absolute time, relative time like the last hour, or a batch event. Dream Report is batch aware and has the ability to query batch lists for start and end times, then query data sources for those times. Dream Report even have the ability to recognize events, define them as batches with automatically generated names, so that in the future you can report against them easily. For example, suppose you wanted to report on the operation of a backup generator. You can let Dream Report sense the generator operation, name the run instances automatically (storing the start and stop times), and then you can simply generate reports against the last runs, selecting them from a list. Step 5, you define what the output looks like. It can be a number. It can be a dial, a bar graph or a panel meter. The latter three are widgets. But it can also be displayed as barcode, (one of 16 different types), or as scientific notation. Add dynamic fonts, and colors based on ranges and you have a lot of flexibility. That’s how it goes with each object single data object, and all other objects offer equal levels of presentation flexibility. It is really that easy. 4 5 Simple Steps for All Statistic Objects

15 Formatting – Data Presentation
Dream Report Delivers 17 Flexible Objects for Data Display Single Data Objects – Display a single Result Data and Alarm Tables Step Tables – Monthly Table of Daily Data, Last 10 Batches, etc. Summary Statistics Table – Max, Min, When, Totals, etc. Free Form Table Trend Objects Bar Graph Object Pie Chart Object Date/Time Displays – Generation, Start or End Data Page Numbering Dynamic Text (Report Instance Names, etc.) Electronic Signature for Document Approvals Number Displays Digital Panel Displays Bar Graph Displays Gage Displays Bar Code Displays Data Translations (example – Over Range, On/Off) Formatting Statistics, the calculations you want to perform are part of Dream Report objects. You drop an object onto a report page, double click on it and begin configuring your query, statistics and ultimate display format. There are a total of 17 objects you’ll need to learn to master Dream Report. These objects deliver data values, tables, trends, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, etc. Each object offers a great deal of flexibility. The good news is that these objects all tent to work in a similar manner. When you’ve mastered one, you’re on your way to mastering them all! There are plenty of demonstration reports in Dream Report that will show you how these objects work and the flexibility of their configuration.

16 Individual Report Settings
Individual Report Automation Report File Name FTP Delivery File Storage and Directory Management Flexible Instance Name Date and Time Tag Variable Time Based Reports Date, Time, Day of Week Event Based Report Tag Triggered Report Output Format PDF Html-5 – Web Portal Excel CSV Delivery Report Preprocessor – Stored Procedure Macros – Shell Commands + S.P. User Authorization You might ask, how do we define the overall operations of a report. It’s quite simple and straight forward. Just right click on your to access report settings. Under the General tab, you can set the file name and storage characteristics. Where are files stored, how are directories named, etc. Under the Report name tab, you define the instance names, the convention used when reports are generated. Naming is very flexible and can include static text, dates and times, and even data from Tag sources, possibly representing batch IDs for example. Under time definition, you get to pick when a report is generated. That can be any combination of dates and times and day of the week. Or, reports can be triggered by events. If a runtime goes over x number of hours. If an alarm is generated. You can even delay the report generation to make sure your data propagates through your data systems prior to reporting. Under file format, you can have a lot of fun. You can define your report as PDF format, and you have secure data files. If you pick Web format, you get HTML5 format documents for interactive use in the Dream Report Web Portal. If you select , you can define the automatic distribution of reports. Under printer, you can specify primary and backup printers. Dream Report will automatically deliver reports to the printers that are available. Finally, under Excel, you can map report objects to areas of a spreadsheet, and generate Excel and CSV files for post processing in other systems. Under Report Preprocessor, you have the opportunity to trigger Relational Database stored procedures, and then use the results in your report. Under Macros, you can specify Batch files, shell commands to run before or after a report, typically handy for housekeeping functions and integration with other systems. And under the authorization tab, you can specify who has access to this report, either by name or by role. If a user logs into the Dream Report portal, they will only have access to the reports that have been assigned to them. Again, no programming and no scripting to have this awesome level of flexibility. Each Report has Independent and Flexible Configuration

17 You Have It All in One Comprehensive Solution
Dream Report delivers everything you need for automated report generation for both business and industry, in a single One and Done solution. From an integration perspective, you are focused on the end result, delivering the best compliance and performance reports for your end user, in the format they want to see it in. There is no other solution like Dream Report. We are Taming that Ocean of Data. Report Generation and Analysis Put In The Hands of Your Process Experts

18 Next Steps Visit The Website:
Download the Product for Trial: Demo Mode – 30 Minutes, 100 Tags Join Our Linked-In Group: Join Our SI Program: Tell Your Friends About Dream Report! Next Steps? Please visit our website and download Dream Report. Our demo mode runs for 30 minutes at a time and supports applications up to 100 tags. It will also let you set up and use the interactive Dream Report web portal. If you would like to test it longer, visit the website contact tab and send us a message, we would be happy to discuss your application and give you an extended trial license. You can also join Linked-In groups that we manage for multiple purposes. Please don’t forget to tell your friends about Dream Report and we hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

19 Thank You!

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