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World Class Financial Reporting with FRx Report Writer Elisa R. Vick

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1 World Class Financial Reporting with FRx Report Writer Elisa R. Vick

2 Agenda Overview FRx Demonstration –Design features (required) Rows Columns –Design features (optional) Trees Security Excel Linking Report Wizard Report Manager

3 Agenda (continued) Optional add-ons –Report Server –Webport Q&A

4 FRx Overview FRx is a financial report writer that assists in the ease of monthly report creation. Data is loaded directly from your General Ledger into SQL tables where the information is pulled into FRx for your design use. Benefits: –Reports are designed using components which have a spreadsheet feel so you can begin the design process with limited training.

5 FRx Overview (continued) Benefits (continued): –Using FRx, you can create consolidated reports across companies whether the companies’ information is all kept in one accounting system or if the companies reside on different accounting systems. –FRx supports multi-currency including translation tables. –Design formats are shared by all users but can be secured if necessary. One format can be used in multiple reports.

6 FRx Overview (continued) Benefits (continued): –FRx produces presentation quality reports utilizing various formatting options.

7 FRx Designer Demonstration

8 FRx Building Blocks (required) Rows and columns are required formats in FRx report design. Catalogs are used to tie together the different formats used to create a report.

9 FRx Row Formats Rows define the lines (or rows) of your report. Typically they depict your G/L accounts or a calculation.

10 Row Formats (cont.) There are various format options within a row format including summing up rows within a report and performing complex calculations such as division, multiplication and if/then statements.

11 Row Formats (cont.) There are various print options in column F of the row format. These options allow you to control print features such as non-printing rows and the printing of currency symbols on specific rows.

12 Row Formats (cont.) Column H allows you to specify your G/L account or accounts for the row by either using the dropdown feature or by manually typing the account into the field.

13 Column Layouts Column layouts define the columns of your report.

14 Column Layouts (cont.) There are many types of columns you can include in a report. Some types are related specifically to a report generated with transaction detail.

15 Column Layouts (cont.) Column layouts also include: Headings on which you may use predetermined codes which will be populated based on the report date Special formatting Current period or YTD information Filtered data on specified attributes

16 Catalogs The catalog ties together your row, column and tree (if included) to create the report. The catalog includes: –Options for specifying detail level –Output options (i.e. view report on the screen, export to excel, etc.) –Default report date –Report formatting options such as Header and Footer and rounding options.

17 FRx Designer Demonstration

18 Reporting Trees Reporting Trees are an optional format that can be used in report design to either segregate a report into different units (i.e. cost centers or departments) or to create consolidated financial statements.

19 Reporting Trees Below are two reporting trees. The top tree depicts a tree which is consolidating two companies but not breaking them out by department. The bottom tree is for one company but the report will be available for viewing at the department level.

20 FRx Security You can turn on FRx security so you are able to secure access to the different formats. Security is based on user logins that must be set up within FRx once security is turned on.

21 FRx Security Once security is turned on, you can secure branches of your tree so users only have access to view data for their departments.

22 Linking to External Spreadsheet If you do not have budget or forecast data loaded into your G/L, then you can use an external spreadsheet such as Excel to bring in budget and forecast data.

23 Report Wizard The icon above allows you to open FRx Report Wizard

24 Report Wizard The Report Wizard walks you through the design of some basic reports utilized by most companies.

25 Report Manager The icon above allows you to open FRx Report Manager.

26 Report Manager FRx Report Manager allows you to consolidate Reports as well as non-FRx documents and files into one workbook. You can then generate all reports together and send out financial statements in a report book fashion or you can print the entire design.

27 Report Manager Using Report Manager, you can organize your reports and files to suit your needs by creating new folders and inserting the documents necessary for reporting.

28 FRx Designer Demonstration

29 FRx Report Server FRx Report Server allows you to run reports offline on a separate server. You can also schedule reports to be run at a specific time. Once reports are complete, they can be viewed, printed or e-mailed.

30 FRx WebPort Expands and improves report distribution processes via Web-Based Services Allows reports to be published directly from FRx Designer or Launcher to the WebPort (IE 6.0 Minimum Required) Provides administrative functions for report maintenance (security, report grouping, etc.) Allows users in different locations easy access to reports.


32 FRx WebPort ™ Web Server Address Web Server Address

33 FRx WebPort ™

34 FRx Benefit Review User friendly graphical interface Presentation quality reports Drilldown from summary all the way to transaction detail Bring in data not stored in your G/L using the spreadsheet linking functionality Trees allow you to create detailed reports by department and to create consolidated reports Building blocks (rows, columns and trees) can be re-used multiple times

35 FRx Benefit Review (cont.) Report Wizard allows you to quickly create basic reports Report Manager allows you to combine multiple file types into one report book for easy review and distribution of information Security allows controlled access to reports or pieces of reports if using a tree Report server allows scheduling of reports and uninterrupted work flow. WebPort allows users to view reports without having to install FRx Designer or Drilldown viewer

36 FRx Designer Demonstration

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