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Accel Computerized Maintenance Management System.

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2 Accel Computerized Maintenance Management System

3 Concept Provides a central repository for storing service records Network application with multiple users connected to a database

4 Concept Types of records - Service Logs - Fault Logs - Spare Parts - Find records, create reports

5 Concept Helps you to comply with CNSC reporting requirements - Reports are identified as minor, extensive - Location of repair work eg. MLC, Klystron - Safety precautions, follow-up QA - Reports can be reviewed and approved

6 Concept A useful tool for solving problems - Search for records, find related faults - Locate parts in the inventory - Extensive knowledge base

7 Concept Integrates with Microsoft Office products

8 Concept Integrates with Microsoft Office products: - Print documents in MS Word - Display graphs, reports in MS Excel - Communicate information through MS Outlook email

9 Concept



12 User Levels Users have different rights in the program, depending on their security level - Admin user - Service personnel - Physicist - Radiation Therapist

13 Features There are 3 separate program modules, each connected to the database

14 Features Service Logs Technical description of work done Names of personnel involved in the repair Track service time, down time Track expense of parts used


16 Features Fault Logs Input by Radiation Therapists Uses a separate program, called Fault Logger Can send email to a designated authority, if the machine is down


18 Features Accel Messenger - Runs in the Windows Taskbar - Posts reminders, quick notes about the equipment - Alerts you if a machine is down - Reminds you of upcoming Service Days




22 Features Approval of Service Reports Done by designated authority Approve reports by email (MS Outlook) Info can be viewed by RTs in Fault Logger program



25 Features Spare Parts Inventory Search and locate parts in the inventory Identified by part number, quantity, price, location Attach parts to service reports



28 Features Scheduled Maintenance Calendar Easily create new Preventive Maintenance schedules Export the calendar to MS Excel for sharing with other departments Get automatic reminders of upcoming scheduled events in Accel Messenger



31 Features Extensive Knowledge Base Searchable database of over 4000 known machine problems and solutions From Linac Engineering List server Add new entries directly, or import from MS Outlook


33 Features Output: Graphs and reports in MS Excel Machine Uptime Report Parts Expenditure Quarterly Performance Trends Service hours minor and extensive

34 Technical Details Source code written in Visual Basic 6 Database access through MS ADO Only using approved Microsoft components and DLLs

35 Technical Details Three- tier object oriented design

36 Technical Details Accel uses 4 separate databases to maintain robust and fast performance: Service Reports Parts Fault Logs Knowledge Base

37 Worldwide Distribution

38 Document Management Attach images and files to Service Reports Attach PDFs and external report files Policies, procedures

39 Share Data with other Sites Data sharing on WAN Multiple Accel sites can share their parts inventory data using a Wide Area Network

40 Share Data with other Sites Data sharing on WAN

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