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Professional Service, Maintenance and Job Cost Solutions Service Manager.

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1 Professional Service, Maintenance and Job Cost Solutions Service Manager

2 About Technisoft Technisoft founded 25 years ago Highly focused and qualified R&D team Best development practices applied Worldwide distribution & support structure Endorsed Supplier to Sage globally Sage 300 ERP Endorsed Development Partner

3 Markets and Customers Consumer electronics, IT & T, PABX, networking h/w. White goods, including AV equipment, commercial capital items. Mining, plant infrastructure. Jobbing (e.g. Engineering). Heating and cooling, commercial HVAC, industrial security. Pumps, motors, generators and other heavy equipment. Facilities management, commercial services. Service and maintenance contracts. Over 3,800 US Standard Industry Codes and vertical solutions supported by Service Manager.

4 Some Service Manager Customers

5 Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Order Entry (link Only) Sage CRM General Ledger Purchase Orders Inventory Control Service Manager Serialized Inventory Lot Tracking Integration to Sage 300 ERP

6 Major functions include JobsEquipmentAgreements Return Authorizations FaultsQuery Tools Online Solutions Employees

7 Job types include –Current jobs (sales can be invoiced) –Recurring jobs –Historic jobs Job status and priority levels Multi-level structure (includes Projects) Provides complete financial information –Estimate, Actual and variance –Work in progress Jobs

8 Job Tree – Document Entry

9 Powerful notation function –General & critical warnings Custom fields Monitor Object inclusion Event manager Follow Up Job Features

10 Jobs can be easily created from –Quotations –Templates –Other jobs Transactions include –Labor allocation –Inventory issues –Purchase requisitions –Sub-contractors –Standard charges –Burden and overhead allocation Create Jobs Easily

11 Reports Print various forms and reports –Job cards –Picking slips –Invoices and credit notes –Quotations and customer confirmations –Job detail reports –User defined Use Crystal Reports, Insight and other tools

12 Time Entry

13 Track employees & related information –Loading % –Cost and billing rates –Skills recorded –Linked to work group(s) –Commissions tracked –Work history retained –Performance reporting –Billable and non billable time Employees

14 Time processing –Time recorder –Direct time entry –Timesheet matrix option –Remote processing –Time manager Resource viewer

15 Equipment Track equipment & related information Models Equipment Meters Maintenance schedules Faults, agreements and jobs Management information Equipment

16 Models –Manufacturer –Inventory relationship –Custom fields –Maintenance tracking –Meter tracking –Components –Accessories Equipment

17 –Inherits from model –Serial number –In service date –Warranty –Meter tracking –Maintenance tracking –Custom fields –Components –Full history for life Equipment

18 Maintenance schedules –Multiple schedules per equipment –Based on metered conditions –Based on general conditions –Mandatory or optional –Create job or invoice –Automated activation –Uses templates –Checklists on jobs –Instructions on jobs

19 Equipment Advanced Maintenance add-on –Full task and activity based preventative maintenance Frequency or schedule based Conditional, triggered by dates, meter reads, etc. Interval based Predictive maintenance triggers –Task activities Check procedure Numeric measurement Text input Question –Site and model/equipment maintenance

20 Equipment Advanced Maintenance setup –Maintenance calendars –Tasks and task activities –Maintenance entities Work to be performed, and when –Conditions –Tasks –Period Groups –Worksheet groups –View and calculate loadings Determine resource requirements by calendar period Equipment

21 Advanced Maintenance Set Up –Maintenance setup –Enter meter readings if required –Post next maintenance period to worksheets –Group worksheets –Post worksheets to jobs –Complete tasks and activities in job –Complete all worksheets in calendar period –View statistics, totals & status at any point Equipment

22 Meters –Multiple meters per equipment –User defined quantity type –Last and current readings –Usage reading –Linked to planned maintenance –Reading schedules automated –Full history of meters –Apply take on values –Propagate Master Readings to Components. Equipment

23 Equipment Folio List all equipment at a site by Model Site location Equipment ID Agreement Equipment

24 Management information –Full equipment history for useful life including Costs and revenue Jobs Meters Maintenance Replacements Equipment

25 Agreement types include –Meter agreements –Warranty agreements –Site agreements Multiple agreements per customer Multiple sites per agreement Multiple equipment per site Covers labor, parts, contractors and other Integral to Job Manager and Equipment Manager Agreements

26 Common agreement functions –Agreement status –Period of cover –Review date –Cover % (labor, items, …) –Warnings (% of revenue) –Points allocation/usage –Notations –User defined fields Agreements

27 Common agreement functions –Revenue to date –Costs to date –Agreement profitability –Full history –Detailed transactions –Jobs allocated automatically –User defined reports Agreements

28 Agreement setup –Provides a consolidated view of agreements by Bill To Customer Agreements

29 Agreement setup –Use the agreement wizard to create new agreements Agreements

30 Meter agreements –Equipment based –Periodic invoices –Based on meter readings –Invoice usage and parts/labor –User defined formulae –Multiple meters can be used –Automated meter readings Agreements

31 Warranty agreements –Supplier based –Choose by model or equipment –Automated claim management –Claims created from jobs –Claim on cover or cost values –Claim all parts, labor and other Agreements

32 Site agreements –Customer based –Include equipment by site –Recurring charges –Anniversary or schedule –Multiple billing lines –Revenue amortization –Automated invoicing Agreements

33 Return Authorizations Manage return authorizations –Customer RAs –Vendor RAs –User defined status –Multiple equipment per RA –Job or non job based –Print custom forms –History tracked Return Authorizations

34 Track the process –From customer Expected Received Returned –To vendor Expected Received Returned Return Authorizations

35 Knowledge accumulation Quick access to information Linked to models Easy fault search Updated from jobs Records –Problems (Faults) –Symptoms –Solutions Faults

36 Solutions linked to –Documents, objects, URLs, etc. –Billing templates for jobs –Skills required for repair –Degree of difficulty –Custom fields –Notations Full history User defined reporting Faults

37 Our Offline solution Requires a central Windows Server component installed Runs on Windows notebooks and tablets VM Mobile Solutions

38 The My Jobs interface allows employees to search for jobs to which they have been assigned My Jobs

39 Job information is loaded from the server if online, or from local data if offline My Jobs: Grid view

40 Color coded job list (optional) by job priority & status –Red –Blue –Green Entries in bold need to be Received (acknowledged) before they can be processed My Jobs: List view

41 The Job Tree may be used to gain an overview of a job Launched from My Jobs Job Tree View

42 Search for jobs containing specific equipment, by –Serial Number –Equipment Code –Job Number –Asset Number Create new job if equipment found, but not on an existing job My Jobs: List view

43 Customer signs off on a completed job Creates a notation with signature as attached.gif Signature

44 Open Tasks The Open Tasks screen will show which jobs have Tasks that is still not complete. Can show all Open Tasks across all jobs or show Open Tasks for a particular Job

45 Employee Web Portal Use web browser or SageCRM –Access your Service Manager database –Field engineers and general staff can view and edit their jobs On a touch screen accept customer signature create new jobs or quotes add notations and maintain custom fields view equipment or site history check warranty search on serial numbers read reports complete jobs raise invoices print quotes, job cards/work orders

46 List jobs the employee is assigned to Employee Dashboard

47 Document Entry Manage documents

48 Printing Invoices and credit notes Quotations Work orders/job cards

49 Sage CRM Integration My Service Manager

50 Signatures Can insert Notations with signatures taken on a tablet touch screen. E.g. customer approval of work

51 Notation Attachments Support for viewing and uploading Notation attachments (objects)

52 iPad and Tablet support

53 Sage CRM Integration Workflow

54 Customer Web Portal Customers can –Log job requests –Follow status of job requests through to completion –Check their site and equipment history –Check billing history –Check agreement/contract information –Check preventative maintenance schedules, tasks and activities –Perform equipment, model and site searches

55 Dashboard Dashboard shows –My Requests –My Equipment View requests; create new request Equipment, model and site search

56 My Requests View and edit document requests

57 My Equipment Equipment, site, purchase, warranty, history and billing details Document requests Maintenance tasks and activities

58 Equipment Maintenance –Posted to job, awaiting posting to job, next maintenance due, future maintenance My Equipment

59 New Request General site or specific equipment request

60 Search Tools Equipment, model and site search Filter and group as required

61 Request Manager (desktop)) In Service Manager, manage, review and post the requests to jobs

62 Full access to most functions Request Manager (desktop))

63 New Outlook style Calendar Supports internal equipment management, employee & contractor scheduling Compatible with versions 5.6B and 6.0A / 6.0B This product will be free for all current end users with active software assurance as of 1 st June 2012 For those not active it will be a US$995 upgrade direct Technisoft. for all new sites it will be listed in Sage Endorsed Price Book @ US$1495 Advanced Scheduler supports Bing Maps; Sync Outlook Calendar; Printing ; Employee, Equipment and Sub-Contractor Resources; and more... Advanced Scheduling)

64 Calendar

65 Resource Summary

66 Gantt View

67 Find, Reserve and Book Resources

68 Mapping & Routing

69 Exceeding Your Expectations Contact us: Visit our website Email us at Call us on +61 7 5554 5844

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