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Practice Explorer Hearing Health Care Practice Management Program Contact Us (888) 855-5475.

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1 Practice Explorer Hearing Health Care Practice Management Program Contact Us (888) 855-5475

2 Practice Explorer Overview Invoicing Scheduling Inventory Marketing Insurance Desktop Reporting

3 Practice Explorer Desktop Everything at your fingertips for the selected patient Predefine information to save data entry time and insure consistency Access information on a broad scale Schedule Appointments Manage Device Stock Receive Vendor Orders Pay Insurnace Claims

4 Financial Aspects Accounts Receivable Billing Device Management Reporting Does not require external accounting software Internal Chart of Accounts Electronic Super Bill Insurance Billing HCFA 1500 Electronic Billing Custom and Stock Orders Links Device(s), Invoice, Inventory and Order Tracking Reporting Tool Included All standard reports are customizable Unlimited report creation

5 Accounts Receivable

6 Electronic Super Bill The Super Bill function creates a new Invoice for the Patient including the selected charges and, optionally, a payment. If Insurance Coverage is selected, the Invoice is prepared such that a insurance claim can be created by simply selecting the New Claim function.

7 Battery Invoice A quick way to create an Invoice for battery sales with the selected products added to the Invoice and, optionally, a payment. A Patient Receipt can be printed immediately.

8 Device Management Order O R D E R Repair Exchange Deliver Receive

9 Order Custom Device(s) The Order step adds device records to the Patient Device List and creates an Invoice with the charges and discount. Optionally, a Purchase Agreement is printed The Order step also creates a Tracking Order.

10 Receive Device Order This step inserts the Serial Number in each of the ordered Devices and sets the Device Status to Received. It also updates the Patient Price and Cost in the Devices and the Invoice.

11 Deliver To Patient The Deliver step updates the Devices to On Trial or Delivered, and inserts the Fitting Date, and the Trial Expiration Date. The Warranty Expiration Dates are computed and inserted. The Last Hearing Aid Purchase Date is updated in the Patient Record

12 Exchange or Return In the event that hearing aids are returned by the Patient or they are to be exchanged for another model, the return function posts credit to the Invoice. The Devices are removed from the Patient Device list and, if Stock items, are returned to the Stock list.

13 Repair If a repair is sent to the Vendor, a Tracking Order is created. The repair can then be received when it comes back.

14 Stock Device Management Manage devices ordered for inventory from the order step through to patient delivery from one screen. At a glance, monitor device inventory including the Status and Office. Delivery to patient automatically transfers device from Inventory to patient and creates an Invoice and printable Purchase/Delivery Agreement for the patient.

15 Reporting A powerful Report Designer is built into Practice Explorer All reports can be customized to the specific needs of the Office. New reports can be Designed and added at any time A powerful Report Designer is built into Practice Explorer All reports can be customized to the specific needs of the Office. New reports can be Designed and added at any time

16 Reports Reports come in different flavors in Practice Explorer. Many reports are simply lists of information with defined selection criteria. Mail merge is a standard feature, not requiring external programs such as word processors.

17 Forms Forms are designed with the reporting tool allowing unlimited possibilities such as Purchase/Delivery Agreements, Patient Receipts, intake forms, announcements to Patients…. Multiple forms can be printed by simply selecting items (e.g. Patient birthdays for the month) from a list.

18 Letters Print letters for events such as warranty expirations and annual recalls. Letters can be scheduled to be printed on specified dates and can be recurring, ie Annual Recall letters can be set to print every year. Letters to be printed are automatically displayed in a list. Mailing Labels can be printed at the same time.

19 Mailing Labels Mailing labels can be printed as regular reports with selectable criteria such as Patients with birthdays in a given month. Labels can also be printed from several list screens such as the Patients, Appointments, Invoices, Doctors and Insurance Carriers. Just select 1 or more rows and select print labels.

20 Scheduling Outlook style calendar Multiple Office and Clinician Various views (Day, Week, Month) Define custom appointment types with normal duration and presentation color Checkin appointments (Attended, Cancelled, No Show, Late) Confirm Appointments Drag and Drop rescheduling even across months Appointments are also maintained in the Patient and Global Appointment Lists Schedule recurring appointments like lunch, vacations and staff meetings. Block recurring times for referrals or walkins Automatically schedule confirmation calls Quickly add new Patient while scheduling an appointment

21 Calendar View

22 Schedule Appointment

23 Additional Features Multiple Office Support Synchronization Between Offices (manual and automatic) Send email from program Schedule Letters, phone calls and email (can be recurring) Internal Backup (manual and automatic) Chart of Accounts Products and Services Lists Security (strong passwords, user logon recording, function blocking) Ad hoc reports from any screen Accounts Receivable DOES NOT require external accounting package On line support and training

24 Contact Information Call: (888) 855-5475 Email: WebSite: http://www.PracticeExplorer.net

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