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ITSF STORE BUSINESS SOLUTION PRESENTATION. STORE MODULE INCLUDES: Material Management Purchasing Components Handling Shipments Receiving of parts Store.

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2 STORE MODULE INCLUDES: Material Management Purchasing Components Handling Shipments Receiving of parts Store Invoicing Sales Financial Management Inquiry Reports Reorder level Controller Expiry Controller Realization accounts Corrections Base Setup



5 Material Management is for: Spare Parts Catalogue allows to register PMA parts, substitutes, NHA, assemblies, individuals, dangerous parts etc. Registration of Suppliers, Manufacturers, Shops, Shipping Agents, Stock accounts, Delivery addresses, Treatments.










15 Is created for data registration: Aircraft type Materials type Payment terms Currency Currency Rate Purchase unit Store unit Purchaser Store Man Priority Store Customer AWB code


17 Accounts are used for order and release reference, customer, work order, aircraft or task registration as well as for accounting purposes.

18 REALIZATION ACCOUNTS REGISTRATION Quick access for switching between the open windows.


20 Purchasing Sub-Module allows to: Create and trace Purchase orders; Keep Purchase orders history; Create and trace Customer orders (registration of spare parts supplied by customers); Find suppliers by selecting certain range of goods; Trace and keep suppliers certificates up to date.

21 PURCHASE ORDER REGISTRATION You have to fill Supplier and Ship to Code fields to have the purchase order ready. Changing Priority and Delivery Date fields will help you to customize you purchase order.

22 PURCHASE ORDER ITEMS REGISTRATION Filling purchase order with items by couple of clicks. For once ordered part number the system offers the saved unit price.

23 CUSTOMER ORDER REGISTRATION Customer order registration is very similar to purchase order registration.


25 PURCHASE & CUSTOMER ORDER TRACING All orders are very easy to trace using different filters.

26 FIND SUPPLIER USING SELECTED CRITERIA Setting up the goods of range for every supplier in the Material Management Sub-Module helps to find one when needed.

27 SUPPLIERS CERTIFICATES CONTROLLER Tracing suppliers certificates expiry dates keeps the Supplier Database up to date.


29 Components Sub-Module consists of: Main Component Store; Repair, Loan and Exchange orders management; Repair shelf handling.

30 Direct components transfer to Repair Shelf saves your working time.

31 Close open exchange order and arrange packing at the stores.

32 If necessary each component at repair shelf could be re-certificated.

33 All removed components from aircraft should be manually inserted into the system to be able to arrange a repair / overhaul or sent back to close the exchange order.

34 Repair order registration comes almost automatically by selecting the part and serial number of the unit.

35 Exchange order is very simple to create.


37 Receiving of parts includes: Receiving of purchase, exchange and repair orders (batch and reception numbers generation, received quantity confirmation); Approval of purchase, exchange and repair orders (certificates and expiry dates registration, final approval); Spare parts movements between different stores.

38 Only two clicks to select the items and your receiving is done. Batch and Reception Numbers come automatically.

39 Approval for individuals have all necessary fields to fill.

40 Parts can be easily moved from one stores to another.


42 Store consists of: Main Store, where PMA parts, substitutes, ordered spare parts in all sub-stores are shown; Custom Store to show customer supplied spares availability; Spare parts reservations management; Released spare parts history and tracing; Packing Lists registration, packing and shipping processes tracing.

43 By selecting a part number is the Main Store you get all information about availability in all stores, substitution and ordering data.

44 Pressing F1 you get additional item information. All blue coloured fields have this feature.

45 Quick switching between the Main and Custom Stores. Custom Store shows availability for the items supplied by customer for different jobs. Lots of filters help to speed up the daily processes.

46 All items requested by maintenance should be first reserved from the system for certain job. Releasing the items from the stores is also possible from Reservation window. Move button is for items transfer between the stores.

47 Releasing reserved items is performed by one click. Any of unused reserved items could be returned to stores any moment.

48 Released items statistics and history.

49 Having different statuses for items being in shipping proccess simplify their traceability.


51 Shipments: Incoming shipments Registration; Outgoing shipments Registration; AWB tracing; Current day shipments tracking.

52 Registering all incoming AWBs makes full order with shipments and freight invoices. You always know what you are paying for.

53 Many useful filters speed up the tracing. Today Shipments Tool help to be always in course of urgent shipments.

54 Outgoing shipments are registered the same way as in coming ones.


56 Invoicing includes: Supplier Invoices registration for purchase, repair and exchange orders; Freight Invoices registration for purchased spare parts and automatically splitting the freight costs according to spare parts prices; Registered Invoices tracing by different filters.

57 Registration of suppliers invoices is now without any time losses. Unit price is automatically taken from Purchase order. You need just to enter the Invoice number and check the pricing and received quantity.

58 This software allows you to have Stock price for all purchased items calculated on the basis of Unit Price and spent freight costs for this specific spare part that are automatically splitted by unit price of each received item in the shipment.

59 Registered Invoices could be easily traceable.



62 Sales Sub-Module is to: Create quotations for the requested spares for sale; Registration of customer purchase orders; Reservation of sold spare parts to be processed by the stores; Invoicing to the customers.

63 Submit quotations to your customers. Quick tracing over open and closed quotes.

64 Registration of your customers.


66 Financial Management includes: Stock Status Reports; Released Spare Parts Reports; Stock Incoming; Billing Invoices; Price Catalogue; Invoice Corrections.

67 Stock Status information changes every moment. You can take in account Reserved Quantity or just remained Stock Quantity, use real stock price or just average price.

68 Reports for released items help to be in course of your direct costs.

69 You can always know how much you are spending on your purchases per any period or supplier. Different filters help to specify the information according to your needs. This software allows quick transfer to Excel almost all information.

70 Billing customers is now very easy. You can always keep the history.

71 Price Catalogue could be entered manually or just transferred from Excel file.

72 Items released with zero price are later considered by the system as soon as the invoices have been registered.


74 Inquiry Reports: Full information screen shows all information about every part number: Availability in stores; Reserved and ordered quantity; All information about alternative part number; Received and released quantity statistics. Consumption statistics.

75 General information screen shows all data you need.

76 Part Number usage statistics helps to make the right orders.


78 Reports available from the system: Material Reports: Inventory report (for inventorization purposes) Returned materials to stores (by period) Reserved materials (by period) Purchasing Reports Outstanding materials (not received items) Not used materials (materials that are never used after any selected date or period) Supplier list with certificates expiry dates Financial Reports List of registered invoices List of not invoiced materials List of rejected expired materials

79 Any kind of customized reports necessary for the operation could be added to this software.


81 Reorder level Controller Tool: Help to manage replenishment of spare parts that are below critical level set up in the system; Quotation and Draft Purchase Order Tools are to simplify the replenishment process.

82 All items that are below the critical level are shown in this screen. You can either send them to be quoted by any of your suppliers, create a draft purchase order and consolidate other items to be ordered from the same place or create a new purchase order.

83 After receiving a quote from the supplier you can make a draft purchase order or place the order directly.

84 Draft purchase order looks the same as purchase order and could be easily transferred to purchase order when items are ready for ordering.


86 Expiry date Controller Tool: Help to manage consumables and components shelf life; Rejected bin accumulates the rejected items before they are fully disappeared from the system; Rejected items history tracing.

87 Expiry date Controller Tool shows expired or close to expiry date consumables and components.

88 Rejection of expired items can be done from the same screen.

89 Before removing expired materials from the store they are first kept in Rejected Bin. After approval from appropriate persons they can be easily rejected.


91 Corrections Sub-module allows to: Perform changes and do necessary updates in already closed applications using the users password.

92 Security Module

93 Security Module allows to share the access to the system between the users according to the range of responsibilities.

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