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1 Birtel Network Te chnologies 2010 WebTV

2 WebTV? Web TV is a TV service distributed via the Internet Users to choose the program or the TV show they want to watch from an archive(VoD, Catchup TV, Pause Live TV) or live from a channel directory. Web TV does not require the user to have a fixed location or a set-top-box: a Web TV account and a broadband connection are enough to use the service.

3 Overview WebTV Features Main Features : Single access through the player Live TV (streaming) Catch-up TV and historical archive VoD (with DRM) User experience based on the level of authentication Possible Extentions (Features) : Web social integration ; Messenger + Any Internet Services

4 Key Features Live TV –Broadcast TV and radio channels –Picture in Picture and Multi-view Support –Minimize, Full Screen, Full Size, Out lighting features –Program Information, Length Information, Voting Information –Pause Live TV and watch later –Favorite channels and rating Entertainment –Video and Music on Demand –Play, pause, stop, forward, backward, video length, current duration –Optional multi language subtitles and audio

5 Key Features –Cont. Communication –Audio and Video conferencing using integrated soft phone –Instant Messaging while watching TV –Presence Information and Buddy lists –Https support for secure communication Other –Displaying text-based, video-based and image-based personalized advertisements Text-based, banner-based, and video-based advertisement are supported One of the eye-catching advertisement areas is the replaceable skin of the client software

6 Web TV Services Broadcast of live TV channels including channels with DRM. On demand content for recorded TV channels dating back one some time ago. On demand content for X movies, X hours per movie. On demand content for X songs, X minutes per song. Collaboration platform for sharing content between subscribers. A/V calling and IM presence services.

7 System Features SDP based Web TV middleware –resides in the heart of the Web TV solution –orchestrates the components of any typical Web TV eco-system –The field-proven glue that bonds the Web TV to the operators network Web TV Client based on Microsofts leading Silverlight technology –Silverlight-3 based standalone client for decoding live and VoD streams – A rich graphical user experience is presented to users through Silverlight APIs such as 3D animations, transparent 3D menus, Picture in Picture views etc. –Features such as VoD, BTV (Live TV), DRM, PPV, TSTV are provided to users through Web TV client

8 System Features – Cont. The number of broadcast channels supported are limitless based on the network capacity HD 720p streaming is supported 300K, 500K, 1Mbit bandwidths are provided 3 Dynamic Themes for a single subscriber Moving between windows and videos using animations 3D logo support Channel browser and sidebar Iconify option while running the client Keyboard, touch screen and remote control options 16:9 / 4:3 resolution support

9 Case Study : TT WebTV The system behind the world's first end- to-end WebTV solution with Microsoft Silverlight and Envivio technology, which enables internet users to enjoy TV and Video on Demand (VOD).

10 Case Study : TT WebTV The infrastructure consists of WebTV head-end, 10 pop points, with more than 200 servers, load balancers, network devices and equipments. Envivio technology is used for head-end. The current system provides more than 100 live TV channels and VOD services.

11 Partners

12 Main Roles System integrated by Birtel Network Technologies with the help of Sürat Tech. Middleware provided by Argela Web TV services delivered by Argela. Vod Services provided by Microsoft. Core Media streaming services provided by Microsoft. Other components provided by Birtels partners network.

13 Web TV component overview

14 System Architecture

15 Architecture for WebTV head-end by Envivio

16 Contact Web Email Tel +90 312 442 56 02 Fax +90 312 442 56 03 Address Abidin Daver Sk. No:7/11 Çankaya - Ankara Türkiye Birtel Network Technologies

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