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Exceptional Digital signage Solutions

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1 Exceptional Digital signage Solutions
PC-class performance from the market leader in digital signage media players

2 BrightSign corporate overview
Founded in Silicon Valley, 2002 BrightSign delivers sophisticated, high quality and easy to use solid-state digital signage players, presentation authoring software and networking solutions. IHS Research finds BrightSign to be the uncontested market leader in digital signage media players , 2012 & 2013. Commercial Integrator named the XD1230 as the “Best Digital Signage Hardware” in 2013. Founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood, inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR) & Roku. Jeff Hastings, CEO. Privately held company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Cambridge, UK (R&D) Paris, France (International Sales) Odessa, Ukraine (Product Development) Sales Channels: Field sales, VAR/Distributor channels, online

3 BrightSign is the Market Leader in Digital Signage Media Players
IHS Research: Q Market Share for Media Players

4 Key market applications
Retail Merchandise Native 4K and Dual Video Decoding: Play dual Full HD videos simultaneously and even upscale 1080p videos to 4K resolution. BrightWallTM: Create unique video walls for vibrant exhibits, events and promotions. Retail Services Touch/Swipe Interactivity: Engage your audience and enhance the customer experience with touch screens, swipe, mobile devices and motion sensors for wayfinding and product demonstrations Dynamic Playlists: Dynamically insert promotions and current information without republishing an entire presentation. Restaurants Smart Menu Boards: Uses Live Text, UDP controls and scheduling to update menus and pricing automatically without republishing the presentation. BrightSign App: Easily update pricing, menu items and specials on the fly with locally networked signage using your iPad or iPhone.

5 Bars & Stadiums Hotels & Casinos Education
Live TV: Add live video in both full and multi-zone layouts to let fans watch the game while promoting merchandise. Smartphone Interactivity: Access the bar’s virtual jukebox to control the music playing. Hotels & Casinos Live Text: Tweet visitors a welcome message upon arrival, add them to a waitlist or update conference room schedule displays. HTML5: Display state-of-the-art HTML5 content in your presentations. Education Dynamic Content Integration: Connect public and private live data feeds to share school events, welcome visitors and quickly communicate messages to students throughout campus.

6 Corporate Exhibitions
Healthcare Multi-Zone Layouts: Multiply your messaging with Full HD video playback and advertising to educate and inform. IP Streaming: Stream content over the Internet to keep content relevant and fresh. Corporate Exhibitions Show Controlling: Control what’s playing on the screen (as well as audio and lighting) remotely with UDP Commands and iPads, smart phones and the like. Museums & Attractions Interactivity: Engage visitors with on-screen touch and swipe controls, buttons and motion sensors that are sure to educate and impress. Sign Preview: make presentation authoring easier by previewing playback before publishing using BrightAuthor.

7 BrightSign Is the Right Choice
Everything you need for sophisticated digital signage. Powerful Performance And Reliability Designed exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign’s slim OS delivers superior signage capabilities and exceptional Full HD video quality with a solid-state platform you can depend on. Easy To Use, Sophisticated Features Get dynamic results without difficulty with BrightSign’s abundance of sophisticated and easy-to-use features. All Inclusive Options Free BrightAuthor software and networking solutions are included, with an option to subscribe to BrightSign Network, a cloud-based service that frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network.

8 BrightSign Advantages over PC-Based Solutions
High Reliability Very Affordable Non-PC, solid-state device with no moving parts to fail: <1% failure rate! Won’t overheat Compact enough to install on/near the display Purpose-built OS for digital signage Open standards to easily customize or integrate with POS Includes software and networking solutions – no hidden fees! Low power requirements Easy to install & manage Wide range of content support – build it once and use it often! (jpegs, H.264 video, HTML5, etc.) High reliability results in little to no maintenance costs Scalable – delivers simple & advanced features on a single platform

9 BrightSign Features Sophisticated capabilities. Infinite possibilities.

10 BrightSign PC-CLASS Features
Native 4K Playback BrightSign 4K offers leading-edge technology for true 4K playback of 3840x2160 resolution 10 bit video using H.265 compression, at 60 fps via HDMI 2.0. Powerful Video Engine Advanced hardware-accelerated video engine with superior scaling technology and uncompromised decoding power to simultaneously playback content from local, streaming and live sources, upscale 1080p to 4K, play native 4K video, or play two Full HD videos at once. 4K Upscaling Use BrightSign XD’s superior scaling technology to upscale 1080p content to sharp 4K resolution. Live HDTV Bring Live TV to your signage using BrightSign’s ATSC/Clear QAM tuner* or HDMI input. Even protected HDCP content can be played. HTML5 Build engaging content using familiar development tools. Layer HTML5 assets and high- bandwidth video for flawless playback on our hardware-accelerated HTML5 engine. * DVB is not supported

11 BrightSign PC-CLASS Features
Swipe Add the popular swipe screen interactivity to your presentations within HTML content. Digital Sound Add crystal clear digital sound to your presentations via SPDIF. IP Streaming Supports buffered playback of Full HD videos, MJPEG and audio streams in all common formats – HLS, UDP/RTP/RTSP, HTTP, SHOUTcast, etc. IP Streaming Server Serve video streams from BrightSign XD’s local storage to devices on the same local area network. BrightWallTM Easily create video walls using this powerful drag-and-drop BrightAuthor tool that uses a common clock to achieve frame-accurate synchronization.

12 BrightSign PC-Class Features
Zones Playback multiple content types and multiple videos on a single screen using zones – even play video and audio playlists independently from a single player. Interactivity Trigger playback from virtually any type of interactive device including barcode scanners, motion sensors, RFID, GPIO, USB button controls, touch screens, mice and much more! UDP Control Interact with signage via mobile devices, deliver emergency messaging, integrate with databases, show controllers, etc. Live Feeds Instantly display updated content and live feeds without republishing the presentation using Live Data, Live Media, MRSS, Twitter, Flickr feeds and more! Perfect for menu boards, waitlists, schedules, social media posts and more!

13 BrightSign HD & XD Features
Geo-Fencing Play content targeted to the current location of your moving digital signage using a USB GPS dongle. BrightSign App Easily update messaging and interact with locally networked signage using your iPad or iPhone. Change user variables and trigger UDP events for instant signage updates. Sign Preview Get a sneak peek of how your signage will display by viewing your presentation playback in BrightAuthor. Networking BrightSign’s multiple networking options make it easy to update content, playback live content, monitor and manage your digital signs remotely.

14 BrightSign Products

15 BrightSign solutions Models are packaged for specific applications so you pay only for the features you need.

16 Product lines PC-Class Performance. Brighter Bottom Line.

17 Introducing BrightSign 4K
Ultra HD. Ultra Reliable. Commercial 4K digital signage media player that employs leading technology for true 4K playback Ultra-reliable, fan-less and solid-state Plays native 4K, H.265, 10 bit video at 60 fps via HDMI 2.0 BrightSign 4K will be shipping later this year* BrightSign also * Can’t wait? BrightSign XD players can upscale HD content to 4K resolution

18 BrightSign XD Models Exceptional PC-class performance. Engaging sophistication. XD230 Networked Player Powerful video engine capable of dual Full HD 1080p60 decode and simultaneous content playback from local, networked and streaming sources. Abundant content support including HTML5 and 3D content. And UDP network control for video wall synchronization, mobile device interactivity and messaging between BrightSign and third-party devices. XD1030 Networked Interactive Player All the features of the XD230 plus S/PDIF output for pure digital and surround sound audio, and a diverse range of interactive controls such as GPIO, serial, USB, UDP and mobile devices for engaging interactive displays. XD1230 Networked Interactive Player with Live HDTV Includes all the features BrightSign offers plus Live HDTV playback to play content from any broadcast channel (even HDCP-protected content) via the HDMI input or closed-circuit TV via the ATSC/Clear QAM tuner.

19 BrightSign XD Model Views

20 BrightSign HD models Affordable, quality media players that deploy with ease and operate with confidence HD120 Basic Interactive Bring your stand-alone display to life with the most affordable, Full-HD solution offering simple GPIO interactivity. HD220 Networked Looping Enjoy easy networked content updates and live data feeds along with flawless video playback, UDP support and synchronization. HD1020 Networked Interactive Engage your audience with a wide range of interactive options using GPIO, USB, serial and UDP connections and networked content for a truly impressive display.

21 BrightSign HD Model Views

22 BrightSign AU320 Commercial Audio Distribution
Delivers flawless music and messaging playback using intuitive playlists and scheduling. Ideal for playing licensed audio files and custom music playlists, as well as custom audio tied to signage presentations. Networked Audio Delivery: Supports single zone audio with enhanced audio (crossfading, mixing) or dual zone standard audio. Background Audio: Upload playlists by publishing to an SD card or via network connection. Content Support: A wide range of licensed content and custom audio playlists; audio file formats including MP2, MP3, ACC and WAV. Synchronized Audio/Video: Integrates music and messaging with digital signage to deliver a cohesive audio/video experience. Signature Reliability: Solid-state platform is more dependable than PCs. Simple Administration: BrightAuthor software and free networking options require minimal technical skills for updates and management – no need for professional IT or A/V support.

23 AU320 Specifications

24 BrightSign XD Smart Menu Board
Everything needed for a fully integrated, turnkey, digital menu board solution - at breakthrough pricing! Commercial grade Full HD display & BrightSign XD Media Player BrightSign Mobile App (iPhone / iPad) for easy content updates Content templates developed in HTML5 and tailored to your brand*

25 BrightSign App Signage updates have never been so easy!
Easily update content on a locally networked BrightSign player from your iPhone or iPad The BrightSign App is perfect for: menu board updates retail installations emergency messaging and more!

26 BrightSign App Compatible with both XD & HD players!
The BrightSign App offers a simple and secure interface on your iPad or iPhone to: select any BrightSign player connected to a local network change user variables for the current presentation trigger presentation events and transitions via UDP commands

27 BrightSign Accessories
Easily expand BrightSign functionality Button Panels (BP200 / BP900) Add interactivity with this thin, USB connected board design offering 4 or 11 capacitive touch buttons with embedded LEDs Easily programmed using BrightAuthor Compatible with HD1020, XD1030, XD1230 models Wireless Module Easily implement wireless functions with this embedded Wi-Fi module Supports a/b/g/n protocols Compatible with XD230, XD1030, XD1230 models SDHC Class 4 Cards Delivers reliable and quality performance on BrightSign HD120, HD220, HD1020 models Capacities offered: 4GB, 8GB and 16GB SDHC and MicroSD Class 10 Cards Delivers reliable and quality performance on BrightSign XD230, XD1030, XD1230 models Capacities offered for each: 8GB and 16GB

28 Free Hassle-free Sign Creation. Scalable Networking.
BrightAuthor Free Hassle-free Sign Creation. Scalable Networking.

29 BrightAuthor Software
Free PC software for creating and publishing signage content using intuitive templates and tools All-inclusive. Provides access to all BrightSign features and functions that can be implemented into presentations. Create. Design Full HD and 4K upscaled looping and interactive presentations in full-screen or multi-zone layouts. Preview. Review presentation playback before publishing. Publish. Automatically build a complete presentation packet ready to play on BrightSign including content, playlists, controls and scheduling. Network. Easily distribute, monitor, manage and update your network of digital signs. 1/3

30 Author & Preview BrightAuthor brings BrightSign features to life
A turnkey content creation ecosystem from start to finish Choose from preset screen layouts or create custom ones using multiple content zones Create a playlist that matches your needs: looping media, interactive and dynamic playlists Add virtually any type of content: video, images, audio, HTML5, IP streams, live feeds, Live HDTV, Live Text and more Use the new Sign Preview feature to get a sneak peek of how your signage will display on-screen 2/3

31 Advanced Authoring Tools
Sophisticated features made simple with BrightAuthor BrightWallTM: Easily create video walls using this powerful drag- and-drop BrightAuthor tool that uses a common clock to achieve frame-accurate synchronization Live Content: Add Live Text, Twitter Feeds, RSS Content Dynamic Playlists: Enables you to easily update and share content in multiple presentations Media Lists and Play Files: Allows you to compile your files into one big group that appears as a single thumbnail in your playlist area Switch Presentations: Switch between presentation layouts – from single-zone layouts to multi-zone layouts Zone Messaging & Linked Zones: Send messages from one zone to another to trigger an event and link zones together to synchronize content playback

32 Publish and Network Automatically package your presentation and send it to your display Schedule and publish a complete presentation packet onto an SD card or across a network for flawless distribution and playback Access your BrightSign Network account through BrightAuthor to distribute, manage and monitor your presentations, networked units and library of content BrightAuthor 3/3

33 Versatile networking options deliver remote content with ease
Networking Solutions Versatile networking options deliver remote content with ease

34 Network Solutions Overview
Versatile distribution options to publish presentations with ease Free! Free! Free! 1/5

35 BrightSign Network Secure and scalable cloud-based digital signage network A subscription service that delivers the complete infrastructure to serve, manage and support your network Frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network BrightSign Network provides you with the tools and interface to: Distribute presentations Create network groups Monitor and manage the activity and status of displays and BrightSign units Assign user roles and permissions Perform network administrator functions 2/5

36 BrightSign Network Access
Free, Flexible remote access to BrightSign Network Web UI Accessible from any Internet connected PC or Mac Create user accounts, set user roles and permissions Manage and monitor networked displays Perform basic presentation creation functions including dynamic and looping playlists Create and host Live Text feeds Publish and schedule presentations BrightAuthor PC-based software application Manage and monitor networked displays Setup networked BrightSign units Perform all presentation creation functions and features Publish and schedule presentations 3/5

37 BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition
Installable software version of BrightSign Network Host your own network with access to all BrightSign Network features Sell subscriptions for the use of your hosted network Manage your network within the security of your own server and firewall Recommended for large networks with special hosting requirements, advanced technical skills, and a dedicated IT staff 5/5

38 BrightSign Network Feature Access

39 Simple File Networking
Free solution designed for small networks Distribute presentations to BrightSign units through a web folder Supported file locations must be accessible via http Requires a simple Internet connection to send basic content files for remote BrightSign units to download Allows bandwidth throttling and convenient for managing players beyond the limited area of a local network Specify network checks for updated content Web Folder Internet Connection

40 Local Area Networking Free solution designed for small networks within a single building using a local subnet Easy and free, this option is ideal for basic, low-maintenance situations where simplicity is key Send files and updates to remote networked units over the Internet or LAN (local area network). Use BrightAuthor to publish directly to the player over the LAN Perform basic polling status checks of connected units using BrightAuthor LAN Connection

41 Network Solution Comparison

42 Thank You!

43 Case Studies

44 Proven Return on Investment
Retail digital signage quickly pays for itself End-cap signage promotions resulted in a 100% sales lift in units sold During a four week campaign, Walmart reported that 3x as many shoppers signed up daily when SMS texting was employed on in-store digital signage *Data from in National Retail Federation session presented by Walmart, 2011. The retailer staged a four-week campaign in which shoppers were told that if they'd sign up by dialing a specific code, they'd get exclusive announcements of new “Rollback” offers. During the four-week period, the retailer saw a three-fold increase in daily opt-ins.

45 Proven Return on Investment
Large Northeast retail hardware chain In-store testing showed significant sales lift in products promoted with BrightSign digital signage 3M Air filters = 178% more units sold Benjamin Moore paint = 23% more units sold Smoke Detectors = 45% more units sold Test Procedures: Tested digital signage on end-caps in six retail stores Compared sales numbers against stores that historically did the same level of sales

46 BrightSign customers with over 1,000 installed units
FNAC: 2,100 BrightSign networked controllers in all 82 FNAC stores in France and Belgium

47 Why Major Retail Brands Chose BrightSign
Very cost effective Highly reliable non-PC solution Stellar Full HD video quality Fully featured with interactivity & networking GoPro 35,000+ unit installs in Best Buy, REI, Target, Sports shops LifeProof: 1600 units in Best Buy LG 1100+ unit installs DROID 600+ unit installs in VZW stores Roku 1000+ unit installs Contour: 600+ units in Best Buy, REI

48 More Retail Brands Using BrightSign
Major retailers using BrightSign for promotions, merchandising and branding

49 Why Major QSRs Choose BrightSign
Very cost effective Highly reliable non-PC solution Custom zone layouts Simple local menu and pricing updates Versatile HQ network updates McDonald’s Finland Nationwide locations have 2 to 6 BrightSign menu boards installed Over 180 units installed in Europe 300 ordered for Mexico installations All locations have 2 or 3 screen synchronized BrightSign menu boards installed KFC Ecuador

50 Why Museums & Attractions Choose BrightSign
Sophisticated museums create interactive exhibits and unique art displays worldwide Very cost effective Highly reliable, non-PC solution with virtually no environmental restrictions Infinite and unique interactive capabilities that bring exhibits to life Stellar Full HD video quality 17 XD1230’s playing Lady Gaga in the Louvre 140+ BrightSign players installed 150+ BrightSign players installed 20 BrightSign players Synchronized and ceiling projected 100 BrightSign players installed

51 Thank You!

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